SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta: Meet RichAds at the upcoming event

It’s less than 2 weeks before one of the most anticipated conferences in 2023 takes place in Malta. We at RichAds simply can’t miss it so we will take you through everything you need to know about SiGMA Europe 2023 and how you can meet us there!

Networking events, parties, awards, and most importantly — panel discussions with our CMO Vasilii Gamov!

What is SiGMA Europe 2023?

SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta is one of the biggest conferences dedicated to the growth and spread of the iGaming industry. Its set goals are to establish a way for industry leaders to connect and discover new ways to improve the field through discussion and sharing.

The conference will take place on 13-17 November 2023. During this time some guests will be provided with an opportunity to take the floor to make a speech, participate in panel discussions and of course to party!

SiGMA Europe 2023 organization claims the event to be ‘the mother of all conferences’ and no wonder:
👥 25,000 delegates;
📢 250 speakers;
🌐 50 networking events;
🏆 2 big awards nights;
🎉 and about a dozen parties!

Attending this conference is the perfect opportunity not only to get to know the newest trends in the iGaming industry, but to get to know people behind them!

What will RichAds do at SiGMA Europe 2023?

We’ve already spilled that our CMO Vasilii Gamov will attend the event but what to expect from it? Don’t worry, RichAds won’t let you down on this one!

There will be a few big panel discussions featuring Vasilii Gamov:

🔺 Panel: Day 0 (November 13, 16:50-17:20) – The Current Landscape in the Finnish iGaming Industry: Marketing / B2C Perspective
🔺 Panel 1: Day 1 (November 14, 15:00-15:25) – Cracking the Code: Building a Winning iGaming Brand in 2023’s Digital Arena
🔺 Panel 2: Day 2 (November 15, 10:25-10:45) – Prepare for a Revolution: Witness How AI Transforms Online Gambling

At all discussions, Vasilii Gamov takes part in will be shared observations and expert opinions on topics that are considered both ground-breaking and essential for every specialist entering affiliate area nowadays. And believe it or not, you don’t want to miss it!

Book a meeting with RichAds at SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta — we’re always thrilled to meet fellow professionals and exchange knowledge!

More events RichAds will attend

It won’t be long before RichAds will show up on public radars after SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta! There are plenty of upcoming conferences you can come across us at and here are  some of them:

  • 7-8 December 2023 — Affiliate World Asia 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. RichAds’ booth is #D60!
  • 6-9 February 2024 — iGB Affiliate London 2024 in London, UK. RichAds’ booth is #G25!

There’s also an opportunity to book a meeting with us at Affiliate World Asia 2023 in advance. Book the meeting with RichAds and we’ll see you there!

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Dmitry Makarov
Bringing the experience of writing sales texts for IT-agency, Dmitry Makarov has also worked as a content manager and SEO specialist in affiliate marketing agencies operating within the iGaming vertical. While composing marketing materials for the past 2 years, Dmitry has provided in-depth expertise within the topics of utilising different ad formats (push and in-page push ads, popunder and native ads), iGaming niche advertising and overviewing industry tendencies. His passion in creating has also been developed towards broadcasting, music and fiction novels.

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