Watch the webinar “Sweepstakes for affiliates. Win-win game”

Sweepstakes for affiliates

During the whole year, Sweepstakes was the leading vertical on the push at RichAds. That’s why we’ve organized the webinar to discuss the main points about Sweepstakes in 2020. And here we are with trends, creatives, tips for setting up, and much more.

Also, in this article, you’ll find a pack of knowledge about Sweepstakes that consists of the webinar, an e-book, and a pack of icons.

Who was starring at the webinar?

⭐Nick Lenihan, an experienced affiliate expert;

⭐Anastasia Kazakova, performance manager from RichAds; 

⭐Francisco Guerreiro, the affiliate manager from Mobidea.

Sweepstakes for affiliates. Win-win game

More details about the pack of knowledge about Sweepstakes

The pack of knowledge about Sweepstakes consists of the webinar, the presentation of all speakers, the e-book, and the pack of icons.

First of all, we’ve updated our main guide about Sweepstakes based on the opinions of 5 great affiliate experts: IamAttila, Servando Silva, Ian Fernando, KJ Rocker, and Nick Lenihan. 

The e-book is full of examples and it covers all the main points: offers, geos, different user flows, languages, creatives, and landing pages, main steps on launching, etc.. 

Let’s get started with RichAds

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