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Conversion is any targeted action which the user should perform on the offer page. For affiliate marketers, the conversion is the thing the advertiser pays a fee for.

There are different types of targeted actions:

  • following the link;
  • filling the form;
  • adding goods to the shopping cart;
  • purchase;
  • email subscription;
  • download of the program;
  • filling the profile after registration, etc.

The offer can consist of a few targeted actions which an advertiser pays for. The more difficult the action, the more expensive it will be evaluated. For example, registration is a simple action for a low price, but an order is a complicated one and the payout will be higher.

Conversion is the last action, anyway. If the user finishes with the registration, it will be counted as a conversion. If he buys something, the payout will be for the purchase.

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