Parked Domain Traffic

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Parked Domain Traffic meaning

Parked Domain traffic is a type of traffic that offers a user’s redirect from a “parked” domain to the landing page of the advertiser’s offer. 

To show ads using this type of traffic, an advertiser needs a user, a “parked domain,” and a service that will connect them all in one place — an advertising network.

Parked Domain traffic is also known as Zero-click or Domain redirect ads.

The process begins when user types a query, brand, or site name incorrectly into the search box. After they hit enter, they are redirected to the advertiser’s offer page through the parked domain.

To understand how it works, let’s look at the concept of a parked domain.

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a domain address that doesn’t have a website associated with it. Those who plan to create a website should check if the domain name is available and register it for themselves. It is not necessary to have a ready-made website at this stage.

Domain parking is nothing more than purchasing a domain with the intention of using or reselling it later.

When it comes to Parked Domain advertising, parked domains play an essential role in moving the user from the user’s page to the landing page. Parked domain causes an automatic redirect to the advertiser’s offer page.

How is Parked Domain Traffic Generated?

Now it’s time to show how Parked domain traffic is generated. Find all the stages of the process below.

  1. Everything is started when users type a popular domain or brand name incorrectly and press Enter, they are redirected to parked domain pages. 
  2. The system analyzes the incoming data about the user. It includes technical information such as country, computer, or mobile phone, as well as the browser and OS. This information is used to select the most appropriate offers.
  3. The advertising network has an advertiser who wants to show their ads. They already have a campaign set up with a bid rate set.
  4. When a user presses Enter on a misspelled address, their request is forwarded to the advertising network. A classic RTB auction is underway to match the most suitable user with the advertiser.
  5. Ad network analyzes bids from different advertisers as well as the user’s technical goals. 
  6. The network’s system redirects the user to an offer page as soon as the highest bid is selected. It is not even possible for the user to notice that they were on the parked domain page. They immediately appear on the landing page with advertising.

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