Case Study: How to Increase Conversion on the Dating Vertical with Push-Notification Ads

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Vertical: dating



I tested the dating offers for mobile devices; I used RichPush. Above all, no sexual stuff, just dating. Lead: get registered users.

First of all, I used some images of girls from Google as creatives. I didn’t use any stock photos because I wanted everything to look as simple and natural as possible.

Let me tell you how the push-notification ads have worked on the vertical.

First results

During the first three days, I was targeting all of the sources to check the traffic. I set the bid to $0.025. I was tracking conversion changes through RedTrack and RichPush.

Stats for day 3:

After the three-day test, I singled out seven sources that showed the best results. Then I started to use only these sources. During the test, I added the IP pool to the blacklist in order not to get unnecessary clicks.

I changed 3 out 5 creatives and continued with push notification advertising.

After one week

As you can see, after singling out high-converting sources, the stats changed:

  • + 0.02% to the visit rate;
  • + 702 registered users;
  • $8.16 conversion rate.


The outcome is good. Increasing your conversion on the dating vertical with push notification ads is possible. That’s why I decided to share this case with you.

Hence, track your conversion changes, manage your sources in RichPush, and increase your conversion.