March 26, 2019 by RichAds Team
RichAds Team

Case study: Nutra Conversion with push ads from RichAds

I’ve used RichPush on the nutra vertical. I’m more than pleased with the results, so I decided to share this case with you.

Push traffic: RichAds


Vertical: nutra

I chose a hair care product offer. Standard creatives: before / after.

I set the bid to $0.02 and tweaked the targeting. Devices – mobile phones.

Campaign start

I checked the stats after 24 hours:

Total for the day:

  • I got 34 140 clicks;
  • of these, 118 are converted;
  • I spent$682;
  • conversion rateis $5.7.

I collected some sources for the blacklist, but decided not to hurry and sort it out in a couple of days.

Results after one week

I had enough of creatives, so during the week, I changed the creatives three times. I also did some work on the blacklist.

Total for the week:

  • 224,641 clicks;
  • 776 conversions;
  • $4,492spent;
  • same conversion rate – $5,7.

I put the campaign on hold. I singled out sources with good conversion, so that I could later run similar offers on them. I’m going to set up retargeting for the ones who clicked off the page after viewing the landing page.

All costs paid off, ROI is 100%+. If I keep on working with this traffic I got, the figure is expected to get tripled.

I wish you all good conversion, friends!

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