Peculiarities of Dating vertical in the USA: insights from AdsEmpire 

In this article, our colleagues — AdsEmpire partnership network — will share their expertise on the launch of Dating offers in the USA this year.

You will find out which offers and niches of the dating vertical are worth paying attention to this year, and also get the latest statistics!

AdsEmpire is an affiliate program with exclusive dating offers. They provide two directions — CPA and Smartlink, so that any marketer can choose the best option for himself, based on experience and traffic source.

The USA and Dating: why is it a match?

The dating niche is gaining momentum in 2022 to thrive even more the next year.

Thousands of affiliates drive dating traffic daily earning huge amount of money. Every day’s questions are: how to do it better, which GEOs it is better to choose, and what are the characteristics of the chosen GEO for dating in affiliate marketing?

The thing is that Tier1 is one of the most popular and profitable GEOs because of the level of life in this region’s counties. These countries are English-speaking and have strong economies. One of the biggest and most popular Tier1 countries is the USA.

AdsEmpire Team

Statistics show that over 300 million Americans use dating apps and sites. Their popularity is only growing as more and more people start using them daily. This makes the USA the most profitable GEO if you wonder how to earn on Dating. It brought $5,61 billion in income. And its popularity is unlikely to fade.

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Dating trends in the USA for 2022

We have highlighted several features that are important for launching dating offers in the USA. You need to be aware of them in order to get real profit:

  • The conversion rate of dating offers is more or less equal in different states. The GEOs with the highest conversions and checks are Colorado, North California and Washington. 
  • In terms of traffic volume, the top states are Texas, California and Florida. Push traffic is especially stable in conversions and checks in this GEOs.
  • Notably, the highest converting segment is a 26-35+ audience, while the highest check and LTV are ensured by an audience of 50+. 
  • English-speaking users convert better, however, Spanish is also used (up to 10%). 
  • Besides, the most converting rates and checks are brought by iOS users.

8 facts about the target audience of dating offers

After conducting detailed research on the dating sites and apps’ user behavior, AdsEmpire has come up with the following conclusions as for the situation in the dating industry:

  1. The number of dating app users has increased up to 323,9 million in 2022.
  2. To be precise, ¼ of users join dating sites not to communicate but rather to look at others.
  3. Recent research shows that 19% of Internet users in the USA claimed they had been using an app or a platform to meet online. Another point of interest is that 27% of users said they used to use them in the past.
  4. Different age groups have different preferences on dating sites.
  5. LGBTQ users use dating apps twice more often. According to Pew Research, dating apps were used by 55% of LGBTQ users and 28% of hetero grown ups.

    The fact worth mentioning is that about 21% of LGBTQ users said they had built meaningful relationships or married the partners they met online via a dating platform. In contrast, only 11% of straight users notify of the same success.
  6. It’s crucial to note that 54% of online daters in the USA consider the relationship arisen from online dating are as successful as the relationship begun in person.
  7. All in all 26% of online dating seekers do not want any commitment.
  8. It is women who are more interested in the profile details than men.

Best Dating niches and offers in the USA in 2022 

Statistics gathered from various dating sites and apps show that the USA users are mostly engaged in the following niches:

  • General
  • Mature
  • Milf
  • Cougar
  • Gay
  • Black

In regard to the USA top offers, the users prefer the following ones from a general niche:


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Now you should have no doubts about the popularity of dating offers in the USA. Obviously, launching Dating ads on this GEO is quite profitable.

Be sure to take advantage of the facts and trends described above, they can work well for other Tier 1 countries.

If you have any question left to the AdsEmpire regarding the USA or any other GEO from the Tier1 region, please contact manager Viktoria via Telegram — @viktoriiaAE or Skype — live:.cid.6051636583a41b6f. 

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What is RichAds?
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