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Win Rate meaning

Win Rate refers to how much of the available traffic you are getting based on your bid. To get a better Win Rate, you should raise your bid in order to get more ad spots. To get clicks, you need to get your ads out there!

CTR and Win Rate are among the most important metrics in push notification marketing. No wonder that the Win Rate works hand in hand with CTR.

If you work with an ad network that charges on a CPC basis, then the network will only earn from you once a user clicks on your ad. A low CTR means the network is likely to reroute your traffic to someone whose ads perform better. This will then affect your Win Rate, which means fewer people will see your ads.

If you want to get more traffic and earn more, you need a competitive bid, better targeting, and of course, a variety of ad creatives to test!

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You should be alerted if the WR value is less than 30-40%. However, experienced marketers do not consider the size of this indicator over the entire advertising campaign. In this case, traffic sources with a 40% or lower indicator are more important. Have a look at them too.

How to increase the Win Rate?

As you already understood, you can increase the Win Rate by increasing the CTR of creatives, but this is not the only way to improve the situation.

Other things you can do:

  • Increasing the bid for buying ads (in RichAds, the recommended bid appears after selecting a country);
  • Remove sources that did not generate clicks using blacklists;
  • Set up a campaign with whitelists (if you don’t have your own, you can ask the network managers);
  • Reduce the number of ad impressions or frequency cap (the best option is 1 per day).

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