Dating in 2021: pandemic, tendencies, trends & top offers

An insider from 3snet affiliate working is answering the most popular questions about dating vertical in 2020.

During pandemic there have been huge changes in all spheres and affiliate marketing was not immune as well. All the players of the market had to adapt to the  dynamic course of events in order to stay afloat and make profit. We decided to ask all the questions about current situation with dating vertical answers to which you wanted to know. Our insider today is the expert from 3snet affiliate network – Alex Miller.

RichAds: Coronavirus and pandemic affected lots of spheres including affiliate marketing. What changes occurred in the performance of 3snet affiliate network?

Alex Miller: Of course, pandemic and economic crises have affected many spheres including affiliate marketing. It’s quite weird to read the articles in which everything is OK as we see the opposite situation. Feedback from affiliate marketers says that everything is not so funny as it may seem. Now we see the growth of producing medical face masks and gloves as well as online grocery shopping.

During a few last months, there have been lots of new webmasters in our network that started to search for the new niches. Lots of advertisers decreased the number of orders or paused work. There have been also delays in payments from advertisers.


RichAds: Let’s speak about verticals. Which of them have lost their popularity and which have been in demand?

Alex Miller: Lots of advertisers decreased the speed of traffic acquisition. Everyone knows that betting has lost its popularity but cybersport vice versa became the number one area. Website owners and SEO-specialists have successfully reoriented as well.

First, gambling in Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries worked quite well. But then we’ve faced different governmental restrictions concerning limits in sums or creatives’ content. Cryptocurrency has collapsed as well as lots of call centers started to work remotely. It all has affected conversion. Loans also faced breakdown due to some government bans. 

But the popularity of some verticals has increased. Long isolation, lots of spare time, and deficit in communication resulted in growth of dating niche.

RichAds: It seems that while everyone runs casino offers dating remains quite popular as well. How is the vertical during pandemic?

Alex Miller: Running casino offers is a separate kind of art. In our network dating has become even more popular recently, especially non-mainstream.

RichAds: Speaking about the popularity of gambling… Are there any changes in figures and statistics?

Alex Miller: In 3snet gambling has skyrocketed significantly. There are lots of new advertisers and GEOs. The payment model has also changed from CPL to CPA/CPS (purchase, subscription). There are also lots of KPI (impressions, messages, activity).

RichAds: What about GEOs in dating vertical?

Alex Miller: Of course, Tier 1 and 2 show quite nice results. First, identify the budget of your campaign and then choose the country.

RichAds: Which type of dating will be maximum profitable this year: mainstream, casual or on-mainstream? And which type is the most popular in 3snet?

Alex Miller: Non-mainstream has caught up to the leaders now.

RichAds: Let’s speak about payment models. 

Alex Miller: We have already mentioned that advertisers are ready to work with CPA/CPS instead of CPL due to the fact that everyone wants to get high-quality conversions and traffic. These payment models allow spending budget effectively.

RichAds: What are the perfect dating creatives? 

Alex Miller: The answer is quite banal: they should work. But only after testing you can get your perfect working creative. It also depends on the audience as one creative may and may not work for different audiences. There are always some “traditional” topics for dating. We recommend following trends and news.

RichAds: What are the top 3 rules to make perfect creative formula?

Alex Miller: The success of any work depends on thorough work with the target audience. Think about your audience. Who you want to attract? The second rule is testing. The third one is tracking.

RichAds: Lots of affiliate networks argue for using pre-landing pages. What do you personally think about it?

Alex Miller: Pre-landing pages help to distribute and filter the target audience correctly. If the affiliate marketer can work with these instruments, he definitely should use pre-landers.

RichAds: It’s clear that the world will never be the same. What are your forecasts concerning dating vertical in 2020? What tendencies are going to appear?

Alex Miller: Dating and on-mainstream opportunities are becoming more and more popular. The pandemic background will be with us forever and fear of personal contacts, different viruses and infections will limit the possibility of offline meetings. But the needs are eternal. Flirt, communication, and dates are going online.

RichAds: In the end let’s speak about the most popular dating offers in 3snet.

Alex Miller: There are at least 100 offers in our system daily and this list is continuously updating. Here are the most popular dating offers.

CPA payment model offers, worldwide GEOs:

Victoria Milan – €50, purchase of €16 is paid. GEOs: Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Australia.

Rank – $5. GEO: Japan.

LindigoMatches – $5. GEOs: Canada, Austria, USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland.

Stripchat – $0.15-3.5 for the confirmed registration (DOI). GEO: Russia, USA, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, France, Austria, Netherlands, Canada. There are limits in sources and creatives pack.

MapMyMilf – $2.5 for the registration (SOI). GEO: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain, South Africa.

Mainstream Dating smartlink and Dating smartlink – SOI registration. CPL depends on GEO and device and may vary from $0.01 to $9.1 (mobile) and from $0.02 to $9.1 (web). GEO: worldwide.

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