Join Traffic Rush contest to win 57k USD with BinPartner

If you’re into financial and trading offers, there’s a great opportunity to win a grand prize by participating in the Traffic Rush contest by BinPartner.

The program does money giveaways — from $1000 to $12000 — for their affiliates till December 8, 2023.

All the details can be found in the article, we’ll unveil the conditions, exact prizes amounts as well as the peculiarities of the contest. 

Join Traffic Rush Contest: Prizes and Participation Conditions

If you’re a true affiliate ranger, it’s high time to get into the game. From October 18 to December 8, BinPartner is ready to splash out and give fantastic prizes if you manage to be on top of the rating!

The four rating groups are waiting for you, with its prize pool for 1,2 and 3 places. Prizes vary from $1,000 to $12,000, and only you decide what to spend them on. If you want a Play Station, a new iPhone or a cool video card, go ahead and join BinPartner affiliate program.

Traffic Rush Contest: Rules Explained

If you already know how to work with trading traffic, register in the BinPartner affiliate program in order to have time to take part in the competition and grab your piece of the $57,000 prize fund.

Easy steps to take part: 

  1. Attract active traders to the Binomo system via your affiliate link
  2. Become one of the top three partners in your group,
  3. Get a prize of up to $12,000.

The four groups are created for equal competition between affiliates and depend on the number of FTDs on BinPartner for September 1-30.

  • Green Class: 0-25 FTD and all the new affiliates
  • Blue Class: 26-50 FTD
  • Yellow Class: 51-100 FTD
  • Red Class: 101 and more FTD

How are the points gained in the groups?

  • Green Class: 1 point = 1 FTD
  • Blue Class: 1 point = 10$ trade volume
  • Yellow Class: 1 очко = 10$ trade volume
  • Red Class: 1 point = 10$ trade volume

BinPartner comment: Trade volume is the sum of the profitability of all transactions made by the trader. Both successful and unsuccessful transactions are counted in the trade volume, but only the profitability of the asset is taken into account.

One more bonus from BinPartner: RevShare 70% for new affiliates

Haven’t worked with the BinPartner affiliate program yet? 

It’s time to learn more about the CPA network and test your traffic. For each partner who registers in the period from October 18 to December 8, Bin Partner includes a skyrocketing RevShare of 70% for a period of 2 months.

BinPartner is not only about high rates on trading traffic. The affiliate program works with affiliates of any level, the offer is  available in 164 countries.

The advantages of the affiliate program include:

  • Detailed statistics that allows you to optimize traffic
  • Daily updated reports to track progress
  • A personal manager to tell you about the conditions and consult you on top GEOs and approaches
  • Professional help with any questions in 8+ languages
  • Unique creatives and promotional materials
  • Creative banners and landing pages to increase conversion
  • Promotions and contests
  • Motivational contests and personal bonuses.


The network is about to turn 10 years old, being a direct advertiser of the Binomo and Stockity offer, BinPartner offers high rates on RevShare, Turnover Share and CPA (on request). Even if you don’t have time to participate in the contest, you have every chance to collect hot traffic at high rates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to compete for the part of $57k prize pool, as well as show your skills in getting hot traffic.

May the strongest win!

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Victoria Hubkina
Starting off as an account manager at RichAds, Victoria Hubkina has been immersed in affiliate marketing as a content writer for over three years. Her expertise spans all the possible verticals from Gambling to Nutra and various types of traffic. By now, Victoria has written over 100 articles on marketing topics and crafted scripts for RichAds YouTube channel. Beyond work, she indulges in esotericism, film photography, and vintage fashion.

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