How to gain profit on Nutra in 2022: tips from MyLead

In this article our partner — MyLead affiliate network — will share insights on choosing Nutra offers in 2022, tips for converting creatives and how to promote ads profitably.

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Nutra offers: main tips to profit

The advantage of Nutra offers is that the demand for them is quite stable: weight reduction, strengthening health, preserving youth or improving the quality of sex life. Those are eternal topics as everyone wants to be young, beautiful and loved.

That is why marketers often decide to promote this category, but not everyone succeeds in making money with it. How to profit and avoid obvious mistakes?

Make sure that your categories and campaigns are up-to-date.

Research is the first thing to begin with when you start promoting any offers. It does not mean that it is enough to make the analysis once. Everything is constantly changing on the Internet, even new trends are followed by freshest ones and even the best images may turn out to be outdated tomorrow.

The same works with campaigns. If you noticed that users began to react less to your seemingly very promising offer, then it’s time to take some measures.

There are two options:

  • The first is to test new connections or promote other things.
  • Second – you can always turn to your mentor or manager of your affiliate network. Many successful publishers do just that.

Pay attention to the key details in your creative design.

Is that too obvious? Perhaps, marketers often make mistakes in a hurry, so it’s worth mentioning.

The most important thing is image quality, because today users will not even look at something of poor quality. In addition, you need to make sure that the format and size of the image are appropriate for the device on which it is likely to be displayed.

Pay special attention to the mobile version of your creatives and check out whether:

  • the text is readable from a mobile device,
  • there are any noticeable details in the image,
  • there is a noticeable CTA button,
  • everything looks the same on the small screen of your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Sometimes it seems that the images are perfect and everything looks great, and after the publication it turns out that our post looks unattractive on the smartphone screen. Why is it so important?

Today, all statistics says that the majority of users browse the Internet through the screen of their smartphone. It is worth remembering if you want your pictures to get you some leads.

Choose realistic photos

Obviously, photos from web stocks that have passed through photo editors and Photoshop will not gain the trust of potential customers. For example, no one from Central Europe will be convinced by a photo of a slim Chinese woman under palm trees on the shore of the ocean. Sure, it’s beautiful, but not captivating.

Take a look at these:

In addition, you should remember that photos of ordinary doctors and pharmacists create trust.

Important: Don’t go for pictures with doctors in ties, which can be commonly seen in photo stocks. Bear that in mind if you are going to promote, e.g. dietary supplements.

Use your own unique landing page.

When deciding to promote the Nutra category, you should be prepared for a lot of competition. How to rise to a certain position among those who promote similar offers?

A unique presentation is something that will surely interest potential customers. To do this, you need to create your own original landing page. Yes, you will have to put some thought into it, but unique landing pages always bring good conversions.

The reason is that users quickly get used to traditional banner ads and posts, so they stop paying attention to such messages, which means fewer clicks on links and less deliberate actions, and therefore less profit for the publisher.

MyLead Team

So you have to be imaginative and constantly look for new paths to the hearts and wallets of potential customers, and a unique landing page and creatives will help you in this.

Remember about GEO properties.

As we have already written, you cannot overdo it with beautiful, but at the same time not realistic photos. For instance, MyLead has many offers for foreign GEOs. This is not only a good opportunity to earn more, but also often a serious challenge for the publisher.

But take it easy, careful analysis and a good strategy will help you deal with that. So you need to get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of the chosen GEO, at least superficially.

For example, if you decided to promote Nutra in Spain, it is worth finding out about local celebrities or what cosmetics need to be promoted in this part of Europe. Most likely they will not need greasy creams that Central European residents need in winter, but maybe a shampoo for hair all dry from sun and salt water may be a good idea.

Don’t forget about slang and forbidden symbols if you plan to promote in other countries. For example, there may be words or phrases that may offend someone, and showing a picture of a girl in a bathing suit in countries with many Muslims like France may have the opposite effect to what was planned.

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Tips on Nutra creatives: choosing the right approach

How to make converting creatives when the offer to be promoted is selected and the GEO culture is researched? There is a workflow to help you stay out of the search for ideas and inspiration.

Typically, creatives for Nutra should focus on the existing needs or problem-solving of the person for whom the product is made.

And that’s the main feature that quickly becomes an idea! It is enough to decide whether our picture will represent the customer’s “pain” to give them the opportunity to identify with our post, acting as a kind of trigger, or to present an already solved problem.

For example, painful joints or a skin problem? A photo with a couple that’s unhappy, or a chubby man with a happy, attractive woman next to him?

This system will work especially well with slimming offers – there, too, you can focus on the problem – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo with someone who’s overweight.

In the process of losing weight, fatigue with sports, calorie counting or constant diets and their prohibitions may become a problem.

For example:

Or there is an immediate effect that your customers can achieve if they perform the target action or make them interested in your offer.

Of course, one should not forget about the classic methods of presenting the results of the Nutra campaigns – before and after.

Another technique would be the use of associations. For example, we associate fruit with vitamins or health. You can also go for pictures of oblong items promoting men’s supplements.

You can promote vitamins, for example, with the help of pictures like these:

But while it is still warm, it is worth trying to promote weight loss, because in summer people play sports more often than ever and focus on their appearance.

Best Nutra offers from MyLead

As now you know how to promote Nutra and gain profit, it’s time to choose an offer for yourself. To sum up, MyLead has prepared a list of the best offers for you:

Slim Lotus Tea
💰COD rate – $29.5
🌍GEO: Malaysia

Black Latte – PL
💰COD rate – $11.34
🌍GEO: Poland

Keto Guru – PL
💰COD rate – $10.73
🌍GEO: Poland

Ideal Slim – IT
💰COD rate – $17
🌍GEO: Italy

W-Loss – MX
💰COD rate – $5.43
🌍GEO: Mexico

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