July 7, 2020 by Olga Dashuk
Olga Dashuk

Product Updates from RichAds Team

During the last several months our team has worked hard to make RichAds more friendly and effective for marketers. The updates have already shown the first results: now you save more time on ads launch and optimization, focus only on the traffic sources that convert, and don’t face bots.

New UI

Not so long ago, we’ve launched the new interface. So, if you didn’t like our outdated UI, we totally understand you and invite you to try the new one instead (it’s really much much better).

To cut a long story short, apart from the total looks and improved speed and usability here’s what changed:

1. At the very start, you see a clear picture of what formats you can start with and the most popular niches for them.

2. The navigation in your account has become more intuitive and friendly. Moreover, we’ve added explanations for each function.

3. Added links to the relevant useful tutorials when creating your first campaigns.

4. Percentage of use for advanced targeting options (for you to see if your targeting choice is right)

5. More points listed below ⬇️

Groups of Subscriber Lists

When you set up your ad campaign you can choose certain Subscriber Lists as sources for your ads.

As you may already know, Subscriber Lists are groups of Publishers, and Publishers, in turn, combine Sites on which your ads can be displayed.

Now we presented a clearer picture of how these Subscriber Lists differ.

We’ve monitored the performance of sources during the last 3 months. According to the results of our research, we divided them into 4 groups:

  • Premium ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These sources showed the highest performance: conversion rate is 3 times higher than in other categories, no matter what niche you promote. They are the best choice to blend in.

For example, if you start with testing different approaches to creatives, messages of your ads, or the offer itself you’re more likely to get proper results of your tests and optimize the campaigns.

  • Standard ⭐⭐⭐

Standard Subscriber Lists are the second step after the Premium ones. Once you’ve found the winning combination of your ad parameters after several tests, you have all chances to reach satisfactory results.

That’s why we recommend you to pick this category of sources to scale your campaigns.

  • Remnant ⭐

These lists convert the least according to our statistics. However, it doesn’t mean they are useless. If there is no way to win with the sources from this group, we block them and remove them from the interface. 

You can use this group if you need to scale even more or just go cheap. The point here is that you shouldn’t judge all sources by this group.

  • New ⭐⭐⭐

We regularly add new sources: you can follow the updates in your account, our social media channels, or weekly e-mail blasting. From now, you see the fresh subscriber lists in a separate column – quite helpful, right? You have an opportunity to seize the moment and outrun your competitors.

After 30 days, we categorize the new sources into the groups above.

Automated Rules for Subscriber Lists

Automated Rules, in general, is one of the most useful features created to make the life of marketers easier. Until this moment, you could set a range of actions for different parameters of your ad campaigns according to their performance. 

These parameters included Publisher, Site, Creative, Campaign, Device, and Browser.  When it comes to sources, applying auto rules to just Publisher or Site sometimes doesn’t show notable results.

That’s why now you can blacklist, whitelist, decrease or increase bid automatically for Subscriber Lists as well. It may help to reach the target CPA much faster.

Tip: Explore your reports to see what influences the results most. For example, if all Subscriber Lists perform relatively the same, take a look at Publishers or Sites. If you see the distinctive results of particular Publishers, create your Automated Rules for Publishers. Yes, it’s this simple!

Offers Page & Offers from RichAds

There are two major updates here. The first one is that now you can see a page with Offers to work with straight in your account. There have been listed the most popular offers from our partners.

The second one is that besides the offers from top CPA networks you can choose an offer from RichAds, too!

The offers differ by vertical, advertisers, GEOs, Price models, payouts, so you can definitely find something to fit your niche.

Quality Traffic Protection

Since RichAds is verified by Adscore and we actively use their services to prevent bot or non-converting traffic our quality is steadily growing. We’ve covered some major perks that we can offer you in our previous blogpost.

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