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CPA offer is an advertising offer that works according to the Cost per Acquisition model.

In other words, a CPA offer is an advertising offer that does not take into account clicks or impressions but the actual actions of a potential client. This can be registration, download, subscription to a service, or purchase.

If a person has performed this action, the affiliate marketer receives the agreed reward — payout.

What is the point of working with a CPA offer?

The whole point of working with a CPA offer boils down to finding and “connecting” the owner of the product and its potential buyers.

Let’s say a hair beauty supplement manufacturer supplies its products to supermarkets and online hypermarkets, but this is not enough. They also have a team that promotes the product on Facebook and other channels.

It is clear that the budget and working hours limit the internal team’s capacity. Advertisers can offer goods using the power of affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketer is looking for where and how to advertise the product. He pays to display ads on Instagram or to buy ads in a network that provides push traffic.

In fact, the whole point of working with a CPA offer boils down to finding and “connecting” the owner of the product and its potential buyer. At the same time, spending as little as possible on finding clients and buying advertising.

How to find the best CPA offers?

To begin with, let’s clarify that a beginner and an experienced specialist will have a different algorithm for searching for CPA offer.

A specialist who understands the nuances of different types of traffic starts their search with an offer and then chooses a traffic type.

Beginners are advised to thoroughly study one traffic source and try offers from one vertical on it. This will help to figure out statistics and other technical stuff. The fewer the variables, the easier it is to learn the basics.

How to choose the best CPA offer?

1. Look at the payment model, not the size of the payout.
2. Estimate the offer’s restrictions.
3. Analyze statistics.
4. Check the minimum amount of money you can take from the affiliate program.
5. Keep in touch with the manager.

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