CPA or Cost per Acquisition

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CPA or Cost per Acquisition meaning

CPA or Cost per Acquisition is a model where the affiliate gets paid once the user performs the advertiser’s intended action. This includes any kind of transaction — from people joining an email list, downloading some sort of file(s), watching videos, signing up for a service, and similar types of actions.

Advantages of the CPA Model?

The good thing about the Cost per Acquisition model is that it can pay anywhere between 10 and 100 times better than the first three conversion flows. It’s typical to find this kind of offer that pays from $10 to $200 per conversion!

This conversion flow is, therefore, the most profitable of all types mentioned here and can very well lead you to thousands of dollars in earnings per month.

Disadvantages of CPA Model

Due to its high cost-per-action rates, CPA is not suitable for every affiliate. It requires both a large volume of traffic and a great deal of experience. You would need a large budget, a landing page builder, a reliable tracker, and a good optimization strategy to improve conversions.

Should You Choose the CPA Earning Model?

If you’re just a newbie, don’t. Opt for any of the others in this list first and hone your optimization skills to perfection before jumping in on CPA offers. That way, you won’t end up blowing all your marketing budget.

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