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CPA Networks Shared Best Offers During Isolation (update)

Best affiliate marketing offers during pandemic

Not so long ago, we’ve spoken to the leading experts and learned how affiliate marketing can survive during massive isolation. But where to find these gold offers that perform enormously these days?

Luckily for all of us, the top CPA networks provided us with the most promising offers on the market (to be updated).

Check these pearls below: create free accounts and promote any of them.

Important: let’s play fair: don’t speculate on coronavirus in your ads. Reference to COVID-19 for promotional purposes is limited in the most push and native traffic sources (and do not increase CTR, actually). 


Best cpa offers from c3pa

How do you manage the coronavirus crisis? Which offers work best this time?

There were few changes during the coronavirus crisis. First of all, betting vertical has totally closed, in Gambling vertical many advertisers have started to cut the budgets, decrease the current CPA, as PV has dropped due to the corona crisis. Many big advertisers in Gambling has switched to RevShare model, to avoid losses.

Dating vertical is showing really great results during corona, as lonely people sit home and don’t have any opportunity to get distracted. Firstly we thought that people won’t pay for dating during the crisis, but as we can see now nothing has changed. We`re having the same budgets from all advertisers and for Mainstream Dating, we have even more caps, it means that during corona time people still look for singles.

Crypto vertical also shows great results during the past months. Israel`s call centers have worked during all hard times. People easily convert because everybody wants to invest money and earn something passively from home.

So all European GEOs were converting pretty well during this time and we`re seeing even higher CR than before quarantine.


3810 Bitcoin Technology Evolution CPA AU, DE, DK, ES, FI, IT, NL, NO, SE, UK, US, ZA; CPA up to 900$


4147 Ficktreffen CPL DE [SOI] PO: 2 euro

5213 Date4You CPL US [SOI] PO: 2.2$

5206 ChatSexuel CPL FR [SOI] *EXCLUSIVE* PO: 1.4 euro

5077 Mil de Fem CPL FR [SOI] *EXCLUSIVE* PO: 1.5 euro

4790 Sesso Rendezvous CPL IT [SOI] *EXCLUSIVE* PO: 1.6 euro

4789 Mundodate CPL ES [SOI] *EXCLUSIVE* PO: 1.2 euro

5118 Kionti CPL DE [SOI] – PO: 2.7 euro

4634 Zwinkr CPL DE [DOI] PO: 5$

Mainstream Dating

5386 Dream Singles CPL US, UK, SE, CH, NO, NZ, DK, CA, BE, AU, AT, IS [SOI] PO: up to 7$

5228 CHARMERLY CPL US, UK, CA, AU, NZ [SOI, 35+] – PO: up to 14$

Top Casino Offers:

2250 Casino-X CPA RU – PO: up to 90$

5298 Golden Reels CPA AU, NZ – PO: up to 180$



Best offers during coronavirus MyLead

Bartosz Magielski, Marketing & Affiliate Manager, MyLead

“The time is difficult, yet most experts agree – for affiliate marketing, this is a moment with great potential. We already know the first extensive statistics and studies, which confirm and indicate a large increase in some categories of products and services available online (and a simultaneous decrease in others). E-commerce will also develop: stores want to make at least any profits, so they decide to start their internet projects faster. The threats are budget and rate cuts by advertisers.”

Check the categories of affiliate programs at MyLead that are growing:

  • Online pharmacies and dietary supplements – 211% increase in orders between March 2020 and December 2019.
  • VOD 53% of users declare that they are more willing to use video on demand recently, Netflix reported a 20.5% increase in March compared to the February results.
  • Mobile applications – 38% of users declare that due to the current situation, they use them more often [1], increase in interest in mobile apps by 24%.
  • Electronic entertainment – 36% of users claim to play video games more often.
  • Online stores – 62% of people say they now have more time to surf the Internet and browse the products they would like to buy.
  • Beauty – in Poland the cosmetics industry has recorded 138% growth, in the world it is similar.
  • Gambling & Betting

The industries that are losing:

  • Tourism
  • Luxury goods
  • Motorisation
  • Interior fittings and furniture




[WAP + WEB] Flirtsenzalimiti SOI ITA  $2/ $2.5
[WAP + WEB] Soloavventure SOI ITA  $2/ $2.5
[WAP + WEB] Senzapudore SOI ITA  $2/ $2.5
[WAP + WEB]  Tatschmi SOI CHE  $6/ $8
[WAP + WEB]  Flirt SOI CHE  $6/ $8
[WAP + WEB]  BeNaughty SOI CHE  $6/ $8
[WAP + WEB]  Onenightfriend SOI BEL  $3.5/ $3.8
[WAP + WEB]  Flirt SOI BEL  $3.5/ $3.8
[WAP + WEB]  BeNaughty SOI BEL  $3.5/ $3.8
[WAP + WEB]  ContactosRapidos SOI ESP  $1.8/ $2.2
[WAP + WEB]  RollosFaciles SOI ESP  $1.8/ $2.2
[WAP + WEB]  Quierorollo SOI ESP  $1.8/ $2.2
[WAP + WEB]  FlirtyMature SOI AUT  $4.5/ $5
[WAP + WEB]  Gibsmir SOI AUT  $4.5/ $5
[WAP + WEB]  WildSpank SOI AUT  $4.5/ $5
[WAP + WEB]  LustyLocals SOI AUS  $4.5/ $5
[WAP + WEB]  OneNightFriend SOI AUS  $4.5/ $5
[WAP + WEB]  IamNaughty SOI JPN  $5.5/ $6
[WAP + WEB]  BeNaughty SOI AUS  $5.5/ $6
[WAP + WEB]  Gibsmir SOI DEU  $4.5/ $5.5
[WAP + WEB]  WildSpank SOI DEU  $4.5/ $5.5
[WAP + WEB]  TreffeGirls SOI DEU  $4.5/ $5.5
[WAP + WEB]  IgetNaughty SOI TWN  $1.8/ $2.5
[WAP + WEB]  Flirt SOI TWN  $1.8/ $2.5


Top CPA offers from Mobidea

23355 – KSA – [WEB+MOB] – Easy Download – Zain – PIN – Mainstream – Mobile Content
23351 – Multi-Geo – [WEB] – Search Wizard – Desktop – Extensions
23337 – PT – [MOB] – ALDI gift card – PIN – Sweepstakes & Coupons – Giftcards
22691 – AE – [WEB+MOB] – WhatsFile – PIN
22660 – EG – [WEB+MOB] – Call of Sniper Dutty – DOI
18817 – JO – [WEB+MOB] – SmSimApp – Zain – Pin
22562 – NL – [WEB+MOB] – Flex Grey Girl – DOI
22959 – IT – [MOB] – App Inspector – Wind – DOI
23031 – ZA – [MOB] – WIN Samsung S20 – Vodacom – 2click



EU(EUROPE) Cannabis Oil (CBD) (hypertension) 



iDates Mainstream MOBILE SOI

SextMe CPL

IT Hotincontri (PPL SOI) Static DESKTOP


Winorama Casino

Betamo Germany

Toro Advertising

Top Offers from Toro Advertising

Sweepstakes CC Submit

12968 France (FR) – Cleaning Box 2€ – CPS $32.00

12932 Italy (IT) – iPhone 11 3€ & Airpods – CPS 20.00€

12719 Spain (ES) – Netflix $1– CPS 16.00€

12716 Finland (FI) – Thermomix 1€ – CPS 34.00€

12492 Japan (JP) – SocialMediaGo – Samsung Galaxy S10+ – CPS $25.60


12981 Multiple GEOs – Android – Vialet – Cuenta Corriente – Mobile CPA 12.00€

8669 Mexico (MX) – Solcredito.mx – MicroLoan – APP 0.15€ / CPL 3.40€ / CPA 17.00€

12490 Spain (ES) – Gedescoche (Responsive): CPL 8.00€

12656 United States (US) – Score Caster IQ (Responsive): CPA $32.00


5963 Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States – Adult – FreeHornyMilfs – CPL SOI – LP1 (Responsive): CPL $2,60

3406 Spain (ES) – Adult – Follamigos – CPL DOI – LP3 – Mobile CPL 3,40€ – Spain

11356 Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States – MatchSniper:  CPL $3,20

2057 Turkey (TR) – Adult – 4Club – Mobile CPL $0.35 – Turkey


12987 Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Uruguay – FitVod4Life – Fitness Simple Girl – CPS $12.80.

12986  Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland – FitVod4Life – Fitness 7 min Workout – CPS $32.00


12359 All Countries – mSpy – Phone Monitoring App (Responsive): CPS: $32.00

12530 United States (US) – Windows – GetMyDrivers + Push – Desktop $24.00


9640 Canada, United States – Survey Junkie: CPL $1.20

11178 United States (US) – LifePoints: CPL $4.00

12944 United States (US) – Opinion Inn – First Survey Hit: CPL $0.80

10886 Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States – iSurveyGo – Survey Complete: CPA: $0.40

Entertainment – VoD

12969 Greece (GR) – Video Stream – Mobile CPA $7.20

298 CR/GT/HN/NI/PA/SV – Mainstream Download (Claro) CPA $1.60 – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, El Salvador

9975 United States (US) – CinePlay – Register Page Dark: CPS 14.50€

11787 Chile (CL) – PopcornVOD – Classic Form Black: CPS $36.00

11056 Colombia (CO) – PopcornVOD – Ebook Mosaic Sign Up: CPS $9.60


For obvious reasons, Nutra vertical is the most popular in affiliate marketing these times.

In particular, immunity and potency products are on the top in CPA affiliate networks. The first ones encourage to kill parasites and enhance your immune system, and the second ones may act as a source of entertainment, as Terraleads says. πŸ™‚ Check their top cost-per-action offers below.


Cardio NRJ

Parasite sGermitox

Potency ReAction


Best offers CPAExchange

Most advertising campaigns of businesses with offline products or services have been turned off. For example, HR offers of those companies that were searching couriers or restaurant workers. 

At the same time, a number of campaigns are one their rise: 

  • HR offers from research companies, the ones for drivers, ironworkers, ambassadors, are alive. And, basically, HR is now needed by the regions
  • Banking products
  • Online movie theaters
  • CPA online education: language courses, vocational education

The hottest CPA offers at CPAExchange hereπŸ”₯


1503 FirstMediaSchool Education

1341 BORK_Laurastar.ru_CPS Luxury Ecommerce

1468 Ezochat_CPL Registrations

1427 LG_CPS Ecommerce

1234 Scaleo_CPA Unique solutions for B2B

1433 English_First_CPL Education



Casino landing pages from β„–1 bookmakers

id 245 Mostbet CPA 13 countries
id 499 GG casino CPA RU+CIS except UA
id 1567 BetWinner Casino CPA RU+CIS

Top converting casino offers

id 2017 Energy CPA RU
id 1906 RedStar CPA RU+CIS
id 2033 Ilucki CPA 7 countries
id 265 Casino-x CPA RU
id 1760 Joy casino CPA RU without baseline


id 2106 Cyberbet RS WW
id 1927 GGbet CPA RU legal
id 481 GGbet CPA EU

Tier-1 Casino Brands

id 500 GG casino CPA EU
id 1569 BetWinner Casino CPA 21 countries [Tier 1]
id 1903 Betandyou CPA 3 countries
id 1445 Vulkan Vegas CPA 15 countries
id 1891 Campeonbet CPA 28 countries
id 1892 Evobet CPA 28 countries
id 1909 Hopa Casino CPA NO
id 1446 Slotty Vegas CPA 5 countries

Binary Options & Crypto offers

id 1728 Bitcoinbillion CPA DE
id 2147 GoldenBoom CPA EN speakers
id 1732 Bitcoin Trader CPA EN

Did you like the offers? Pick the best ones from any ad network, choose the traffic source to promote them, and get profits!

Don’t forget to leave comments and follow our next guides and tips soon here.

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