Mobile Content Offers or mVAS

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Mobile Content Offers or mVAS is a specific kind of offers in affiliate marketing that should be launched on mobile traffic. They usually work on a subscription or one-time payment basis.

These offers are usually based on direct or SMS billing. WAP-clicks are about the same things too.

Mobile Content Offers / mVAS meaning

Value-added services give users or subscribers additional benefits. These include any service beyond the basic ones considered standard. One concrete example is mobile banking.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, mVAS are mobile content offers that can be subscription-based or one-time payment content products. Subscription to a streaming service, WhatsApp content, and device-specific themes and wallpapers are just some examples of mVAS.

Try your luck using RichAds’ mobile traffic. Here at RichAds, we have up to 90% of mobile traffic on push notifications and up to 60% on pop ads.

Mobile traffic sources

No need to explain that if you are going to run mVAS offers, you need some mobile ads for a start. Let’s discuss this point!

Any marketer can place ads on their blog. Then they will be free. Also, ads can be purchased from many different sources.

Here is a list of sources for mobile traffic:

  • banners on a site (they should be adapted for mobile),
  • paid search,
  • advertising in all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and others),
  • in-app advertising,
  • ad networks with traffic (for example, with pops, push notifications, native ads, and more).

Nowadays, it is especially noticeable how mobile devices dominate desktops when it comes to traffic from ad networks.

In fact, 90% of push notifications on the RichAds ad network come from mobile devices!

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