Mobile Affiliate Marketing: How It Works

Mobile Affiliate Marketing How It Works

With the mobile market growing fast, mobile affiliate marketing has become a new playground.

The mobile market has seen enormous growth in the past few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Let’s talk about mobile affiliate marketing and how it works.

Massive traffic also means a massive opportunity for mobile affiliate marketers who are looking to make some money by sending traffic or leads to relevant offers.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how you can start your own mobile affiliate marketing business, let’s take a step back and look at what you need to know for this endeavor to work out well.

The article was written by affiliate marketing expert Jairene Cruz-Eusebio.

What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

Mobile affiliate marketing can be described as any form of performance-based advertising where one earns commission by promoting someone else’s product on their own site, app, social media account, etc., whether that be through paid advertisement or otherwise.

The traffic specifically comes from mobile, which means the users are either using a tablet or a smartphone. The ad appears through an internet browser or any mobile application such as social media apps and games. It can also be from push notifications.

What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start our mobile affiliate marketing guide with an introduction to this world.

Mobile is now a dominant realm for all of the digital world. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find someone without a smartphone, and if you do, they are likely to be using it constantly.

We live in an era where people spend more than four times as much time on their mobile devices than on desktop computers. 

Daily time spent with the internet per capita worldwide from 2011 to 2021

Nowadays, over 6378 billion global users have internet access (and that number is only increasing). 

When it comes to traffic, mobile is slowly dominating several ad types. In fact, here in RichAds, 90% of push notification ads come from mobile alone!

Now is the perfect time to jump in on mobile affiliate marketing while the traffic is high, the quality is great, and the prices are still manageable!

Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows

Just a few years ago, the only available conversion flow for mobile traffic was CPL or Cost per Lead. As the number of users increased and their needs changed with the times, business owners and advertisers could develop new ways to attract new customers. In turn, conversion flows improved.

Several conversion flows that work on desktop work on mobile, too, such as CC submits or purchases. But there are also those that are optimized for mobile traffic alone.

Here are some of the most common conversion flows for mobile.

Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows

1. CPL or Cost per Lead

This is the most common form of conversion flow in affiliate marketing. CPL offers are usually available for both desktop and mobile traffic, and converts using a responsive landing and offer page.

The advertiser simply asks for a little information about the user, the minimum of which is a name and contact information (such as email address or phone number).

Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows_Cost per Lead

2. App Installs

These offers are those that convert the moment the user installs the app. At times, there are extra steps required, such as the user must create an account first, or use the app for the first time, etc.

Most of the time, the user is directed to the download page. If the app can only be downloaded via browser, the webpage will open up to prompt a download. If the app is available in the device’s official distribution channel, then the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore will open up, showing the application ready for download.

Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows_App installs

3. Direct Billing

This conversion flow is typically for mobile content offers. The user needs to subscribe to continuously receive specific content such as wallpapers, themes, video-on-demand, and more.

The user is required to be online via a 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

There are two modes of direct billing flows, and these are:

  • 1-Click Conversion — this is where the user simply needs to click on a button to accept the charge or confirm subscription
  • 2-Click Conversion — this flow includes an additional confirmation page after the first button is clicked. This is to ensure that the user really understands what he is signing up for.
Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows_Direct billing

4. SMS Billing or Click2SMS

Unlike Direct Billing, the SMS billing flow accepts all kinds of connections — whether the user is using WiFi or mobile data is fine. The user arrives at a landing page that requires him to place his mobile number.

There are two modes of SMS Billing as well, and these are:

  • Mobile Originated — MO Flow is used when mobile users enter their phone number on your website’s landing page and get sent over an SMS that includes information on what they are about to subscribe to. To confirm the subscription, the user must reply to that message (the reply is based on instructions, such as Yes, No, Confirm, Stop, etc.)
  • Mobile Terminated — MT flow is when customers enter their phone number, then receive an SMS message that contains a PIN code. Once the user has confirmed interest in your offer by entering that PIN code on the landing page, it’s counted as conversion!

The SMS Billing is made simpler by some offer pages that automatically fill out the user’s phone number if this information is already stored in the user’s browser! As such, all the user needs to do is click on a button to receive a message.

Click2call and Click2sms offers: How do they work with push traffic? Read here.

5. Click2Call

In the Click2call IVR flow, you can score conversion by simply persuading the user to make a call to the advertiser’s number.

The payout style depends on the advertiser, though. Sometimes, affiliates get a fixed payment the moment someone from the advertiser’s contact center has answered the call. At other times, the longer the phone call/conversation, the higher the payout.

Types of Mobile Advertising Conversion Flows_click2call

6. Push notification subscription

This is one of the simplest ways to earn from mobile traffic. All you need to do is send users to a landing page that prompts them to subscribe to push notifications. The user only needs to click on Allow to convert!

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Best Niches for Mobile Traffic

This part of our mobile affiliate marketing guide will talk about the best offers to promote from mobile traffic. The forerunners of mobile affiliate marketing have already tested various offers and found the following to be what converts best.

Best Verticals for Mobile Traffic

Mobile Content Offers / mVAS
App Install Offers
Mobile Content

1. Mobile Content Offers / mVAS

Value-added services give users or subscribers additional benefits. These include any service beyond the basic ones considered standard. One concrete example is mobile banking.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, mVAS are mobile content offers that can be subscription-based or one-time payment content products. Subscription to a streaming service, WhatsApp content, and device-specific themes and wallpapers are just some examples of mVAS.

Best Niches for Mobile Traffic

2. App Install Offers

Top verticals for mobile app installs are as follows:

  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • Cleaners
  • Exercise and health monitoring apps
  • Mobile Games
 App Install Offers for mobile traffic

3. Dating

When the user is alone and has nothing but his mobile phone to keep him company, a dating app or website can help ease loneliness. With so many people looking for love in this digital age of Tinder and Grindr, it’s no surprise that online dating apps are one of our most popular pastimes on phones.

4. eCommerce

With the rise of mobile phones, consumers are finding new ways to shop on the go. Mobile commerce is now a booming industry, and retailers have been trying to keep up with this shift in consumer habits by adding responsive websites that work well even on the small screen of a mobile phone!

Mobile shopping apps are on the rise as well, so if you can send users to download the app, or create an account, or make a purchase for the first or nth time, then you can get paid.

mobile affiliate marketing for beginners

5. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes offers are now easy to interact with on smartphones, thanks to the well-designed adjustments. Affiliates will find it easier to get conversions than ever before because of how simple and straightforward 1Click flows and Pin Submits have become.

How to Choose the Best Offers for Mobile Affiliate Marketing

The best strategy when choosing offers is to go for a low payout with an easy conversion flow for beginners.

Experienced marketers can find success in high-paying offers that require warming up of users before they get a conversion (hint: prelanders and funnels).

Best Affiliate Networks for Mobile Affiliate Marketing

The traffic sources aren’t the only ones booming, affiliate networks that offer mobile offers are growing, too. Here are some of the best affiliate networks to start your mobile affiliate marketing journey:

  • Mobidea
  • Mobipium
  • Golden Goose
  • Traffic Company
  • Clickdealer
  • MyLead
  • Monetizer
  • Lemonads

Tips on How to Succeed with Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Mobile marketing can be great but it doesn’t come without its own risks or challenges. Here are some tips to help you improve your chances of success.

Tip #1: Test an Offer from Various Networks

Some of these networks have similar offers that convert differently. It would be best to split-test offers from different affiliate networks to see which network converts best.

It’s not all about which pays better — sometimes, it’s all about which converts better. If you find that Network A converts better for the same offer with Network B but the latter has a higher payout, you can talk to your affiliate manager from Network A to ask for a payout bump. In the end, you’ll have an offer the converts and pays well.

introduction to mobile affiliate marketing

Tip #2: Pre-lander or No Pre-lander

Some traffic types absolutely need a prelanding page to ensure conversion (like pops, for instance). With mobile traffic, though, it would be best to test.

Some offers have already optimized their landing pages for mobile traffic that adding a pre-lander can create additional friction. Always test between the two to find what works for the offer.

Tip #3: Optimize Your Landing Page

If you’re using a pre-lander, make sure it has these qualities:

  • It loads fast — the page must be lightweight enough to load quickly, even with low data speeds, wherever the user is.
  • It is mobile – optimized or mobile-responsive – the elements should be sized properly (text and rich media), the buttons can be clicked but are placed properly so as not to cause accidental clicking, etc.

Tip #4: Look into data on the carrier and version (device or browser)

Once you’ve run some mobile campaigns and have received enough data, break the reports down based on the mobile carrier and device or browser version.

Sometimes, you’ll find specific ones that drive most of the traffic but deliver no conversions. You may also found those that bring most of the conversions, and you may want to create new campaigns targeting just that.

Exclude or narrow down your traffic based on what you see (basic optimization, right?).

mobile affiliate marketing how it works

Ready, Set, Go!

Mobile traffic is on the rise, with many people accessing the internet exclusively from their mobile devices. With that in mind, it’s not surprising to see more and more marketers adopting affiliate marketing strategies for engaging this untapped market.

With so much mobile traffic, there is also a massive opportunity for mobile affiliates out there looking to make money. That is if you start right away. Take too long to try it out, and it will be a tight space to fit in. If this guide on mobile affiliate marketing for beginners got you excited, then it’s time for you to get crackin’!

Now is the perfect time to jump in on mobile affiliate marketing!

Try your luck using RichAds’ mobile traffic. Here at RichAds, we have up to 90% of mobile traffic on push notifications and up to 60% on pop ads.

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