Why launch FIFA World Cup offers in 2022: LGaming shares expertise

In this article, LGaming affiliate network will share its expertise on the campaign launch for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Our partners provide the advantages of driving traffic to Betting offers, statistics on the previous World Cup, as well as the 5 best offers for the upcoming event.

LGaming – ecosystem and affiliate program in Gambling and Betting verticals. There are more than 500 offers available with worldwide GEOs and in-house BetAndreas product with large payouts and a high conversion rate. The ecosystem in LGaming allows webmasters and marketers to use different tools without going beyond the affiliate program.

As the World Cup in Qatar is getting closer, bookmakers expect a record amount of traffic.

Working with affiliate networks with betting offers can be extremely profitable, especially during events as big as the World Cup. Webmasters are asking which offer to choose to gain maximum profit.

We will turn to Google Trends to see request stats about the main sports events. There, the popularity of sports bets increased by over 4 times during the World Cup 2018, compared to “normal” years.

Gianni Infantino says that the World Cup in Qatar will be the most popular in the history of FIFA. They are expecting a staggering 5 billion viewers worldwide.

Based on our experience in traffic surges, we are expecting a 400% spike of traffic in bookmakers during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Reasons to launch Betting offers during the 2022 World Cup

The scale and popularity of such grand events attract billions of fans across the globe. Below are only some of the reasons why the World Cup is a rare and ideal opportunity to exploit betting offers.

Rarity – the World Cup only takes place every 4 years

The global expectation makes people drawn to bookmakers. This means affiliate marketers can expect increased profit from companies that are concerned in sports betting.

Record figures in awaiting the start

Once again, football events in Qatar should get a huge influx of fans. Most sports media and mass media, as well as bookmaker analytics confirm this.

A shift in the market in the past 4 years

In recent years many countries have legalized sports betting, since large brands have got their way inside and players got access to online betting. Don’t forget about the 2020 pandemic, which definitely played its role in developing the gambling industry online. According to Zion MEdia Research, all these factors bode for the sports betting market to grow 1.5 times by 2024.

A heated interest of “football” countries and the availability of offers

Based on the report of Statista, the countries most interested in football are Brazil, USA and Argentina. Experienced webmasters know that Brazil is a good GEO for driving traffic to betting offers. At the moment, basically any offer has countries from the “most football- oriented”, but these GEOs will yield very good conversion rates.

How to select the best betting offer?

When choosing an offer, you should stick to one rule. Choose the most profitable one, especially while the limited World Cup is on. You shouldn’t forget about some important criteria below:

Assessing the product

Can a bookmaking company meet all the needs of the target audience? Here are some things the TA values most when selecting a bookie:

  • A license;
  • Competing rates;
  • A broad range of sports;
  • LIVE streaming;
  • A good mobile app;
  • A cashout option.

Important: Likewise, they look at promotion offers in connection with the Football World Cup. Popular bookies will offer their clients themed bonuses, live streams, unique terms and other appealing features. After comparing the conditions you need to filter out about 5-10 offers and choose the one that has the potential to bring the most profit.

Top 5 betting offers according to LGaming team

If you still have doubts, below is a list of the best betting offers compiled for WC 2022 according to the LGaming affiliate team analytics.


One of the main brands is the leader in the Russian market with an official license. Clients have access to live streaming for all matches.

A pro worth mentioning is that users can use themed bonuses for the 2022 World Cup.


  • GEO – RU
  • CPA – $50
  • Holding period – 30 days


A reputable brand with rates that are just as good. Offers are available for Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. Payment conditions are quite attractive, too. It features a low minimum deposit. 


  • GEO – CA, PT, IN, GR, BR
  • CPA – $30-$170
  • Holding period – 14 days

Fonbet KZ

A popular brand that has an official license in Kazakhstan and Russia. It is also a sponsor for broadcasts that are available in the mobile app and on the website.


  • GEO – KZ
  • CPA – $40
  • Holding period – 30 days


An extremely well-known brand across Europe that features multiple sports betting functions and an amazing casino section. The brand has an official Curacao license. Offers are designed for Tier 1 countries with a high rate and good conversion.


  • GEO – DE, IT, GR
  • CPA -$120
  • Holding period – 30 days


The leader in the US and one of the most experienced players in the betting market. Users firmly believe Everygame is a verified and reliable brand. The offer is available in the USA and Canada, with a high rate.


  • GEO – US, CA
  • CPA -$200
  • Holding period – 30 days


Due to the record growth of traffic and a peaked interest of fans to the event, driving traffic to betting offers is an absolute must for webmasters during the 2022 World Cup.

One can say that this is New Year’s in the affiliate marketing market, which occurs once in 4 years. The LGaming ecosystem is ready to work with webmasters, and they can find all the necessary offers in the affiliate network. 

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