Gambling via Native advertising: way to profit off online casino promotion

Gambling via Native advertising: way to profit off online casino promotion

The effectiveness of native ads for Gambling and Betting promotion is hardly covered in the affiliate marketing industry. But how reasonable is that?

What if native traffic turns out to be one of the most effective tools for online casinos and sportsbooks promotion in 2024? Let’s figure it out!

In this article we will overview the place of native ads for iGaming promotion, popular GEOs and approaches, along with providing useful tips on advertising with native ads!

Why you should consider native ads to promote Gambling?

During the entire 2023 online Gambling industry has been showing extreme growth, followed-up after a decade of evolution. The global iGaming market is valued at $88 billion by 2023, and about $125 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 9%!

Thus, the field seems more and more attractive for affiliate marketers. But with such extreme growth the industry gets fiercely competitive, along with an arms race for better advertising and retention approaches.

Is there a way to enter the field and handle the competition? Try native ads to promote online casino and betting offers!

Native advertising, or native ads — is an ad format that gets integrated into the website content it’s placed at as seamless as possible. Unlike banners native ads don’t annoy users and can be easily recognized as non-advertising content worth paying attention to.
Native ads is a very efficient tool that allows to promote offers avoiding banner blindness, AdBlock filters and does shape a positive brand recognition.
Native traffic payout model is CPC (cost per click), which means that every click on the ad is paid for.

To get maximum out of promoting Gambling via native traffic it’s required to know exactly why this ad format is so effective for this niche. As for the beginning of 2024 there are already positive tendencies that will play in favour for native traffic in Gambling and Betting.

Let’s take a look at them!

Examples of native ads on a website
An example of native ads shown via a website

1. Legal regulations of online Gambling and Betting activities

As for the past couple of years, the online Gambling industry slowly but surely goes legal all around the world. Every year new regulations are being introduced, allowing Gambling and Betting even in those regions where such activities were prohibited for a long time.

For example, in 2023 the United Arab Emirates established a new regulatory body facing the upcoming Gambling legislation in the country. After the legalisation it is expected that the United Arab Emirates will earn about $6.6 billion a year, which will make the region one of the promising and profitable in the world!

The legalisation has started as well in Brazil, one of the most profitable regions of 2023! Since December 2023 the regulations law has been approved by president Lula da Silva and now Gambling and Betting activities are legal there if the operator has the local licence.

Also it happened that Japan, where Gambling and Betting activties has been partly legal since 2018, has announced the first casino area realisation in the next 5 years! It’s well-known that with such areas comes the spreading of online iGaming, so Japan will potentially become the biggest market in the entire Asia!

2. Introducing AI tools to examining online Gambling and Betting audience

Developing and beneficence of AI and machine learning hasn’t been walked by the online Gambling industry. Starting off with utilising ChatGPT to make text and visual creatives, and finishing off with landing page generation and audience analysing. It’s shown clearly that AI tools helped to examine the audience better and improved the online Gambling marketing side!

In its turn, the in-depth examination of the audience will help to better figure out the working strategies in online Gambling advertising via native ads. Native ads are expected to target the audience with the most organic approach, presenting the product without making a notice of a paid side of it.

Considering all the data on real-time players’ demands, preferable slots and pattern recognition, native ads can be seen as a very efficient way to promote online casino offers to a bigger audience!

Prompting creatives for online Gambling promotion with AI tools
An example of creatives AI prompt for online Gambling promotion

3. Online Gambling audience is switching to mobile devices

Last but not least — online gambling players are transferring such activities to their mobile devices.

According to three statistical reports made by Gitnux, for the past years it’s made known that 22% of online gambling is done on mobile devices. Also they showed that Mobile gambling was projected to generate around 59% of the total online gambling revenue. More to that, even back in 2019 it was already visible that about 50% of sports bets were placed through mobile apps. And these trends are on go!

What to consider while using native ads to promote online casinos?

Apart from the trends that favour native traffic for online Gambling, it’s required to understand where, how and what’s better to use to profit off this ad format.

RichAds ad network has been providing its clients with quality native traffic for years. Thus we managed to get enough data to define the best strategy for promoting online Gambling on native traffic.

Now we will share the best converting GEOs for online Gambling advertising on native ads, peculiarities generating creatives for such format and niche, as well as give some tips to increase your CR and boost the results of native ads campaigns!

The best GEOs to run native ads for online Gambling offers

According to RichAds’ inner statistics the Gambling traffic covers enormous traffic volumes almost on every GEO and ad format. But some GEOs, due to certain tendencies or other reasons, perform to the top!

For example, Brazil, which has started Gambling legislation relatively just recently, but the region is considered to be a discovery of 2023, in terms of profits! As for beginners, this GEO can be a bit too complicated to profit off that easily, but for everyone who is ready to test their skills — the treasure is waiting!

Speaking of Asia, this region has been really balanced regarding general online Gambling trends. But since very recently the situation has changed and apart from familiar India, Indonesia and Bangladesh the top traffic volume place on natives ads has gone to Vietnam. Even now Vietnam is the leader of total native traffic run on Gambling and Betting. The Philippines remains stable, being the sure-thing market for affiliate marketers.

Top GEOs to promote online Gambling with native advertising
Top native ads GEOs for online Gambling promotion

Creative approaches to promote online Gambling via native ads

Native ads approaches differ from the rest of ad format, since it must remain discreet and adaptive to the website content. That is why the creatives must be appropriate — eye-catching, but not repulsive.

3 main approaches to make creatives for online Gambling advertising on native ads:

  1. Reflecting news format
    This is the most popular and effective approach on native ads promoting online casinos. Usually it’s in the form of a breaking-news “Casino expert revealed a profit strategy”, “Casino slots developers spilled a key to win”.

    There’s always room for GEO targeting elements in the online Gambling ad, such as “Triumph over Wellington’s casino: new strategy for non-stop wins uncovered!” The main idea is to look like potential client’s given to share some privileged knowledge, but not a paid ad.
  2. Smell of bonuses
    Mentioning bonuses organically is the best way to utilise native ads for online Gambling. But it’s required to let them keep the discreet format, such as “Top 10 online casino sites with the best bonuses”, or “Why does this online casino give away big bonuses for newcomers?” Such messages can easily provide your native ads campaign with high CR, and remain authentic.
  3. Clickbait headlines
    Clickbait headlines don’t always mean a sensation, they only need to draw the attention of a potential client. For example, this might occur in low-key scandalous topics like “If gamblers knew this trick, they wouldn’t stop winning…”, or “Wellington’s casino didn’t ban players even after millions won!” This approach aims to make clients read the article, drawing their attention.
Examples of native ads for online Gambling advertising
Examples of a native ad promoting online Gambling offers

Tips to setup and run successful native ads campaigns at RichAds

The profit from native traffic on online casino promotion might not rely only on knowledge and expertise of target audience and ad format specifics. But they’re tips to follow for reaching even better results — setting up native ads campaigns properly.

Now we will share five simple steps to follow in order to get maximum out of utilising native ads for iGaming, or any other niche and ad format at RichAds!

Step 1. Start off on Premium traffic sources

At RichAds advertising network the traffic is sorted into 4 groups: Premium, Standard, Remnant and New. Premium — is the group that guarantees high profit, as it contains all the already well performing sources. We recommend using the rest groups for further scaling your campaign.

Native traffic sources at RichAds ad network

Step 2. Add at least 10 creatives per campaign

For native ads the diversity of your creatives really matters in terms of attracting an audience. Test at least 10 different creatives to figure out the most effective one based on performance results.

To diversify your creatives, try targeting different audiences among male and female users, as well as audiences of different ages. The results will give the best converting creative.

Adding creatives for native ads at RichAds ad network

Step 3. Contact managers for help and additional info

You can contact RichAds managers to clarify details on setting up native ads campaigns for the offer. Managers will help with choosing the correct CPC bid, as it’s essential to get enough traffic to analyse the audience for further optimisation.

Managers can also provide you with whitelists — the most converting traffic sources exactly for your kind of offer, that are figured out based on RichAds statistics.

Step 4. Set Automated rules

There are many AI tools to simplify the campaign optimisation, but for native ads we strongly recommend to use Automated rules. This feature allows setting custom rules according to which the traffic sources will be automatically sorted into either whitelists or blocklists.

Setting up Automated rules for native ads campaigns at RichAds can be done only after integrating the post back tracker. You can get more info on integrating and setting up conversion tracking here.

Step 5. Check out guides from RichAds on running native traffic

RichAds blog provides its users with guiding and educational materials on working with native ads as well as Gambling and Betting niches. Our ad network has been working with those for many years, giving the opportunity to run quality traffic on over 200 GEOs from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

The more you know of working with these verticals and ad format, the better results your campaign will get!


Native ads for online Gambling and Betting promotion is not just a whim of the moment, but an efficient funnel of utilising a performing ad format for a well converting niche. Native ads can become one of the most profitable ways to promote iGaming offers as the industry grows and spreads!

RichAds ad network provides the opportunity to not waste your time waiting on the moment when native ads become a popular well-discussed way to advertise online casinos. Start your native ads campaign on quality traffic at RichAds!

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