Because of these 7 mistakes, your creatives will never pass moderation

So… You were thinking on a catchy headline, pulling your hair out trying to make an attractive description, surfing the Internet to find an appropriate image, but… the moderator has declined your creative!
We can help you to avoid declines, reviewing in detail all the mistakes due to which your creatives may not pass moderation.

Often, making a good creative takes more time and effort than all other campaign settings. RichAds moderators decline 20-30% of creatives daily

Creative is an innovative advertising material, which is used to attract audience attention. Its ultimate goal is to make users click it and go directly to the offer page. 

Creative in push notifications consists of a headline, short description, icon, and major image. 

Mistake No. 1: Inconsistency between creative and offer

You hardly ever make creative for casinos and give the landing page address of Nutra. But nevertheless, this can happen. Even experienced advertisers are vulnerable to carelessness and rush.

What to do?

Spend a few minutes checking your creative and its link. It’s easier and faster than campaign relaunching and repeated approve. 

Yes, better safe than sorry 🙂

Mistake No. 2: Using aggressive visuals 

Push notifications ads can afford a little more than any other ad formats. For push to get noticed, it should be vivid and sometimes even provocative. But where is that very fine line?

Be especially cautious coming up with creatives for non-mainstream offers: Dating and Nutra offers for solving man problems. 

No means all publishers want to see on its websites images with increased sexual implications: for example, revealing posing people. Images with disguised genitals and scandalous intimate scenes must not pass moderation. 

Images that show how different drugs for potency work are also very much in question. 

What to do?

This line of which images we can use while making creatives is very thin. 

Usually, there are no problems with images where the topic is shown delicately, without any provocation. 

You will hardly have any problems if:

  • genitals are covered,

  • visual plot hints at the sex scene or the heart of the problem, 


  • there are objects which help to guess the topic, for example, fruits.

If you work with such verticals, try not to cross the line and moderation will be easy. 

Mistake No. 3: Using of shock creo 

Shock methods in advertisements still cause a lot of contradictions. Often such creatives can be not very ethical, look scary, or just unpleasant. In RichPush ad network, shock visuals are prohibited. For instance, if you use nasty photos with symptoms of diseases, your creative will likely be rejected. 

What to do?

We recommend not to use nasty visuals to draw users’ attention. Try to hook them with the help of a headline or description. 

Mistake No. 4: Fraudulent offers

Many offers promise great results in weight loss, self-care, or success in love life. 

But whether they are fraudulent?

The offer may not help each and every customer. But the client will get the tool he paid for and go to the page where he can meet his needs. 

But what is fraud? If there is a promise that will not be fulfilled soon. 

The example of fraudulent creative:

“You are lucky, you won $1 million. To get your prize, pay the $5 commission with your credit card. Enter your card data and click “PAY”. This payment will be deposited to your card along with $1 million.

But the promise will not happen – $5 will be written off. It’s the real fraud. 

Creatives with fraudulent offers will not pass moderation in the RichPush network. 

Mistake No. 5: Use of unreliable facts 

This mistake is very similar to the previous one. But there are some peculiarities. 

If you’ve ever promoted antiviruses, you know how difficult it is to give up an impressive headline that your computer is infected with a virus. Do they catch? Yes. Is it true? No. 

Not all publishers agree to use push notifications with unconfirmed facts. So we have denials from moderators. 

What to do?

If you want to pass moderation, it’s better not to say anything that is not true, but just say something using more flexible words. 

Instead of this message: “There are 3 viruses on your computer. Scan it immediately”.

Use this one: “There may be some viruses on your computer. Check it”.

The same situation we have with headlines of sweepstakes. It’s better not to say that a person has won an iPhone but just informatio about the possibility of winning. “You could win an iPhone”.

Mistake No. 6: Mention of famous pharmaceutical brands 

One of the top verticals in our network is Nutra.

RichPush allows using offers with basic medicines like heart drops, fungal medications, back and knees ointments, biologically active additives.

Major nuance: promotion of famous medicines and serious drugs (for example, antibiotics), mention of pharmaceutical brands are prohibited. 

Creatives with No-Spa, TeraFlu, Bayer, and the names of large chain pharmacies will be declined. 

What to do?

Try not to use offers with mentions of famous pharmaceuticals drugs. Exclude the use of famous pharmaceuticals brand and drug names in your push notifications, on landing and pre-landing pages. 

And you will never have problems with moderation!

Mistake No. 7: Use of forbidden content 

Each network has its own restrictions concerning offers which we use to run push ads. 

At RichPush you can’t offer:

  • Exploitation and sexualization of minors;
  • High-risk investments, rapid enrichment schemes, and financial pyramids;
  • Promoting illegal activities;
  • Drugs, digital drugs;
  • Knowingly false information;
  • Online pharmaceuticals;
  • Pornographic and erotic materials;
  • Magical services;
  • Nicotine-containing substances and tobacco products;
  • Weapons and explosives;
  • Webcasts dating sites, web modeling;
  • A call to join religious groups and participate in religious ceremonies;
  • Intentional self-harm, mutilation, suicide propaganda;
  • The spread of the illicit trade in human organs;
  • Escort services;
  • Goods and services against human rights and freedoms;
  • Publications containing hostile statements or attacks on an individual or organization based on;
  • Publications containing a direct or hidden context of the threat, harassment, and violence;
  • Hate speech, criminal or terrorist-related content;
  • Mentioning of events or customs that cause harm to a person in a degrading, unfriendly, or offensive manner;
  • Content related to hacking into computer systems and programs.

Moderation rules in our network are not so difficult as it may seem. To pass moderation you shouldn’t publish too scandalous photos and promise impossible. 

If you still have any questions on this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments. 

Wish you profitable campaigns and fast moderation with RichAds!

Aksana Shakal
Aksana Shakal has been in affiliate marketing for more than 5 years and is currently the Head of Content at RichAds, an ad-tech holding company. Her sphere of interest lies in affiliate marketing and SEO copywriting. In her articles, Aksana provided in-depth expertise in gaining traffic with different ad formats (push and in-page push ads, popunders and native ads) and verticals (Gambling, Dating, Nutra, Finance and much more). Aksana also loves reading novels and watching interviews on YouTube.

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