How to set up conversion tracking: RichAds + СPV Lab Pro

How to set up integration of CPV Lab tracker with RichAds?

In the article we’ll provide a detailed guide on RichAds connection to CPV Lab Pro system.

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Tracker is a must-have tool for marketers and it’s crucial to set it up correctly in order to track all the conversion. In this post you’ll get the most up-to-date information on RichAds and CPV Lab integration.

In the article we will show how to set up postback with an offer from an affiliate network. If you want to set up your own CPA offer, contact the tracker’s support for help. They will guide you with postback integration and give you a pixel.

How to integrate other trackers with RichAds?
You can find tutorials on the blog. Find them by searching for “Affiliate Tracking Tutorials“.

Step 1: Creating RichAds traffic source

How to set up tracking RichAds and CPV Lab? First, you need to connect the tracker to our advertising network. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on the “Sources” tab, then select “Traffic Sources” and click the “Import from catalog” button.

2. After that, type “RichAds” into the search bar and select your traffic type (push or pops) from the list. 

The form will be filled with the corresponding data.

3. After selecting the desired source, you simply need to confirm the completion. To do this, click the “Save” button.

This completes the connection of the traffic source to the tracker. The next step is integration with the affiliate network.

Step 2: Integrate an Affiliate Network

The process is similar to the one for Traffic Sources.

  1. Click on the “Sources” tab, then select “Offer Sources” and click the “Import from catalog” button.
  1. Next, type your affiliate network name into the search bar and select the desired option from the list. For example, we used the ClickDealer CPA network.
  1. Copy the corresponding Postback URL for this affiliate network and paste it in your Affiliate Network personal account.
  1. After selecting the desired affiliate network, you simply need to confirm the integration. To do this, click the “Save” button.

Step 3: Creating an offer

  1. First, go to your affiliate network and get a link to the offer.
  1. Next you need to connect the offer with your CPV Lab tracker. To do this, you need to go to “LPs and Offers” menu -> choose Offers and add your offer.
  1. Fill the name, then choose the affiliate network you added on step 2 above.
  1. Add the Offer URL from the affiliate network and make sure it has the “subid” parameter added, so that the postback works.
    For Clickdealer the offer URL should end with “&s2={!subid!}” 

Step 4. Create a campaign in CPV Lab Pro

  1. Go to the Campaigns menu and click on the “Add Campaign”.
  1. Click on one of the campaign types you want to use.
    There are 6 campaign types, for different kinds of funnels, from easy to complex. We will be using the “Direct Link and Landing Page” campaign type.
  1. Add general information: campaign name and pick a custom tracking domain if you want to use one.
  1. Next come the Tracking settings: select what Data options you want to track (computer data, GeoData, ISP/Carriers, Mobile data, etc) and the redirect type.
  1. Select the traffic source you want to use in your campaign and the tokens from the traffic source.
  1. Now add your landing page or landing pages and setup the share for each of them (the share% means what % of your traffic you want to send to that specific landing page). It is useful for split testing.
  1. Once you have your landing pages added, then go and select your offers you added in CPV Lab at step 3 above.
    Just select the offers from the dropdown and setup the shares % for them in this campaign.
  1. Go to the Links&Pixels section and get your Campaign URL. Use it when you create a campaign with your Traffic Source.
  1. Make sure you have the checkbox next to the Traffic Source Postback URL selected to ensure that information about your conversions is sent back to the Traffic Source. This way they will be able to optimize your traffic.
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That’s it! Once you place your CPV Lab tracking link in RichAds you will be able to track your campaign and to check the correctness of your data.

As you can see, there’s nothing difficult in the CPV Lab set up and integration with RichAds. We hope that this guide will help you with the process and won’t leave any questions unanswered. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact your manager.

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