How to start with push ads? Download e-book about push notifications for free

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Probably, if you have no experience of working with push ads you have a lot of questions. We are here to help you to make the first steps in push notification advertising. This e-book is an easy but very deep source to understand what kind of advertising format it is and how to work with push ads.

Push ads are one of the newest advertising formats. And it’s one of the greatest ways of promoting different products and services along with organic search and social media. 

Push notification ads

What’s inside?

“Complete guide for Growth with push ads for the first-time push users” covers all questions that new advertisers usually ask. 

👇 Start 👇


📍Push ads: what is it?📍


Which verticals show good results for push ads?

What targeting options are available?

📍Common mistakes made by newbies📍

Optimization tutorial

How to improve campaign results?

📍Why are creatives so important?📍


How to make attractive creatives

Tips on titles and images

📍How to start a push campaign?📍


Main points of campaign launching

How a push notification looks like

What advantages does Push ads have?

🎯 One of the lowest bid price: CPC starts from $0.003.

🎯 Wide range of GEOs — more than 240 countries are allowed.

🎯 The average bid is lower than in other ad formats.

🎯 A huge audience — over 450M active users worldwide.

🎯 Anti-bot protection — RichPush is a traffic source verified by Adscore

Does it correlate with your advertising goals?

Let’s find out.

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