Icons for push: How to choose and where to download

In the article, we will tell you about the task of push notification icons and how to select them correctly.

Icons help the user to quickly understand the information in the notification. They conditionally denote an action, product, or object. The better and more attractive the icon, the more clicks it will get even at the lowest price.

The tasks and parameters of the icon

The main task of the icon is to hint to the user about what awaits him/her after clicking on the notification. This is not a decorative element but a tool for hints, explanations, and attracting attention.

You shouldn’t use too small or too large icons. The size of downloadable icons in RichAds is 192 × 192. It is important that the image be consistent with the content policy of the network:

  • you cannot use explicit and aggressive images;
  • the icon must match the offer;
  • brand names and logos may not be used.

RichAds recommends:

  1. taking into account how the icon will look on different operating systems and browsers;
  2. using intuitive symbols for icons;
  3. conveying the point of the offer via the icon.

The difference between mobile and desktop

When choosing icons, take into account which devices the notification will be used on.


If push notifications are sent to desktops, pay more attention to the attractiveness of the visual.
When receiving a push, the user sees a large interesting image, so on the desktop, it is the visual that attracts attention to the ad. Icons play a minor role.


If the push notifications are sent to mobile devices, pay special attention to the attractiveness of the icon. The first thing the user sees on the smartphone is a bright icon, then a title and a description.
It is important that all elements of the notification complement one another:

  • the icon should hint and attract attention;
  • the title should sell;
  • the description should clarify the essence of the offer.

Pack of 300 best icons for push notifications download here.


It is important to choose bright colorful icons for mobile devices:

For desktop, both colorful and black and white icons (monochrome) will work:

How to choose an icon for a push notification

For mobile devices, choose icons that in color and content are similar to the icons of:

  1. social networks;
  2. messengers;
  3. brands that operate in the areas similar to that of the offer.

The icon can visually resemble famous logos and symbols. It can remind of them but not copy them.
For the desktop, select icons to complement the main visual, give another hint about what awaits the user after clicking on the notification.

Color and coordination

In marketing, color is used to attract potential customers and evoke certain emotions in the target audience. Color may interest, alert, increase confidence, and attract attention.
RichAds has explained how the color of visual effects the CTR of the push notification. The same rules apply to icons – if the icon is to attract attention or make the ad credible, use an appropriate color for it.

Do not forget about the color and semantic coordination between the icon and:

  • the title;
  • the description;
  • the main push image.

Where to download

There are a lot of resources with icons. We have selected the best ones.

  1. Icon8;
  2. Fribly;
  3. Flaticon;
  4. Smashingmagazine;
  5. Nounproject;
  6. Pixeden;
  7. Iconfinder;
  8. Mricons;
  9. Icon-icons;
  10. Graphicsfuel.

Remember that the push icon is a “helping hand” to the user, another hint about the essence of the promotional offer. The icon is not a decorative element. It facilitates the engagement of the target audience with the push notification.

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