TOP-3 push ads problems and how to solve them

TOP-3 problems with push notifications and how to solve them

Let’s discuss the top problems in push advertising. We will tell you how to identify non-converting sources, get creatives approved and why there may be no traffic. No more problems with push ads!

Push notifications problems are things that are easy to deal with.

The team of RichAds – push notifications ad network has prepared answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions to managers.

Push ads problem №1. Why is there no traffic?

If the campaign has been launched, but no traffic is being generated, check out the creatives, geo, and bid.

  • Sometimes the selected creo doesn’t “get” the target audience, does not generate any interest among users. First of all, pay attention to the title and the signature of the push: does your offer solve your target audience’s problems?

Recommendation: Try to change the title or the description of the push.

  • The reason may be in the geo of the offer because advertising works in different ways in different countries. This also affects traffic.

Recommendation: check with the manager which offers work best for the selected geo.

  • Most of the time traffic is not generated because the rate is too low. The higher the bid, the more traffic you will get with the same targeting settings.

Recommendation: set the bid at least as high as in recommendations for the geo.

If increasing the bid and changing the creatives did not solve the problem, contact your personal RichPush network manager.

Push ads problem №2. How to identify non-converting sources

Some time after the launch of the campaign, analyze the sources from which you get traffic. Track the number of clicks and conversions by sources.

Transfer the sources that brought a lot of clicks but did not bring any conversions, to the blacklist. This will save the campaign budget and solve the problem.

The personal network manager will answer additional questions about non-converting sources of traffic.

You can find a step-to-step guide on how to create blacklists here.

Push ads problem №3. Why has creative been declined and how to fix it?

If the creative did not pass the moderation, the RichPush manager always states the reason for declining. If you hover over the declining status just above the Creo ID, you will see the reason for declining.

Let’s look at some of the common causes of decline and solutions.

1. Prohibited content

There are types of visual content that are prohibited on the RichPush advertising network. If the creative does not comply with the network’s content policy, it will be declined by the manager.

Solution: read the content policy of the network in your account:

Go to subsection “Content Policy”

2. Aggressive or candid creatives

Aggressive and candid visuals contradict the push-network’s content policy.

Solution: select less provocative images to get approval for the creo.

3. Mismatch between the visual and the offer

If the push image is different from the offer, the creative will not pass the moderation. For example, the push offers an effective solution for hair growth, and the link takes you to a casino page. In this case, the creative will be declined.

Solution: change the push image or the URL of the landing page.

4. Problems with landing page URL

Often the links in the push are correct, but the manager does not see the landing page. So there may be several reasons:

  • there is a ban on the proxy VPN;
  • the traffic passes through an affiliate site, and to view the page you need to be in the country of the offer;
  • the landing page gives the 404 error;
  • the offer is temporarily suspended.

Solution: contact your account manager. To gain approval for the creative, send the screen of the landing page, which will clearly show the url and the content of the landing page.

Use RichAds and remember that our account managers are eager to help you 24/7.

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