New format of Blacklists and Whitelists

If an advertising campaign receives few conversions this does not mean that the push network sells poor traffic. Most likely, traffic is untargeted. In this case, the webmaster uses a budget but does not get leads. Blacklists and whitelists help to avoid this.

To solve the problem you can sort out traffic sources. Traffic sorting saves the webmaster’s budget and reduces conversion costs by 2 times.

Blacklists and whitelists allow:

  • to block not converting or expensive sources;
  • to buy traffic only out of platforms with target audience that provides the nice conversion.

The RichAds advertising network has updated some of the IDs so campaign optimization became more precise and the configuring – easier.

The updated format guide will help you to understand the lists operation algorithm and to tune up campaign optimization. So you’ll get more targeted traffic.

Traffic sources

We have 3 types of sources for our advertisers. Basicallу there is a high hierarchy among Sublists which are the biggest types of source. It consists of different Publishers, and publishers consist of different Websites that he has.

Black- and whitelists configuration

Choose subscribers lists to send notifications to. Lists are differ in content-related policies:

Choose your potential customers

Enable Whitelists and Blacklists:

Enable Whitelists and Blacklists

Choose a type of traffic sorting:

Define your target audience

Note: Blacklists have higher priority as whitelists require a lot of information to be collected prior to appropriate sources identification.

To create a whitelist or a blacklist check the RichAds tracker or statistics:

  1. Publisher ID;
  2. Site ID.

Write down the sources to block or to allow.

The new format refers to a single hashed source value regardless of the level (Publisher or Site).

Select type of sources

So if Whitelists is chosen, traffic will come only from this publisher or from the particular publisher website. If Blacklists is chosen, a particular publisher or website will be blocked.

Old syntax «*» and «:» will be deleted.

Timely traffic sorting and campaign optimization can halve CR.

We recommend updating Blacklists and Whitelists regularly to make performance of ad campaigns better. Long work with the same sources worsen statistics data.

Control your traffic and run push ads successfully with RichAds.

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