AQUM anti-detect browser review: why affiliate marketers should choose it

Many affiliate marketers tap into anti-detect browsers to safeguard their advertising accounts. AQUM is one of them, and it’s one of the newest and most advanced.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits it offers to affiliates.

Read our exhaustive review to discover the ins and outs of the AQUM anti-detection browser.

What is an anti-detect browser and why is it necessary?

An anti-detection browser is a special type that transfers your data to the websites in a modified form. Such browsers send a completely different set of parameters about your device and location to the website (browser version, IP, language and much more). This artificially generated data set is called a browser fingerprint.  

Thus, the service helps you remain anonymous and bypass some restrictions on ad platforms linked to account authenticity. As a rule, these tools are helpful when dealing with Facebook and other advertising platforms.

Affiliate marketers know that a win-win strategy for a thriving and profitable business is managing multiple accounts at the same time. This allows to mitigate risks and maximize profits. And the urgent question arises: how to avoid a ban due to restrictions on multi-accounting? Antidetect browsers solve this issue. But which one to choose, how to keep up and steer clear of bans, and, on the flip side, increase earnings?

The solution is in sight! Get to know AQUM, a new anti-detect browser. It helps to tackle all these problems.

What is the AQUM anti-detect browser?

About two months ago, the affiliate community experienced a major event – AQUM, a new anti-detection browser, rolled out to the market.

AQUM is a secure anti-detect browser for working with thousands of accounts. The browser operates on its own Aquarium core based on the Chromium code. It also successfully undergoes testing by checkers, such as Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, Whoer, etc. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? 

Anonymity is paramount for such services. What about AQUM in this regard? Developers ensure 100% anonymity – cybersecurity specialists design AQUM. Their devised solution allows storing browser fingerprints in isolation and eliminates data leaks. All of this makes it possible to create an unlimited number of accounts and ensures that precious accounts won’t be blocked. 

But that’s not all! The browser features a personal fingerprint database identifying fingerprints already available to avoid duplicates. On top of that, the AQUM service offers a team collaboration subscription.

Alright, that’s a promising start. Come behind the scenes of this powerhouse.

How to get started with the AQUM anti-detect browser?

Entering AQUM is quite straightforward. It only takes 2 steps: 

  1. Create an account and receive an activation link by email;
  2. Top up the balance to access all functionalities.

At the moment, cryptocurrency is the common method to add funds, but other options emerge soon, stay tuned! By the way, there is no commission if the buyer pays with crypto.

How to work with the AQUM anti-detect browser 

Webmasters should choose the subscription option, pay for it and log in to the account. Afterward, they can select from 2 versions of AQUM.

There is a version for Windows (from 10 and up), and macOS (Catalina 10.11 and up).

All you need to do is download the software and enter credentials – you’re ready to go and enjoy account options. 

How do ready-made AQUM accounts look

The AQUM browser provides 2 options to work with accounts:

  1. Quick account creation;
  2. In-depth customization;

In the future, the team plans to add an option to upload an existing account as well.

How to create a new profile at AQUM: step-by-step guide

Let’s create a new profile and see how easy and simple it is. Creating a profile involves going through 6 steps. Each step is assigned to a separate tab. Here’s a closer look at them.

  1. “Main” tab

Here, the user can add a profile name, customize the operating system and start pages.

2. “General” tab
This tab provides options for setting up screen resolution, fonts, language, time zone and geolocation.

3. “Hardware” tab 

The third tab gives access to processor cores, RAM, video and audio cards, and media devices.

4. “Connection” tab
This tab allows users to configure DNS and integrate with a proxy server.

5. “Cookies” tab

Using this tab, you can import data to authorize accounts quickly. In addition, the tab has an in-built JSON formatter.

6. “Vault” tab
This tab enables you to manage additional settings: passwords, extensions, history and more.

According to developers, you will get a push notification with a warning if you use Windows settings on MacOS or vice versa. It’s not a big deal, you can ignore the notification. Another option is to create a profile as per your real operating system.

AQUM Subscriptions and prices 

For granted, newbies and seasoned webmasters are puzzled by the same question: how much do subscriptions cost at AQUM? The company provides users with 4 subscriptions. Prices vary from $19.99 to $399 for a one-month subscription. Naturally, subscriptions differ in terms of the number of profiles and other options they cover.

For example, the “Starter” subscription includes creating 10 profiles only, while the “Personal” plan offers 100, and the “Professional” plan provides 1200. The number of profiles for the “Custom” plan depends on your request.

“Professional” is the most popular subscription type. It’s “Professional” that gives many additional features to media buyers: API access, profile transfer and mobile app. Also, affiliates might be interested in the “Team” subscription (we will talk about its advantages a little later).

One-month subscription prices for the AQUM anti-detect browser

During beta test period marketers can take advantage of nice discounts
based on the type of one-month subscription chosen:
– “Starter” – $9.99,
– “Personal” – $30,
– “Team” – $80,
– “Professional” – $150.

The most profitable option is to pay for a one-year subscription, thereby saving up to 30%. However, you can choose a one-month subscription first to ensure AQUM meets your needs and then get down to a more long-term subscription.

Year subscription prices for the AQUM anti-detect browser

By the way, even a valid subscription can be changed if you want to choose the plan that suits your goals best. To do this, you need to make up for the difference in subscription costs. Go to your profile on the website and click “Change”. 

If an affiliate decides to switch to another subscription, the system will perform this operation automatically. In this scenario, you should have the necessary funds on the balance. If any issues arise, you can always reach out to technical support.

“Team” subscription and its specifics

The advanced anti-detect browser is about not only quality modification of browser parameters but also easy team collaboration to keep track of statuses and proxy settings, make notes, and view other members’ notes. That’s why AQUM developers offer their users a convenient “Team” subscription. 

The package is suitable for those who want to make money as well as save on their expenses. It is designed for small and large teams and includes 350 browser profiles.

What if a solo affiliate wants to save a little money?

If an affiliate works independently and wants to get more opportunities at lower costs, there is an option “invite to team” in the anti-detect browser. It allows you to invite other solo affiliates and share subscription expenses. 

The “Team” monthly plan costs $159.99 and enables you to add up to 100 profiles. If you divide this amount by 3 or 4, you get quite an affordable price: $53.33 and $40 respectively. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you take advantage of the special offer for the beta test period, the subscription will cost you $80. You can lower this cost up to $26.6 provided that you buy the subscription for 3 users at the same time.

Inviting a new member is quite simple. You just need to create an additional account and send the invitation by email. That’s it! Moreover, you can later transfer any profile to a member of your team via the mobile app.

AQUM browser fingerprinting explained

The in-house fingerprint database is adapted and unique; it is constantly updated. Сanvas fingerprint by AQUM stands for real and unaltered data. Affiliates just need to set up the real digital fingerprint from the range of accessible video cards. This way, they will be able to make it similar to the ordinary fingerprint of a user.

This is how fingerprints are configured: the fingerprint spoofing is done at the Chromium level, completely protecting users from additional checks.

AQUM mobile app

One of the most interesting perks of AQUM is mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS. The app will be especially helpful for those who work in large teams, where you need to be in the know and quickly responsive. Unfortunately, Facebook can hinder productive teamwork. It may suspend the account at any time, causing downtime. Thus, all members of the farming team should be informed about the issue in real-time!

The best part, the mobile app is free for users with the “Team” plan and more advanced subscriptions. That’s another reason to activate this subscription. 

How can the app benefit you? First, the app lets you track profiles, update statuses, and share information remotely with other users. Besides, there is an option to oversee team members. In future versions, the creators plan to introduce features allowing profile editing, proxy adjustments, and even managing Facebook advertising campaigns through API.

The app enables users to tackle all problems with profiles wherever they are. Supposing you come across an issue. Create a new profile and transfer it to your work account from your phone – and the problem gets sorted effortlessly!

Connecting to the mobile application is easy. A user has to copy the API key generated on the desktop and paste it into his phone to log in.


The fast and knowledgeable customer support at AQUM works perfectly. The managers promptly respond to all inquiries and assist in addressing any concerns. Additionally, the team developers continually work on improving the anti-detect browser, taking into account feedback and user suggestions. Let’s delve into this further below.

About the Latest Updates

Recently, AQUM released several new updates. These updates (Dnipro 1.0.43 and 1.1.45) further streamlined the user experience. 

Let’s take a look at the specific changes made by the developers:

  • The core version has been updated to Aquarium 119, which delivers improved performance;
  • Internet connections with unstable performance are processed more efficiently;
  • To ensure even more reliable data preservation, they’ve worked on profile backups;
  • Users can now mask their fingerprints by spoofing RAM parameters with greater accuracy;
  • The interface for working with proxies has been improved, as well as the stability and privacy of connections when using proxies. Now, proxy names and additional information are displayed clearly and more intuitively, making proxy management even more convenient and intuitive;
  • We fixed issues with damaged cookie files and implemented autocorrection. Previously, clients might have run into a problem when launching a profile on a second device after importing cookies from the first. We have finalized this use case, and now its operation is flawless!
  • Fixed the problem with displaying profile names in Cyrillic. All names are displayed correctly now;
  • This version improves the sensitivity and feedback of the start/stop button for a smoother and more predictable user experience;
  • Locations are easier to add now;
  • Improved website interaction through UDP;
  • Launched the referral program 2.0;
  • Introduced a new version optimized for all screens;

Dnipro updates further simplify and enhance the browser efficiency. Thus, update AQUM now and enjoy the new capabilities of AQUM!


AQUM is an anti-detect browser with a user-friendly design and intuitive interface. The program uses cutting-edge technologies and ensures the smooth passing of checkers. Profiles are stored in the secure cloud, and the support team is always willing to help and guide users. 

The browser is a good fit for both solo affiliates and teams. If developers continue upgrading in the same vein, consistently brushing up on the product, affiliates can keep calm and maximize their profits. Some individuals may become more enthusiastic about their work as a result.

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