Best Antivirus Creatives Ideas in 2023

We have collected the best insights on creating converting creatives for antivirus vertical.

In this article, you will find examples of creatives for antivirus software as well as working titles and landing pages, do not miss it!

If there’s any niche that will be stable for eternity, it’s the Antivirus one. Why? Even the pandemic didn’t manage to lower the results of marketers that promoted such ads.

The reason is quite obvious — many companies allowed their employees to work remotely and the protection of their devices became not just a necessity, but a must. What’s more, the stats show that the risk of cybersecurity increased by 600% since the pandemic started. 

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It may be bad news for users, but a golden niche for marketers who promote antivirus.  So, if you want to learn how to promote Norton, McAfee and Avira offers, this article is made for you.

Why is the antivirus niche so trendy?

The target audience of this vertical is quite extensive, it is difficult to divide it into segments or groups, so let’s look at the exact points that attract customers in such offers.

This way you will understand the potential client and his needs, so you will be able to satisfy them. Antiviruses are always relevant for several reasons:

  • Computer viruses are ubiquitous.
    They can get into any device even without downloading them, just by clicking on a link.
  • Downloading any free apps actually puts a user at risk.
    This especially concerns any programs aimed at entertainment (games, movies, apps, etc.).
  • The harm is unpredictable.
    Sometimes a virus can be just nasty and annoying, but there’s malware that can destroy all the data on your laptop.
  • The threat may concern personal data or finances.
    Now a lot of people store their passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data in their devices, so it’s crucial to have strong protection.

15 converting titles for Antivirus offers

When we speak about examples of creatives for antivirus niche,it is vital to be careful with the texts and titles you use. You shouldn’t be too aggressive and threaten the user, most advertisers and networks do not welcome this method of promotion.

That is why we have selected timeproof and safe headings for Antivirus vertical:

Appeal to a potential threat:

  • Your PC may be infected/at risk;
  • System check-up is highly recommended;
  • Activate your protection immediately;
  • Protect your system!
  • Update your antivirus software;

Highlight the advantages:

  • The best antivirus of 2023!
  • Free virus protection;
  • Junk file discovered. Delete in 1 click!
  • Activate Norton for just $9.90 per month;
  • Scan the software for viruses in 3 minutes;

Use emojis:

  • ❌ Enable antivirus protection ❌
  • 🚨 There is no active antivirus. Install now? ⚠️
  • 🔔 Security Center (3). ⚠️ Time to update your antivirus ⚠️
  • Renew McAfee for $9.90 per month ➡️
  • Your system may be infected ⛔

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Working approaches to Antivirus creatives

You already know how to choose the right title for antivirus offers, so below we will have a closer look at the best combinations of icons, texts and banners used to promote them.

There are several approaches to examples of creatives for antivirus that constantly prove their effectiveness:

  • Use system warnings.
    They actually attract users’ attention and make them think about potential viruses. In addition, they look quite realistic, if you choose the right texts, emojis and banners, it can play into your hands!
  • Apply moderate aggression.
    Make sure your text is not too scary, but can convince a potential client to double-check his system and think about the actual purchase of antivirus. Do not use too aggressive headlines and claims that the system is definitely in danger. It is better to use the wording “maybe”, “can be”, “recommended”.

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  • Highlight the discount.
    An eternal recommendation is to use sales and bonuses, you can even season them with time limitation and numbers, like “Only today”, “for new users only” or “exclusive 50% discount”.
  • Point out the benefits.
    Look deeper into the needs of your audience, what do they want from an antivirus?
    Correct, they want to feel safe and protect their personal data, as simple as that. Just specify it in the text!

Important: Use at least 5-10 creatives per campaign to get enough data for optimization and test all possible approaches.

Choosing the best sales funnel for Antivirus

In the case of Antiviruses vertical, the funnel depends on the exact offer.

Usually, large brands like McAfee, Norton, Avira will have a fairly short funnel — only a creative and a landing page. The thing is that large brands usually offer ready-made landing pages of high quality.

So, if you promote a well-known brand that already has a name, and you mention some discounts, bonuses, or special offers on your creatives, a pre-landing page is not required, the user is already warmed up.

Another option for the vertical is the usage of  a pre-landing page. Apply it if your creatives contain a threat of a “virus” attack.

In this case you can test the storytelling approach and make a pre-landing that follows up the scary creative with some statistics on cyberthreat or a story of an ordinary user who lost everything as he was too careless and lived without antivirus.


Remember that testing is the key to success, try different funnels, headlines, and creatives until you find something that converts for your offer. If you don’t have time to come up with creatives ideas, contact your manager at RichAds and he will prepare them for you for free.

Launch antivirus offers at RichAds and get the maximum profit!

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