Capitalist: How to become the top finance service for the affiliate industry

Daria from Capitalist payment service interview by RichAds ad network

The finance topic is being one of the crucial ones in the affiliate industry, so we decided to talk about it with Capitalist, one of the biggest payment systems for affiliates.

For this Ads&Grans episode we invited Daria, a business development director at Capitalist to discuss the success of the payment service, what it takes to approach clients and expand markets.

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What is Capitalist?

Capitalist is a unique online payment system for the affiliate market primarily. First of all, the service features fast account registration and verification completion process within minutes. Clients get access to virtual wallets to top-up/withdraw funds across various currencies, and transactions system integrated with popular ad and affiliate networks, along with affiliate tools. Also, Capitalist issues virtual cards with various BINs.

All the internal transactions with integrated platforms are instant and free of fees. Thus, paying for traffic from over 70 ad networks, including RichAds, or affiliate tools such as cloacking services, trackers, proxy solutions is made very easy! Affiliate networks payout that support Capitalist payment system can payout the advertisers just as easily, being able to send funds to local bank cards, virtual wallets in different currencies, mobile operators, and of course the direct transfers to Capitalist wallets.

This year Capitalist is celebrating its 10th anniversary, by now counting over 300,000 clients worldwide!

Who is representing Capitalist?

Daria Byvaltseva from Capitalist online payment system

Daria Byvaltseva

Business development director at Capitalist, being responsible for conducting the correspondence with clients as of both individuals or companies. She brings the experience of 10 years in the affiliate marketing field in general, and over 5 years of being a part of Capitalist team. In this Ads&Grans episode Daria will represent Capitalist service, and share some insights on her career path and work within the company.

The main questions to Capitalist: what will be covered in the interview?

Here we highlighted some popular questions about Capitalist payment service and provided answers for you!

1. Who are the clients of the service?

The main clients are players of affiliate market: advertising networks, affiliate networks, media buyers and useful services such as antidetect browsers, proxy services, account sellers, hostings and many others. Capitalist doesn’t neglect working even with high risk clients, depending what payment methods they require. Regarding the most profitable clients, it’s businesses rather than individuals, as they perform mass payments daily.

2. How did you promote your service?

First of all, all transactions were made free of fees and instant — very fast and convenient. Nowadays Capitalist can offer virtual cards, as it’s the leading service for individuals at this moment. Around 4 years ago it happened so that media buyers were in an urgent need for the cards to work with traffic. That time we became the first service who found a solution. That was the period when we started active promotion among individuals.

Capitalist made lots of promo online and attended almost each meetup for media buyers in lots of cities around CIS region. We’ve sponsored some free tutorials for affiliates as Lucky Center created by a big ad holding “Lucky Group”. We also sponsored a TV project, an 8-series movie about hard way to become an affiliate by the name “One click”. Last year our team took part in 12 international conferences. We have got three awards — “Best Payment Solution” of the Year by Partnerkin, award by Kinza and “Best online payment solution” by Conversion.

3. How is the payment process organized at Capitalist?

First of all, our main company located in Virgin Islands, but we use our operational companies to work with bank transfers. So, if you send funds to top up Capitalist wallet or if you withdraw funds from the system, we will provide you one of our companies, which is located in Europe or Hong Kong, for example.

Capitalist have a large number of contractors, who provide different channels of payments. There is a cascade system. In case of a failure payment on one provider, it will allow to send transaction through another provider. That is how we establish worldwide system of transactions that can support various clients’ needs in terms of seamlessly transferring funds.

4. Are there additional financial or legal services Capitalist can provide?

Yes. We always say to the potential clients: please ask more questions / tell us about the business task you’d like to resolve somehow. There are 99% cases when we can help you with. Having several operational companies in different countries in our possession, we work with various currencies — so there are always options. Capitalist can help you to receive funds from your partner in case there is an issue with jurisdiction and you can’t receive it to your bank account. We can also assist in receiving funds by alternative payment methods, in case you are not allowed, and then withdraw funds to your bank account.

Our service operating area lays with funds both online and offline.

5. Are there any restrictions by jurisdiction?

As for jurisdictions, there are no restrictions, we accept any. So your account could be verified with any company from any region. And your citizenship also could be any. Some questions may appear if speaking of wire transfers, but since we have companies in different countries, we will always have options to receive bank transfers from all around the world. And even if we can’t use our own companies, we can use our partners’ companies. The idea is to find a solution when client need it.

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