Five landing pages mistakes in affiliate marketing

5 landing mistakes in arbitrage

Buying quality push traffic makes for only 70% of company success. The other 30% rely on good pre-landing and landing pages, but not much attention is paid to them in traffic arbitrage.

Let’s look at the five most common landing mistakes and learn how to fix them.

Spelling mistakes

Pre-landing and landing pages often have mistakes in texts, client reviews, and other elements.

Use correct spelling. Well-written content makes potential clients trust the product more, which leads to conversions.

Check your spelling using an online service. It’s quick and free.

Don’t use language from templates and boilerplates in your text. Show that your product is not like all others by mentioning more facts, stats, numbers.

No quality assurance aside from reviews

Trust is established not only by reviews but also by:

  • quality certificates
  • confirmation of product safety issues by a laboratory
  • the opinion of experts and opinion leaders (doctors, for example)
  • assurance that money will be returned if the product won’t help
  • fast delivery guarantee

Suspicious buttons

Write a clear call to action on your buttons.

Avoid using vague statements like: “Try now” or “Start earning money”.

If after pressing the button the user will proceed to download the program, then the button should say: “Download Jack-G”. Does the button lead to an order form? Then it should say “Order” or “Place order”. If the button takes the user to checkout, then make the user know what it does: “Checkout”.

Few photos

Show more pictures of the product you offer. Photos:

  • increase customer loyalty
  • motivate the user to study the product in detail

Place a real photo of the product or client on the first screen. Such photos increase user trust better than stock photos.

Endless scrolling

If the user needs to scroll to get to the offer description, then in 78% of cases they scroll through and don’t find the information they need. This is why you should place the most important information within the first screen.

Remember that the information that interests the user will draw him to the lead.

One more piece of advice

Update not only your creatives but the landings as well.


  • optimizing elements
  • the images you use
  • slogans
  • calls to action

Often even after changing the button text pre-landings and landings come alive again, and conversions increase by an average of 23%.

A good landing plays a significant role in arbitrage and increases conversions from fresh RichAds push traffic.

Fixing mistakes is difficult and takes a long time. It’s much easier to avoid making them.

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How to make converting landing pages for affiliate marketing.

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