Five stages of testing push ads campaigns

Five stages of testing push-campaigns

Push notifications work well for all files. How can one test a push-campaign on the RichAds network without draining the budget?

Consider the main ways.

1. Increase the bid

Keep a balance between the rate, traffic balance, and its quality.

Remember: increasing the bid often increases the volume and quality of traffic.

2. Work out the content, client pathway, and retargeting

  1. Check if the content of the target page matches the notification’s suggestion
  2. Then try to make the client’s pathway shorter and more accessible.
  3. Set up retargeting to increase conversion.

3. Test more bundles

Run more ads to boost CTR. Create several bundles with the same targeting setting to run the A/B test. Keep track of which approach to the advertisement attracts more attention from the target audience.

Remember: with a low CTR the CPC rate must increase for the company to receive more traffic.

4. Changing the targeting settings

Periodically change the targeting settings. Testing different settings will increase the campaign coverage, and attract more potential clients for the offer.

5. Limit the frequency of showings

Limiting how often an ad is shown increases the clickability. We recommend sending no more than three pushes per day if you want to increase the CTR campaign.

Find 30 Ad Strategies to Increase CTR here. 

Testing push-campaigns helps adjust an ad for the target audience and avoids draining the budget.

Wisely set up your campaign and push-traffic from RichAds will benefit you.

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