Full Sweepstakes Guide with Examples of Headlines and Creatives

Full Sweepstakes Guide with Examples of Headlines and Creatives

For the first time, the RichAds advertising network will reveal the secret: which creatives have higher conversions in the vertical and what to emphasize.

The guide on headlines for sweepstakes will teach you to create “urgent” selling headlines that will increase the CTR of the push notifications and will raise the conversion rate. 

Set a timeline for the offer

The secret of the sweepstake titles is simple: limit the time for registering or accepting applications for the draw.

  • Urgency is a time limit of a profitable offer. Urgent headlines urge the user to make the target action quickly because of the risk of missing the benefit.
  • The timeline is the period during which the user is guaranteed to receive the result. To set the timeline, specify the date or time of the draw.

Specify the deadlines and dates in the notification, do not hide them on the landing page. Let the user know why they need to click on the push notification and when to expect results.

If the draw has no time limit, indicate the benefit of the sweepstake offer in the title: free, for $1, quickly, for two, effortless, easy, new, stylish, etc.

how to run sweepstakes

Create a headline that sells

Indicating the timeline in the title

[benefit] [time]

Win a Samsung S9 today!

Fill out the application and get a phone for free


[problem] [time]?

Need a TV by the New Year’s?

Win an LG TV on December 31! To participate…


[time] [event]

The draw will take place on March 20:

A free trip to Goa. Hurry…

Indicating the benefit in the title and the deadline in the description

[verb] [product] [benefit]

Win a Samsung S9 for 1 USD

Fill out the application today, get a phone tomorrow


How to [benefit] [product]

How to win a Philips TV?

Fill out a membership application by April 1 and…


[verb] effortless [product]

Win an iPhone X with no efforts

Fill out the application and pick up your phone tomorrow


How to [verb] [benefit]?

How to travel for free?

Win a trip to Thailand for two

Emphasizing the main prize

How to get the [product]?

Do you want to get an iPhone X?

Participate in the draw and pick up your prize tomorrow


Free: [product]

Free: new Samsung S9

Fill out the application on the site and will a stylish…


An important announcement for [persons]

An important announcement for women!

Get an iPhone X for $1. Registering…


Headlines for sweepstakes look similar at the first glance. But do not forget that the draw can be tied to a holiday, to a target audience, the novelty, and the uniqueness of the prize.


Sweepstakes in 2020: trends, traffic sources, GEOs. Part 1

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A creative that will work

The selection and creation of a creative is a lottery. It is not clear which creatives will get more clicks and which will push users to the lead.

Let us reveal a secret

More clicks are received by creatives with the image of a “wheel of fortune.” Calls to try your luck work too. Examples of such creatives are:

Push notifications with images of gifts work well too. Everybody likes gifts:

Creatives with inscriptions convert well. A piece of advice: make sure that the inscription on the visual is consistent with the headline and description of the push notification.

Choose visuals without brand symbols. Creatives with logos reduce the campaign reach and the amount of incoming traffic.

Pack of 300 best icons for push notifications download here.

Now you are armed and you can confidently blast sweepstakes with push notifications.

Combine different creatives with selling headlines. Increase conversions from the RichAds push traffic.

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how to run sweepstakes

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