How to choose profitable offers

The success of an advertising campaign depends on the choice of a good offer. There’s no point in optimization, accurate targeting, good promotional materials if the advertiser misses calls from customers, and the browser web game doesn’t work. 10 tips on how to choose the best offer are inside.

RichAds network tells you how to choose a good offer that will bring you a lot of conversions and attract users.

What is an affiliate marketing offer?

An affiliate marketing offer (or CPA offer) is any product or service for the promotion of which you can get paid. This can be the promotion of an online game, an online store, an information course, a physical product, or a newsletter subscription. For each successful conversion marketer will get an affiliate payout.

In turn, he spends his personal budget to buy traffic. The difference between the payout for the offer and the budget for buying traffic is the profit of the affiliate marketer. Choose a suitable offer and you’ll get more payouts.

As a rule, offers have:

  1. A selling proposition, that is, the product or service itself, the name, the advantages, and originality;
  2. GEO data, that is, the countries in which the offer will be advertised in;
  3. A vertical to which the proposition belongs to;
  4. The ask price; usually, it is stated on the landing page;
  5. Indication of value with or without VAT;
  6. Acceptance and processing time of incoming applications;
  7. Service testing, goods testing, offer to test;
  8. Limit per day.

As you can see choosing the best offer stands on different points that you have to take into the account.

How to choose a good offer

10 tips on how to choose the best offer

The affiliate marketer can influence what happens with the advertising campaign before the user submits an order. After that, everything depends on the advertiser and the speed of application processing.

There are no strict rules on how to choose a profitable offer, but there are 10 recommendations to follow.

1. Find a new format

Choose unusual formats of prepositions. For example:

  • online casino with a catchy and unique website design;
  • an agent in a new form factor, for example, in effervescent tablets or in sprays;
  • online game with a captivating plot and unusual graphics.

Propositions like that attract the attention of users and significantly increase the percentage of CR.

2. «24/7»

Choose an offer whose operators accept customer requests around the clock. If the user has to wait till Monday morning to submit a request, they might change their mind.

3. Suspicious prices

Offers with prepositions like “Special price: $1” quite effectively convert into an order. But the advertiser only pays for confirmed ones.

Oftentimes, prepositions like that imply that “1 pack is for free,” but the offer is valid only when you buy 10 packs for a hefty price. Naturally, many users decline their orders.

4. Check call center performance

See for yourself how the advertiser works with clients. Submit a request for a product and wait for the call from an operator. If you have not been called back after filling out the form, or the call center doesn’t pick up the phone, you shouldn’t choose that offer.

5. Payment methods

If the goods are delivered only after prepayment – decline the offer. The same rule works if it’s impossible to place an order choosing the cash-on-delivery payment method.

In 80% of cases, users will ignore the offer, because when shopping online, there’s always a permanent fear of deception.

6. Statistics

Notice how quickly statistics and order statuses are updated. Timely statistics are a guarantee that you won’t be working with your push-notification ad campaigns blindly.

What niches are good converting ones, which GEOs and verticals are better for driving your traffic? Find the answers here!

7. Reliable affiliate program

Choose trusted affiliate networks that have a lot of positive feedback from webmasters. This approach will help you to avoid shaving.

8. Split testing

A / B testing is suitable not just for testing retail bundles, but also for testing offers. Choose a suitable offer and get it tested:

  • preposition;
  • selling price;
  • the same offers at the same price from different affiliate programs.

Split testing helps to determine which of the offers will lead the campaign to profit.

9. Quality of the landing page

Check the design of the advertiser’s landing page. Your efforts will be meaningless if after users click on an attractive push-notification and an intriguing prelander, they see a landing page with low-quality content that takes too much time to load.

10. Keep up with trends

Choosing the best offer keep in mind what is trendy to advertise now. Offers can be seasonal, competitive, or just popular for GEO. Such proposals are interesting to the target audience, which means that they can easily be converted with push-notifications.


Choosing a profitable offer depends on the webmaster’s experience. You gradually develop a professional instinct and assessment skills for the prospects of the offer.

If these skills haven’t developed yet, then we recommend that you:

Choose a suitable offer responsibly and get good conversions with push-notifications from RichAds.

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