How to choose the best platform for creating affiliate programs: Alanbase review

In the affiliate community, people are constantly searching for new tools to make their work faster, more convenient, and more profitable.

Today, we will review Alanbase — a Saas platform for creating affiliate programs and performance marketing optimization.

Millions of companies use referral marketing to promote and generate a source of income for hundreds of millions of webmasters and bloggers! Each side wants to win financially and interact with each other without unnecessary difficulties — quickly and efficiently! And that’s what Alanbase does — connect brands and partners through their platform. 

Let’s dive deeper and look at how your business or team can profit from Alanbase.

What is Alanbase?

Alanbase is a SaaS builder for crafting affiliate programs and optimizing performance marketing for Mobile and Web. The platform was developed by affiliate and casino market experts for professionals in the same field.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model for delivering software over the Internet on a subscription basis. Users access applications through a web browser without the need to install them on their devices. Such applications typically include tools for managing business processes, communication, and analytics.

The Alanbase is a super fast and simple platform — it has ready-made presets for creating CPA networks and affiliate programs in iGaming, E-commerce, Online learning, and many other niches. The platform offers full customization — all indicators, dashboards, and statistics can be 100% customized.

Alanbase can also be used by media buying teams as an affiliate traffic tracker. A benefit of the tracker is that affiliates can select which parameters they want to track. As a result, Alanbase adjusts to them, not affiliates adjust to it. Media buying teams can use the product to organize their working processes as well.  

This product can also be used by other players in the world of digital marketing such as online schools that use a subscription model and one-time payments. For them, Alanbase can work as a specific CRM system that tracks users and the economics of a product.

As you can see Alanbase provides various business opportunities but its main direction is creating affiliate programs and offers for your CPA network. Let’s take a closer look at how this platform works. 

Why choose Alanbase: key advantages

1. Accessibility: being a SaaS platform, Alanbase offers universal accessibility without the need for downloads, making it convenient for users across devices.

2. Affordability: with rates starting at $325/month, Alanbase stands out as one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market, without compromising on quality. Their main competitors’ costs start from $500 or $2500.

3. Customization: Alanbase’s constructor program allows easy adaptation to various verticals, offering both ready-made cases and extensive customization options.

Even if the businesses work in one vertical, for example, Gambling they may need to monitor different indicators. Depending on the industry player, Alanbase can offer different parameters to track, for example:

If the business needs a real-time gambling system they may track:

  • registration,
  • first deposit, re-deposit,
  • withdrawal of the bet,
  • calculation of the bid,
  • casino spin, spin calculation,
  • activation of balances and wagering wagers,
  • a variety of any additional arbitrary events.

If the business is a mobile game publisher it may track:

  • registration,
  • start of the game,
  • passing the training,
  • reaching any level,
  • activity after 3 days, after 7 days,
  • in-game purchases and their amounts,
  • a lot of favorite additional productions.

4. 24/7 support: the platform ensures round-the-clock support, addressing client needs promptly and efficiently, even accommodating additional customizations.

5. Real-time statistics: Alanbase excels in providing real-time statistics, offering unparalleled speed in data updates compared to competitors.

Register with Alanbase now and experience all the benefits of the platform!

Comparing Alanbase with other constructors for creating affiliate programs

Alanbase is not the first affiliate program builder. Many of its competitors started much earlier than the company. Is Alanbase capable of winning this competition? Let’s compare them. 

Alanbase stands out favorably compared to its competitors. In contrast to Affise, which costs $500/month, Alanbase is priced at $350/month and offers numerous advantages: customizable statistics, smart goals, promo codes, and more. What is more, Alanbase integration will take 2 hours instead of much more in Affise. 

The other competitor – Offer18 has a more favorable price at $49/month, Alanbase surpasses it in functionality, especially in statistics.

The same holds true when comparing Alanbase to Affilka, which costs start from $2500 and falls short in functionality. When you pay such a large amount of money you expect the platform to cover all your needs. But there is no cohort analysis, no customizable statistics created by affiliate marketing formulas, and no SMART goals based on events. All of which are useful for setting up and analyzing offers. 

While Cake offers a personalized pricing plan, Alanbase leads again due to its functional features.

Alanbase functions overview

And now, let’s delve into the exciting array of features that Alanbace offers to propel your business forward:

For your product (online school, casino, internet store)

  • Versatile payment model options: whether it’s CPA, Hybrid, or Revshare, tailor your approach to match your unique requirements. You may use different kinds of formulas to count the payments properly. 
  • Cohort analysis capabilities: gain insights into user behavior and pinpoint the top-performing partners driving high-value customers.
  • Promo codes: offer a powerful strategy for boosting traffic, available to both you and your partners. With Alanbase, you can facilitate mass downloads of promo codes, issue unique codes for each partner, and effortlessly track conversions by code.
  • Fully customizable statistics: a dynamic tool designed to present your data efficiently to both you and your partners. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with the ability to tailor the table to your exact needs.
  • Qualification payouts: an effortless solution for rewarding partners upon completing a Qualification. Simply configure the qualification with just a few clicks.
  • Fast integration: experience the swift launch of your product within a mere 24 hours.
  • Instant assistance: gain access to a dedicated chat platform manned by Alanbase knowledgeable managers, poised to address your queries promptly and comprehensively, regardless of the time or location.

For CPA network

  • Customizable statistics.
  • Working with payment system: many features for user convenience, including: payment generation by date, invoice generation with the ability to select specific offers and partners etc.
  • Anti-fraud system: integration with the Fraudscore system. Fraud will be displayed in the table with statistics.
  • Tailored flexibility: the power of customized arrangements with our flexible work solutions. Set individual payment structures for partners effortlessly and swiftly, ensuring convenience at every step.
  • Working with CPA and RevShare: you can customize affiliate reward models: CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid Deals.

Registration on the Alanbase platform

To create an affiliate program, offer or track your affiliate team, registration is essential. Simply visit the official Alanbase website and click the “Start 14-day free trial” button.

After that, fill in the required fields: name, phone number, email and Telegram.

Afterwards, you will be contacted by the manager and the trial period will be activated.

How to add a product and offer in Alanbase?

And what overview of Alanbase would be complete without mentioning its functionality? Here you will learn how to add a new product and offer.

On the top panel, select «Offers» or «Products» (online school, casino, internet store, etc.)

Creating a new product is very simple. Fill in a few fields: advertiser, product name, category, and internal note (optional).

Once created, you’ll be directed to the product page. By default, any new product remains inactive, ensuring it doesn’t appear in your affiliates’ dashboards. Therefore, you can start by adding offers, defining all events and goals, and configuring necessary settings.

Creating an offer is also available in the «Product» tab. Fill in the necessary fields and click «Create».

After creating an offer, you will be able to edit and view its information in the «Products» tab.

You can also manage partners’ access to the offer.

You can also set up goals for the offer.

After configuring all necessary parameters, activate products and offers, and they will appear in the partner’s dashboard.

Members section in Alanbase

In Alanbase, there are three types of participants: admin, partner, and advertiser.

  • Admins operate from your company’s backend. Each staff member will have a specific level of access, and you can determine which sections they will have access to.
  • In the «partners» section, you can manage affiliates: change account details, activate and deactivate them, and make profile adjustments.

    Additionally, in this section, you can view affiliates’ balances.
  • Managing advertisers is done similarly to managing affiliates.

Personalized statistics

Flexible customization options for statistics play a key role in ensuring operational efficiency. Alanbase provides all the necessary parameters for users to obtain a comprehensive overview of traffic, conversions, and user activity. 

Partners can analyze the results of advertising campaigns, while managers have the ability to view overall statistics and analyze the performance of each partner.

All indicators, dashboards, and statistics can be customized by the needs of the client. .Do you remember that in the beginning, we mentioned that in terms of statistics, Alanbase adjusts to the client, not the client adjusts to the platform? This is true.

One of the latest innovations is the ability to create private statistical reports. Within a single account, users can create multiple independent statistical reports and manage administrators’ and partners’ access to them. For example, if a company has multiple projects, separate statistical reports can be created for each project and access can be granted to relevant partners.

Another example of using this feature is the ability to separate statistics for internal and implementation offers. Users can customize access to statistics based on the type of products they work with. This allows for separate access to statistics for partners dealing with internal offers and separately for those working with implementation offers.

For the convenience of users, Alanbase provides the ability to customize the display parameters of statistics. To do this, simply click on the settings button and select the desired parameters.

What pricing plans are available in Alanbase?

Initially, each user is granted a 14-day free trial, following which the user can choose from several pricing plans:

  • Super lite: $350/mo, 5000 conversions and 200 000 clicks,
  • Lite: $500/mo, 50 000 conversions and unlimited clicks,
  • Pro: $1400/m0, 250 000 conversions and unlimited clicks,
  • Custom: individually.

Case: BetBoom’s transition to Alanbase

At Alanbase, there are numerous successful case studies, but we’ve chosen the most illustrative one for you.

BetBoom, a leading gaming affiliate, made a strategic decision to migrate to the Alanbase platform, which resulted in significant improvements to their operational efficiency.

The reason for the transition was the cessation of services by their current affiliate program partner, prompting BetBoom to seek a new solution. Alanbase was chosen for its flexibility and ability to adapt to BetBoom’s requirements.

The transition process was meticulously planned and structured, encompassing stages from creating technical integration chats to testing and preparation for launch. In just 2-3 months, BetBoom successfully completed the transition to the new platform.

Following the transition, BetBoom noticed significant improvements in their workflow. Real-time postback delivery and customizable statistics streamlined their operations and analysis processes. BetBoom also positively evaluated their collaboration with Alanbase and is ready to recommend it to partners.

Overall, migrating to Alanbase was a pivotal step in BetBoom’s development strategy, providing not only improved workflow but also confidence in future growth and expansion.


In review Alanbase stands out as a formidable ally for businesses striving to enhance their affiliate marketing endeavors. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive customization features, and ability to provide real-time insights serve as pillars for success in today’s dynamic digital realm.

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