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How to use your tracker to get max profit from RichPush

Our partners from Bemob give useful recommendations on how to get maximum profit from your traffic using a tracking solution.

Each and every guide is mentioning that a tracking solution is an obligatory element of a successful campaign as it allows to track, analyze, and optimize the traffic data.

There are several trackers on the market which are offering a wide range of features to reach your goals. However when you just start using a tracker, it’s quite easy to get lost in all report types, buttons, and rules.

Let’s see what features you should pay attention to when integrating RichPush with your tracking solution.

The article was prepared by the RichPush partner – BeMob progressive tracking solution.

1. Use advanced traffic distribution and targeting

One of the main points of a successful campaign is the conversion rate. In other words, the amount of traffic purchased which performed the successful action and turned into conversion.

The high conversion rate should be achieved through the correct targeting settings which assures that your traffic reaches the dedicated offer.

RichPush provides a perfect targeting system that allows you to purchase the required amount and type of traffic based on geo, carrier, browser, language requirements.

However for the accurate traffic distribution it is required to set up the additional rules on the tracker’s level.

Here are the most frequently used parameters:

  • Uniqueness. By setting this rule it will be possible to display the relevant combination of landing page and offer depending on if a visitor reached your campaign for the first time or repeated his visit. By default the uniqueness is set as 24 hours, but you can customize this value to your requirements.

  • Custom parameters. When setting up a rule based on custom parameters, you can easily manage the endpoint of traffic from different side IDs, creative IDs, and other parameters received from RichPush.

  • ISPs. Along with other conditions, the Internet Service Provider parameter maximizes the chance that the visitor of your campaign will be converted.

Depending on the tracking solution you are provided with up to 30 parameters for traffic distribution. Try different combinations of parameters for a campaign and check the data on remnant traffic to monetize it. This is how we smoothly came up to the next point which you pay attention to when running a campaign through the tracker.

2. Analyze the reports

As soon as you start your campaign, the data on incoming traffic will appear on the side of a tracker. It is always better to analyze the data, basing on significant traffic volumes rather than on 10-15 visits daily.

Also it is always important to familiarize yourself with the terminology of your tracking solution. At the moment many trackers specify that a visit is counted when the campaign link is accessed. But a click is registered only when the CTA button is clicked on the landing page.

So if you are running a campaign that leads to the offer link directly, the clicks data will not be recorded. And on the contrary, when running a campaign with a landing page, it is required to keep an eye on all the parameters connected with clicks like CTR, CR, UCTR.

Tracking solutions: analyze the reports

Let’s go back to the subject since the terminology question is clear.

You should not only analyze the reports in terms of a single campaign but also check the global stats on landing pages, offers, traffic source, affiliate network, geos, browsers, OS, devices, parameters received from RichPush. It seems obvious, but many users keep forgetting that the same offer can perform differently in various campaigns.

Due to the advanced analytic system of the tracker you can add the additional elements of the report by using a grouping feature. Grouping allows you to identify the most profitable combination of geo, custom parameter, browser, OS, and other data for further optimization through white/blacklists.

Tracking solutions: additional elements

3. Pass Conversions Data

Conversions data is passed from a tracker to RichPush via postback request.

As usual the request contains the click ID of conversion. With RichPush you can also pass the payout of conversion via the dedicated token.

Each time the conversion appears  with your offer, it is directly passed from an affiliate network to the tracker. However to forward the conversions data to the side of RichPush you will need to set up the additional postback in your tracker. If your tracker is integrated with RichPush as BeMob, all you need to do is to add RichPush from preconfigured templates.

The postback URL with all the required parameters is already available and ready to pass the instant the request each time a conversion happens.

Conversions passing is required to provide detailed data on how the purchased traffic is performing on your side. That’s why it is always important to use the postback option.

Pass conversion data

4. Protect Your Landing Pages

You might be familiar with different spy tools that help with finding the high converting creatives. At the same time it is a good practice to protect your landing pages from these spy tools, so no one can use your successful ideas.

If landing page protection is available with your tracker, it can be easily done by placing a code string in the body of your landing page.

Tracking solutions: protect your landing pages

In BeMob along with a code string you also add the {landingSignature} token to the landing page link. As a result each time your landing page is accessed directly, not through the campaign link, the blank page will be displayed. No one will be able to steal your creative.

Tracking solutions: landing page

5. Work in a team

As you can see the successful campaign stands on 3 processes of tracking, analyzing, and optimization. Each of these steps can be managed wisely using a tracker. However it is always a person who stands behind the process and if you’re working in a team, it is very important that each member should be responsible for a part of campaign management.

In BeMob you can simply organize the work of your team using the multi-user access feature.

Each member has their own role limited or extended with the permissions to track, analyze, and optimize a campaign or its elements.

As an admin a team member receives access to all the data, but you can still hide the financial data from him if required.

A team member with the role of user can run his own campaigns or manage the existing element to save your time.

As you can see, a tracker is an essential tool for your ad campaigns.

Base your tracker choice on required features, recommendations, and budget.

The market offers several solutions, but as a representative of BeMob tracker, I would recommend taking a closer look at BeMob which is an easy to start, cloud-based solution with the advanced set of tools at your service.

Read the Interview with BeMob here.

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