RichAds team goes to Affiliate World Asia 2023

Meet RichAds at Affiliate World Asia 2023

The end of the year is just around the corner, but it doesn’t mean that publishers, media buyers and other representatives of the affiliate marketing industry can kick back.

The International Conference Affiliate World Asia will take place in Bangkok on December 7th and 8th. The team of the RichAds advertising network is going to join this upcoming event, as well as the guys from the Yellana affiliate network. By the way, the RichAds team attended this conference in Thailand last year.

What is the International Conference Affiliate World Asia 2023?

The International Conference in Bangkok is a great platform for professional development and networking, getting new knowledge and making useful contacts. The attendees will meet the industry leaders, who share the latest news, ideas and work strategies of the world of affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

Affiliate World Asia 2023 is:
😃5500+ participants,
🎤35+ speakers,
🌍110+ participating countries,
🎥120+ advertisers,
📊40+ traffic sources,
🤝170+ affiliate networks.

The Bangkok event will focus on Meta, Google and TikTok affiliate marketing.

Conference visitors will have an excellent chance to communicate with different teams of Ads and CPA networks, and also establish useful contacts with potential partners and like-minded people. The event will be useful for newcomers to the sphere of performance marketing, as they get an opportunity to discover and immediately delve deeply into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

At the end of the first day of the conference, participants will be able to continue networking in a more relaxing atmosphere at formal networking events while watching magical sunsets on the rooftops of Bangkok’s skyscrapers. This is a wonderful chance to dive into the industry’s unrivaled nightlife!

How will the team of RichAds be represented at the conference?

At the event, we’ll have our stand – #D60. Thus, you can find our representatives from RichAds there, as well as a team from the Yellana CPA network. Everyone is welcome to communicate with our guys from RichAds and Yellana teams! The only condition is to make a booking for the meeting. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!

More events that RichAds will attend!

Affiliate World Asia 2023 in Thailand will be the final event of the year which the RichAds team is going to be part of. But we won’t stay away for a long while! In February, 2024 we will be happy to meet and communicate with you at the conference in London:

Book a meeting with us and see you at the conference!

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
⏫ CPC for push ads starts from $ 0.003,
🔼 CPM for pops — from $0.5 in Tier 3, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 geos.

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