RichAds Team launches RichPops, HQ Pop Ad Network

High-quality Pop traffic ad network launch

At the end of 2019, pop traffic not only stays in the game but also has every chance to attract more affiliate marketers. We aimed at creating a pop ad network that would meet professional affiliate marketers and newbies’ growing needs.

Firstly, we started with a beta to collect some feedback and comments from the early adopters. We developed more to deliver the best results and then, finally, have launched a full version of RichPops with advanced targeting, automation, and optimization features.

Source Sampling. What We Offer

Source Sampling was the first, the newest, and the most important feature we’ve launched. It helps estimate the quality of clicks you drive in a small amount from different sources, select the best ones, and create proper Whitelists accordingly.

Scale up pop ads campaigns at RichPops ad platform

Features like Automated Rules and Micro Bidding have been successfully implemented in RichAds before. We’ve used the same experience in RichPops ad network to give you a chance to rule your campaigns like a king 👑.

How they can help you: 

  1. set rules for creating the whitelists and blacklists automatically;
  2. adjust your bids according to the performance of your campaigns in different dimensions.

Besides optimization, one of the most key factors of the quality of traffic and the results you get is user segmentation. At the moment, the platform offers 16 targeting options like OS, Regions, Carriers, and Sites. Our team is now working to deliver more even options currently unavailable on other pop ad networks.

Actually, effective affiliate marketing sometimes can be not a simple thing. Even if you are a pro, sometimes you need a hand to work with some new features, save your time, and not make mistakes from the very start. Luckily, we have experienced pop advertising experts at your service on board.

Does Pop Advertising Work?

In general, pop ads have the advantages other ad formats don’t, for example, the lowest CPC, targeting iOS devices, and retargeting. Pops are also the most relevant option for such verticals as dating, gambling, betting, soft & utilities.

It’s believed that one of the main disadvantages of pop ads is non-human traffic or bots. But in fact, antifraud systems are becoming more complex and reliable, especially, in the large pop ad networks. It’s getting much easier to track and filter bots from real users now. Our team has worked to take a step ahead, so, our roadmap now also includes an advanced anti-bot filter.

And a bit more about our plans: RichPush & RichPops team is bringing even more traffic sources in the coming year!

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What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 CPC starts from $ 0.003,
🔝 CPM from $0,3 in Tier 3, $0,5 in Tier 2, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 geos.

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