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Calendar Push Traffic meaning

iOS Calendar push ads are a new form of push notification advertising coming in Spring 2021. Calendar push ads are another way to reach iOS and macOS users with push ads.

Calendar push ads are actually the same as web push ads. The difference is that they appear in the Calendar app on iOS and MacOS as a scheduled event.

How calendar push ads look like

When a user enters his calendar in his schedule, he sees calendar push ads that perfectly fit the calendar. Such push ads do not seem as aggressive but catch attention.

How calendar push ads look like

Calendar ads have a title, link, and description (optionally). There is no picture needed in this format, so it’s easier and faster to set up such an ad campaign.

The format works like regular push notifications: users must also agree to receive push notifications on any site with a code posted on it.

According to the RichAds advertising network numbers, iOS Calendar Push traffic sources convert similar to the New sources (with recently added audiences) where the average CR is traditionally high.

Which Verticals to choose for Calendar Push traffic

Calendar push traffic is as generic and all-purpose as web push, which means that it works with most niches. 

The list of the most performing verticals with calendar push traffic looks like this:
VPN, Antivirus (find the guide below),

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