55 Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences in 2022

What are affiliate marketing conferences available in 2022?

Here are 55 events you should check out. Reviews of 9 major world events are included as well.


Affiliate marketing conferences are an important part of the industry because it allows affiliates to get together and network with other like-minded people. But with the recent restrictions in gatherings, will there be such happenings in 2022? Thankfully, yes, there will be.

Such conferences are among the most anticipated events by affiliates, networks, and advertisers alike. While the pandemic halted most of the affiliate marketing summits in the past couple of years, the industry is slowly picking up and gaining momentum once again.

We have compiled a list of 55 top affiliate marketing conferences in this post. Reviews of 9 major world events are included as well. Meet the RichAds team there!

Experts from the RichAds advertising network will be present at some meetups. Here you can find the scheduling page, where we have marked what conferences we will attend.

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Why Attend An Affiliate Marketing Conference?

Affiliate marketing conferences are gatherings of individuals or businesses who come together for the purpose of discussing techniques to promote affiliate offers. These assemblies can be in the form of face-to-face gatherings or take the shape of virtual summits.

There are several benefits to attending affiliate marketing conferences. The following list shows five reasons why you should attend one:

  • To connect with other affiliates and marketers.
    Affiliate marketing is all about connecting with people and making joint ventures work. This is even more important if you’re into product-based offers because it’s not easy to find merchants to advertise their products.
  • To learn about affiliate marketing techniques.
    Admittedly, no one knows anything about affiliate marketing, especially in a rapidly changing industry like this one. Conference attendees learn about the latest strategies and tactics and discover new ways to make better offers.
  • To meet merchants who are seeking affiliates.
    More often than not, you can attend affiliate marketing conferences that will help you connect with merchants who are looking for affiliates to work with them on promoting their products or services. This is especially important if you’re promoting product-based offers, especially if they are very specific niche markets.

Top Affiliate Marketing Conferences in 2022 

1. Affiliate Summit East

Where: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York, US

Topic: Affiliate marketing

When: May 24 to 25, 2022 

Affiliate Summit is the largest gathering of affiliate marketers and influencers worldwide and offers a program packed with education and networking opportunities. It is an annual conference that started in 2003. It branched out to different conferences in order to reach affiliates all across the globe.

This influential event brings together thousands of affiliates, merchants, agencies, and bloggers for three days of networking, learning, and deal-making. Attendees can choose from over 60 sessions covering affiliate marketing best practices, social media strategies, mobile trends, content marketing techniques, eCommerce insights, tips for bloggers and influencers, affiliate management essentials, and more.

2. Affiliate Summit Europe

Where: Netherlands, Amsterdam

Topic: Affiliate marketing

When: June 30 to July 2, 2022

Affiliate Summit Europe is a great place for advertisers, affiliates, and marketing professionals from all around the world to come together. At this year’s event, everything will be done online. The conference will bring together those who didn’t just survive but also thrived even amidst the pandemic, helping those whose businesses suffered in these uncertain times.

The time to pivot is now! You may be wondering what your business should do as it braces itself for the new market conditions that are upon us. Affiliate Summit EURO offers a variety of workshops and sessions focused on helping you develop strategies, whether this means doubling down in tactics that are working or finding different ways to serve customers with limited resources — there’s something here just right for everyone at any stage throughout their journey.

3. Moscow Affiliate Conference

Where: Moscow, Russia

Topic: Affiliate marketing

When: To be announced

This conference is presented by Dats Team, a company that organizes several marketing events a year in partnership with LeadBit. The Moscow Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest affiliate events in the CIS region.

Last year, this event was able to garner 3,000 attendees and 30 reports on how to make money from affiliate marketing. The conference will focus on the latest developments in affiliate marketing, but also online business in general.

As of today, sponsorships for the 2022 event are being booked, but affiliate passes are not being distributed or sold.

4. iGB Affiliate London

Where: London, UK

Topic: Gambling

When: April 13 to 14, 2022

iGB Affiliate is the biggest affiliate marketing event in the UK that brings together affiliates, networks, and advertisers for three days of networking, workshops, presentations, and discussions on how to get more from your campaigns. 

It’s not just another affiliate marketing conference. As the leading affiliate marketing event in the UK, iGB Affiliate has become an integral part of the affiliate marketing landscape.

This conference is focused on the iGaming vertical — one of the most profitable industries today. It survived during the pandemic and is actually one of the most sought-after offers right now. 

The event is expected to receive more than a hundred exhibitors and five thousand affiliates. Best of all, registration for affiliate attendees is free until March 1, so you should sign up now!

5. Mobile World Congress 

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Topic: Mobile

When: February 28 to March 3, 2022

This is more of a general tech conference than just an affiliate marketing event, but it is still worth attending. Mobile World Congress hosts thousands of visitors and experts from all over the world, with nearly 1,500 exhibitors in a celebration of the mobile industry. It’s a great place to learn about and compare new technologies and discuss how they can be used for affiliate marketing.

This is not just any old connectivity event. It’s the world’s largest and most influential meeting of minds, where we’ll all come together to get business done face-to-face! Affiliates, exhibitors, and other industry stakeholders from 150 countries are waiting with eager anticipation for this chance encounter; there aren’t six weeks left until it happens — so you better decide now if you want to take part in it.

6. PI LIVE and PI LIVE Advanced

PI Live
Where: New York, USA
When: April 26, 2022

PI Live Advanced
Where: London, UK
When: October 18 to 19, 2022

PI LIVE presents the most comprehensive search and e-commerce marketing conference, with sessions on affiliate marketing of all disciplines. This event is the only retail-focused event in the industry.

Designed for digital marketers and advertisers who want to maximize visibility and revenue through organic and paid traffic of various sources, PI will explore innovative strategies and tactics for current and future trends, as well as case studies on success stories from major brands.

Retailers have a chance to get ahead of the competition by learning about new strategies and challenges in this one-day event. Retail experts will discuss how they can prepare for their impending market situation, including understanding influencer relations or personalization practices on social media platforms like Facebook ads — all while maintaining business growth!

7. Affiliate World Europe

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Topic: Affiliate marketing

When: July 6 to 7, 2022

If you are an affiliate marketer or just looking to get into performance marketing, then Affiliate World is the conference for you. It is one of the best affiliate marketing conferences around. More than 3,500 top-tier experts will come together at this one event where they can network with other like-minded individuals and learn how best to perform their craft online.

Focused on both business development as well technical knowledge in digital media — such attendees have backgrounds including dropshipping systems (which allows customers to list products without dealing directly), PPC campaigns management software programs like Google Ads platform, among others!

8. Affiliate World Global Dubai 

Where: Dubai, UAE

Topic: Affiliate marketing, E-commerce

When: February 28 to March 1, 2022

This event is a combination of Affiliate World Europe 2021 and Affiliate World Asia 2021 that have both been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The conference is expected to reach more than six thousand attendees from 110 countries, 110 advertisers, 150 affiliate networks, and more.

9. Afiliados Brasil 

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

Topic: Affiliate marketing

When: May 26 to 28, 2022

Afiliados Brasil is the main affiliate marketing event in Latin America for affiliates, networks, and advertisers looking to expand into the Brazilian market. If you’re doing business in Brazil or looking to expand your outreach there, this is a must-attend event.

This is the first and largest event on Affiliate Marketing to be held in Brazil. Created by three professionals linked with the development of websites, Afiliados Brasil aims at bringing together not only bloggers but also affiliates, companies that provide services related directly or indirectly for commercial projects hosted online (such as advertising networks).

What is RichAds?
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The List of 55 Affiliate Marketing Conferences and MeetUps in 2022

It is a good idea to choose which conferences to attend at the beginning of the year. The Pandemic used to affect our plans, so we can’t predict what we’ll do in the summer. The best we can do is take some things into consideration. The following list will assist you. 

These events take place worldwide and cover all of the most popular verticals: gambling, betting, esports, gambling, e-commerce, and, of course, affiliate marketing and SEO meetups. We’ve organized the best affiliate marketing conferences by month for your convenience.

Here is a list of all the major CPA and affiliate marketing conferences in 2022.

8/2/2022Big Africa Summit Affiliate marketing, GamingJHB, South Africa
23/2/2022TES Affiliate ConferencesAffiliate marketingBarcelona, Spain
25/2/2022EasyConf 2022E-commerceUkraine, Kyiv
26/2/2022AntimitapCryptoUkraine, Lviv
28/2/2022Affiliate World GlobalAffiliate marketing, E-commerceOAE, Dubai
28/2/2022Affiliate Boat by Conversion ClubMeetUpOAE, Dubai
1/3/2022Greece Gambling ConferenceGambling, BettingGreece, Athens
2/3/2022LeadReaktor Winter CampMeetUpRussia, Sochi
3/3/2022All-in GamingGamingUkraine, Kyiv
20/3/2022SIGMA AsiaGaming, Affiliate marketingOAE, Dubai
21/3/2022LeadsConPerformance marketingUSA, Las Vegas
23/3/2022Ukrainian Gaming WeekExhibitionUkraine, Kyiv
23/3/2022Spice IndiaGambling, BettingIndia, GOA
30/3/2022ZM CONFAffiliate marketingRussia, St. Petersburg
1/4/2022DMC ConferenceInternet marketingUkraine, Dnieper
5/4/2022Prague Gaming Summit ’22GamingCzech Republic, Prague
7/4/2022iGaming GermanyGambling, BettingGermany, Berlin
7/4/2022brightonSEOSEOUK, London
12/4/2022ICE LondonGambling, BettingUK, London
19/4/2022Sports Betting East Africa+ SummitBettingTanzania, Dar es Salaam
20/4/2022Blockchain LifeCryptoRussia, Moscow
21/4/2022Fantasy eSPORTS SummitE-sportsNetherlands, Amsterdam
21/4/2022DigiMarCon EastSEOUSA, NY
26/4/2022Kinza 360Affiliate marketingRussia, Moscow
28/4/2022Kyiv iGaming & Affiliate ConferenceGambling, BettingUkraine, Kyiv
1/5/2022Sempro SEO & Affiliate ConferenceAffiliate marketingUkraine, Kyiv
12/5/2022Azerbaijan iGaming Affiliate ConferenceGambling, BettingAzerbaijan, Baku
17/5/2022Blockchain & Bitcoin ConferenceCryptoUkraine, Kyiv
17/5/2022Advanced Search SummitSEOUSA, California
22/5/2022ICASSS 2022: 16. International Conference on Antivirus Software and Software SystemsAntivirusesSpain, Barcelona
24/5/2022Affiliate Summit EastAffiliate marketingUSA, New York
26/5/2022American Sports Betting SummitBettingUSA, New York
26/5/2022Afiliados BrasilAffiliate marketingBrazil, Sao Paulo
1/6/2022Internet marketingUkraine, Odessa
1/6/2022CPA-LiFEAffiliate marketingRussia, Moscow
2/6/2022DigiMarCon Silicon ValleySEOUSA, San Francisco
16/6/2022iGaming Central America (iCA)Gambling, BettingCosta Rica, San José
23/6/2022Chile iGaming (CiG 2022)Gambling, BettingChile, Mostazal
30/6/2022-2/7/2022Affiliate Summit EuropeAffiliate marketingNetherlands, Amsterdam
5/7/2022IGB LiveGamblingOnline
17/7/2022SIGMA AmericasGamblingCanada, Toronto
27/7/2022SPiCE Sri LankaGambling, BettingSri Lanka, Colombo
22/8/2022TES PragueAffiliate marketingCzech Republic, Prague
15/9/20222nd Annual GAME GreeceGambling, BettingGreece, Athens
21/9/2022DMEXCO — Digital Marketing Exposition & ConferenceInternet marketingOnline
22/9/2022GuruConfSEO, PPC, E-commerceUkraine, Kyiv
1/10/2022MAC Kyiv Affiliate ConferenceAffiliate marketingUkraine, Kyiv
1/10/2022Moscow Affiliate ConferenceAffiliate marketingRussia, Moscow
1/10/2022UDC Ukrainian Digital ConferenceInternet marketingUkraine, Kharkiv
13/11/2022-14/11/2022DMIEXPOAffiliate marketingTel Aviv, Israel
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17/11/2022AAiG Summit 2022GamblingOAE, Dubai
17/11/2022Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit 2022E-sportsOAE, Dubai
22/11/2022B2B Marketing ExpoSEO, Internet marketingGreat Britain, London
28/11/2022SIGMA EuropeGamblingMalta
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30/11/2022-01/12/2022Affiliate World AsiaAffiliate marketingBangkok, Thailand
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Affiliate marketing conferences are important events for affiliates to attend because they offer a wealth of information and networking opportunities. Some of the affiliate marketing conferences in 2022 are happening soon, so mark your calendars and make sure to attend at least one of them! You won’t regret it.

What is RichAds?
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🔼 Domain redirect traffic,
🔝 CPM for domain ads starts from $ 1.5,
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