Case Study: Dating In-house Offer on Push Traffic with a 75% ROI

We are ready to announce a new case study in collaboration with Affmy CPA network. Hot dating offer & RichAds push traffic with 75% ROI!

The media buying team from Affmy CPA Network prepared a cool case study. They have run their in-house offer with our push traffic and ready to share great results!

Look what they got in our new article.

Traffic source: RichAds
Ad format: push traffic
Period: 03/11/2021 – 03/22/2021
Affiliate program: Affmy
Vertical: dating
Offers: LookAWoman, DateMinx, JoinTheDating, MilfNearMe
Spent: $1721
Received: $3022.4 
Income: $1301.4 
ROI: 75.62%

This time we are testing push traffic from RichAds on our Tier 1 in-house offers. After reviewing all GEOs, we chose the United States since it has the largest volume of targeted traffic. From our experience, the LookAWoman, DateMinx, JoinTheDating, MilfNearMe offers convert well on push notifications. That is why we are going to test everything, gather statistics, make a cut and disable offers with the worst conversion rate if needed.

Choosing a traffic source

There are many ad networks for the push notifications format. Having studied the most popular of them, our choice fell on RichAds for several reasons. Firstly, good volumes and quality of the US traffic. Secondly, rich functionality for further optimization: the ability to use Micro Bidding, excluding sub-sources, OS versions, and regions. And thirdly, a friendly support team can assist with setting up a campaign for greater efficiency.

Choosing creatives

Using the free spy-service, we have found actual ideas for creatives for the USA. A bit of imagination and we got the following results.

Creatives for push traffic
Good creatives to gain push traffic

Setting up the campaign

The offers are chosen, the creatives are prepared, and it’s time to start setting up the advertising campaign with push traffic. The Keitaro tracker was used to track campaigns. We highly recommend using a tracker in your campaigns because with its help, you can:

  1. Send metrics that will help you optimize and improve your campaigns in greater detail, for example: creating black/white lists and tracking statistics for each sub-source, among other things, excluding cities, operating systems, IP addresses, and other more flexible settings.
  2. Change the rate / use Micro Bidding if necessary.
  3. Conduct split-testings of the offers, and distribute traffic between them in the desired percentage.

We need to add a source and create offers in the tracker.

In order to add RichAds to the sources, click “Create”, enter the name, insert the postback and set it up according to the parameters that it can transmit.

Adjustments for dating campaign on push traffic
View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Parameters, which will be necessary for further optimization, have been added: campaign number, creative number, sub-lists, publishers, country, city, and OS.

Dating campaign on push traffic
View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

To create the offers, we need links from the affiliate program.

Affmy case study on push traffic
View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Find the necessary offers, copy the link, paste it into the tracker and it’s done!

Adjustments for dating campaign on push traffic with Affmy
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We add the campaign in the tracker and create a stream of four offers. For the test, we distribute 25% for each one to gather the statistics. Later, if required, we will be able to distribute traffic in the percentage we need based on the data received during the optimization.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

For the statistics to be displayed in the tracker, we set up a postback. After carrying out a test conversion, we see that everything works, and now we can start creating a campaign in the ad network.

We create an advertising campaign in RichAds. For each creative, we’ve made a separate campaign in the network so that in the future, it was possible to adjust the bid based on the WinRate, which indicates the place of each campaign in the bidding. 

Impressions depend on the rate: if you have a low Win Rate, you need to increase the CPC. You can ask your manager at RichAds about the size of the optimal bid. 

You can also create one advertising campaign, but with several creatives, and change the bid using Micro Bidding. However, it was more convenient for us to make one creative and one advertising campaign for analysis in the tracker.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

In the targeting section, we have chosen the US and left all its regions and cities; later, it will be possible to target them. Devices – only mobile, since the conversion is better there. We’ve chosen a frequency cap: 1 impression and 1 click per user per day for the tests.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

We set the $0.04 CPC. Although the system offers almost $0.2, this rate is too high for the tests. The minimum daily budget for the network is $30, so we set it. We enabled ASAP (to spend as fast as possible) to get more traffic and gather the stats faster.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

In the advanced targeting, we left only the Android, starting with version 5. From our experience, the versions below do not convert because they are used on outdated models.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

We will test all premium sources. Even with a $0.04 rate, we will still receive premium sources and high-quality push traffic. We are also gradually collecting the blacklist (during the moderation, the system will turn off the sources, which do not allow the prohibited content to pass).

To optimize the advertising campaign for sub-sources later, it is needed to transfer them to the tracker and affiliate program. It will be possible to see in the tracker which of them don’t work properly, after that:

  1. change the rate for them using Micro Bidding;
  2. exclude them.

The affiliate program manager will be able to say from which sub-sources the traffic comes in better, and that will also help in optimizing the advertising campaign.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Each offer got 300 clicks, and it became clear that it was time to turn off the MilfNearMe. One conversion with ROI -68.52% came from 270 clicks. 

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Having gathered more statistics, we turned off JoinTheDating with ROI -14.47%, since it proved to be less profitable and it would be more difficult to bring it to a plus, compared with the two remaining offers.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

In 2 days, we spent $190 and got a 65.53% ROI. The campaign has potential, so we decided to optimize the advertising campaign and increase the budget.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

We start optimization with sub-sources to exclude platforms that do not bring us any profit. During the RichAds moderation, some of the sub-sources were disabled. However, after contacting the manager, you can enable the ones with a high conversion according to the general ad network statistics or past experiences.

In our case, only 7 sources fell into the test, and we are going to deal with them.

  • We turn off three of them, as they are negative.
  • We turn off one completely since it has less traffic than the top sources (only 191 clicks), and it will not bring us incredible results.
  • We could leave one more one with ROI of 37.14% since it is positive, but we plan to raise the rate and buy more traffic, so we turn it off as well.

We leave a whitelist of two sources: with ROI of 166.99% and 96.96% and raise the rate up to 0.06.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Tip: after gathering a whitelist of sub-sources, you can launch several campaigns with different CPCs to understand at which rate there will be more traffic and what conversion will there be on the offers.

Thus, you can get more relevant traffic and save on the sources that do not give a positive result.

There is nothing to exclude from the creatives: they have worked positively on the test, so we will monitor further on large volumes if something changes. The situation is the same with the OS versions.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Then, for another week, we have used this advertising campaign for the 2 remaining offers that showed the best results: LookAWoman and DateMinx. The following indicators have been obtained for this period.

Clicks: 25578
Conversions: 1119
Spent: $1534.68 
Income: $2714
Revenue: $1179.32
ROI: 76,84%

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

Both sources got approximately the same ROI over the distance. One of them has a $160 higher profit.

The indicators obtained by offer were interesting. LookAWoman got an ROI of 63.78% and DateMinx got 90.54%.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

In total, in 2 weeks, we’ve tested the advertising campaign, optimized it, and got a total ROI of 75.62%. The profit was $1,301.41 with expenses of $1712.00.

View the photo in a larger format by clicking on it

We have defined the converting bunch, so now we can scale: clone campaigns to get more push traffic; increase the bid or budget; test new sub-sources; try the “New Subscribers Only” feature, which gives the opportunity to segment the subscribers and send push notifications to the recently subscribed users only.

Conclusions and recommendations

  • Always conduct split-tests for offers.
  • Test different approaches in creatives to identify the most converting ones.
  • Use the tracker to follow all sorts of metrics in order to optimize your campaign better.
  • Gather statistics and disable unprofitable sub-sources, to improve the performance.
  • After the initial tests, use Micro Bidding to optimize the sub-sources and make them positive.
  • Check all statistics cuts for negative numbers. One OS version or one city can mess up the whole picture.

And in the end, we have a pleasant surprise for you.

Use the “AFFMY” promo code when registering with RichAds and you will receive a 10% bonus on your first deposit.

When registering in the Affmy affiliate network use the “RICHADS” promo code, and you will receive a 10% bonus to the first payout starting from $1000 if traffic spills to Affmy’s in-house offers until 05/15/2021.

We wish you a high conversion rate.

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