Feedback on push ads from RichPush

Feedback on RichPush

RichPush has many grateful clients. The team works for you. Therefore we are happy to receive feedback, reviews, and suggestions from webmasters.

So this article contains feedback and reviews about the RichAds ad network (previously RichPush) from thematic forums.

Reviews from webmasters

I have been working with the network since October; the quality and quantity of traffic is often better and more significant than other networks 🙂 I am very pleased with the responsive personal manager who helps solve most questions 🙂 Wishes on changes to the interface and network are always considered, and periodically the guys roll out something new and pleasant 🙂 Also, we don’t forget about bonuses from managers 🙂

pqbd from forum

Been working with RichPush for last couple of months.

The results are great. Mostly CPI, Payday Loans and Sweepstakes verticals.

Since RichPush has it’s own user base, you always get unique people even when you run your offer simultaneously in other networks (MegaPush, PropellerAds, DatsPush, ZeroPark, etc).

Thanks guys. Keep on doing great work!

krvld from forum

The network is fantastic, its always a pleasure to talk to the managers, always compromise and help in a variety of languages.

I can’t say a lot in regards to traffic, but not bad in Italy and Russia, traffic is overall good, and the price is lower than other networks.

There is a lot of traffic, and it is converting well, although it will be necessary to weed out certain sites (like other networks), overflows are small, the maximum on the volumes was 33 dollars.

In other words, I recommend the network.

foxtraf from forum

RichPush has a good ratio i try them..

maxxx2018 from forum

I can vouch for RichPush. Especially since they added the source sampling feature: INVALUABLE for testing.

jaouadk from forum

They lowered the bid to $0.003.

I asked for lower bids two days ago, Maybe it’s because of me, who knows haha!!!

Awesome @RichPush, I love when companies listen to customers.

jaouadk from forum

Nice network with amazing support and a plethora of campaign settings you can choose from.

They even gave me an AM.

Death from forum

This is actually a really nice resource. Thanks!

It’s hard to say another network is better or worse.

You just need to monitor the geo on the network, depending on the traffic and watch the load. For example, there was a moment where in Italy I set it up at 0.05 and here at 0.03. The opposite has also happened.

By the way, every day they send timely geo bids and its very convenient for me.

foxtraf from forum

Excellent advertising network with good traffic and responsive managers.

Роман1 from forum

Feedback from webmasters

I am already working with you, RichPush. You do have a nice traffic and platform – thank you.

Just 1 recommendation – add an Image resizing tool.

Every Push platform I work with has this, except you, and it is really convenient.

We took into account your wishes. So now you can quickly crop images in RichPush.


Webmaster: Hi! Can I pay by PayPal?

RichPush support: Maybe Webmoney, Credit Card or Wire Transfer would be acceptable for you?

Webmaster: Not at this time. PayPal is essential!

We are testing payment using PayPal in RichPush. Very soon, a new method to pay will be available and announced.


Hi! Can I see more details about volume for certain geos? I want to know the volume for european countries.

You can find out the volume for specific locations after registration or replenishing your account with a network manager or a personal manager.


RichPush is definitely not number one for me. Primarily due to slow moderation.

Sometimes moderation creatives can be delayed. So in the article “Top-3 problems with push notifications and how to solve them” we answered the question regarding the long wait time for design.


They don’t clearly explain how to use optimization rules, blacklists and whitelists.

Complicated sets of ID. They have: SITE ID, SUBSCIRBER LIST ID, PUBLISHER ID, PLACEMENT ID, SOURCE ID.) There’s no explanation anywhere on why there are so many. Or what each one relates to.

What’s your experience like with their support? I feel like day one, before I loaded funds they were pretty responsive and helpful and I was told I’d have a manager added to the chat. But that didn’t happen and I’ve had no response since I loaded funds.

I can’t seem to find any blog or Q&A to help when support doesn’t respond, I wanted to know if I could change my timezone to match my tracker/aff network etc.

  1. Sorting traffic in black and whitelists can be done in two ways
  • Manually;
  • Changing optimization through Optimization rules.

To use all possible optimization rules, set up postback. This allows you to set individual campaign optimization rules in accordance with its key indicators.

Examples of rules for Optimization rules can be found in the campaign setting in the corresponding tab.

  1. It isn’t hard to figure out the ID:
  • Subscriber list ID – a list of partners with which the campaign can be used.
  • Publisher ID – the ID of the publisher.
  • Placement ID – the spot where the push notification will appear.
  • Site ID – The site ID from which the click originated.

You can also contact the manager of RichPush at any time for additional questions.

  1. RichPush account managers process webmasters’ applications around the clock. Sometimes, due to a large number of requests, the answer has to wait. But usually, within 5 minutes, the account manager answers the question.
  2. Answers to current questions are also regularly published on the RichPush blog.

Do you have male/female targeting?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such targeting setting. But we are considering the possibility of adding it.

Above all, RichPush makes push traffic convenient and saves time scaling campaigns.

Share your feedback and also proposals in the comments.

What is RichAds?
🔝 Push and pop ads,
🔼 CPC starts from $ 0.003,
🔝 CPM from $0,3 in Tier 3, $0,5 in Tier 2, $1 in Tier 1,
⏫ large volumes of available traffic in more than 200 geos.

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