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Guide: Headers and Creatives for Gaming

RichPush explains how to make a creative for the vertical, to run push ads only with positive results. We’ll teach you how to come up with catchy titles and descriptions.

Format of Push Ads

The RichPush push notification ad network has shown how push ads look like in different operating systems and browsers.

  • Title length: 30 characters.
  • Description length: 45 characters.
  • Logo size: 192 × 192.
  • Image size for the creative: 492 × 328.

Catchy Titles

Address Your Target Audience Directly

Explain what the user may expect after clicking on the push ad. Announce the game, mention the gameplay and graphics.


  1. “Legends come to life,” description: “In the new RPG “Dragon Kingdom”
  2. “An anime-style online game”, description: “A harmonious development of the characters, a non-linear plot”
  3. “A new online RPG”, description: “The limitless world of “Dragon Kingdom”

Influence Imperceptibly

Try to get the user to ask a question, the answer to which is hidden in the game.


  1. “The sage of the valley has disappeared,” description: “Since the war began, death has swallowed …”
  2. “Where did the king go?” description: “Find all the artifacts and gather an army to …”
  3. “Get the hero to the 47 lvl,” description: “with no donut and artifacts. Discover the world … “

Share the News

Tell the user the latest news from the world of gaming.


  1.  “The first online game,” description: “with a non-linear plot and no donut. Immerse yourself … “
  2. “There is no more donut in the RPG”, description: “The best game in which the hero can be advanced …”
  3. “A novelty in the world of online RPGs”, description: “Incredible adventures in a world ruled by …”

Explain How…

Titles with “how” create a feeling that the user can learn something important if they click on the push. Use it to your advantage.


  1. “How to conquer an empire?” description: “A new online RPG: memorable graphics and unique …”
  2. “How to win the battle of the century,” description: “Complete the “Dragon Kingdom” game in a few …”
  3. “How to survive in the world,” description: “where every day there is a threat to peaceful …”


Headings in the form of questions are the quickest way to activate the interaction of the user with the push. When the recipient sees a question, subconsciously they form an answer in their mind and become interested in the material.


  1. “Don’t you know about “Elysium”?” description: “The game that has captured tens of thousands of gamers …”
  2. “Will you fight for our guys?” description: “Elves ask the Death Knight for help but …”
  3. “When will the war end?” description: “The last battle of dragons with orcs of the black …”

Make a Call to Action

To prompt the recipient to take an action, use verbs in the title and in the description.


  1. “Gather a powerful army of vampires,” description: “And stand up for the protection of civilians in the city”
  2. “Play online,” description: “New online RPG “Princess Mio” in the anime style”
  3. “Launch the evolution,” description: “Follow the path from the Stone Age to …”

Pay attention

It is better to clarify the essence of the game or its main feature in the description. In this case, the push notification looks honest, the notification becomes useful to the user.

Examples of Creatives

How to make a working creative for arbitrage? RichPush suggests four options for searching and developing creatives for gaming.

1. Search Engines

The source of the search for visuals is not new but is always relevant. Specifically for fantasy, anime and games, search engines show a huge amount of high-quality art:

2. Shots of Promo Videos

If a presentation video is screened manually, the pictures are not of the best quality.

Recommendation: open the visual in a graphics editor and work with saturation, brightness and sharpness.

3. Social Networks

Many games have groups on Facebook, VK and other social networks. There you can find screenshots of players with advanced characters and constructed cities. There is also a lot of high-quality branded graphics from group admins.

4. Landing Screens

Landing pages are often designed in a catchy and creative way. Screen some images to make attractive creatives for push ads:

Run RichPush push ads in the gaming niche. An interesting title and high-quality creatives will guarantee a powerful conversion.

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