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How to Promote Dating with Native Ads
Experts from TopOffers are giving useful recommendations on how to run native ad campaigns in the dating vertical.

Native ads is an essential component of any and every marketing strategy or ad campaign. It remains the go-to option when it comes to dating offers.

While it is possible to monetize any traffic type and successfully promote any offer, profit remains the ultimate goal for any marketer. Working with native advertising requires a lot of creativity and the ability to balance between the tailored messages and editorial standards determined by ad platforms. When it comes to native traffic monetization, one of the most suitable and high converting verticals is dating. 

That is why we asked the experts from TopOffers to share their insights and tips on the subject.

Native ads remain a valuable instrument for digital marketers. It is crucial to use high-quality creatives, target like an expert, and engage the audience. Besides, choosing the most suitable channel-specific content and running A/B testing is essential to the success of your native ad campaigns. In a nutshell, marketers design native ads to ensure visibility by delivering content that blends into the context and setting. Thus, digital marketers should keep ad creatives fresh to ensure high audience engagement.


Why Choose Native Ads?

The non-intrusive nature of native ads makes it one of the most suitable ad formats for dating vertical. But affiliate marketers still face the banner blindness issue. The impact of native ads is growing. According to Business Insider, native advertising will account for 74% of US display ad revenue by the end of 2021. 

Compared to traditional display advertising, native ads generate higher CTR and CR. It proves the efficiency and organic nature of the information delivered through this ad type. It is possible due to the remarkable resemblance of native ads and advertorials. So, this ad type tends to get a 53% higher view time than other ads. Besides, native ads often allow marketers to bypass ad blockers. Confronting ad blockers proves to be especially beneficial when dealing with dating offers.

US Native Digital Display Ad Spending


Launching Native Ad Campaigns

Non-aggressive native teasers can cause more focus. Moreover, they enhance the visibility of the ads thanks to the typical placements.

The most popular native ad types

  • Desktop footer. This type of ad creatives consists of thumbnails, brand name, and a headline. In this case, there is usually one ad creative per ad campaign. 
  • In-feed ads.
  • Sponsored posts. Advertisers use them in social networks, search ads, recommendation widgets.

Beginners should consider starting with Tier 2 or Tier 3 geos. Even though Tier 1 geos are more profitable, such countries as the USA, Canada, or the UK are competitive markets. Thus, Europe can be a safe option for running tests and launching ad campaigns. We recommend testing 3-6 different geos, analyze the results, and optimize. 

Affiliates should consider testing several niche offers and determine the best-performing ones. Dating niche varies across platforms and users. Affiliate marketers can promote local or international dating apps for straight people, single parents, gays, vegans. 

Remember that each niche requires different approaches. So, there is a need to work on many sets of ad creatives and test different combinations.


Native Ads vs. Challenges

Promoting dating offers comes with its challenges and intricacies. While native ads do not provide any straightforward product offerings, dating offers need suggestive and sometimes even candid advertisement. Affiliates have to be creative and work on the cost efficiency of their campaigns to reach large audiences through native ads. 

Depending on the dating niche, affiliate marketers often face many issues, especially when launching ad campaigns on social networks. So, we recommend working on 6-7 creatives per ad campaign. Test all them to figure out the best approaches and designs. 

Native ad campaigns need regular optimization, split tests, and work on ad creatives. It is a never-ending work cycle that includes new creatives and unique approaches. But once you understand what works best, the routine becomes less time-consuming.


The main benefits of promoting dating offers with native advertising

There are many reasons to choose this format, but we would like to emphasize the following:

  • mimic the tone and style of the platforms;
  • often perceived as organic content;
  • non-intrusive nature of ads;
  • frees users from imposing and convincing content;
  • creates positive associations with promoted brands.

Here are the best dating offers for native ads from TopOffers:

[WEB+WAP] Treffegirls DE – $5.5/ $4.5
[WEB+WAP] Gibsmir DE – $5.5/ $4.5
[WEB+WAP] Wildspank AT – $5.5/ $4.5
[WEB+WAP] Flirt BE – $3.8/ $3.5
[WEB+WAP] Divierteteligando PR – $0.3/ $0.4
[WEB+WAP] Divierteteligando MX – $0.4/ $0.4

In the highly competitive affiliate marketing industry, native ads are a refreshing change to the dating promotion routine. As a tool of unobtrusive communication with the target audience, native ads not only allow to add value to the brand and improve its recognition but also to build trust and ensure visibility. And when dealing with dating offers, could you ask for more?


Find high-quality native traffic in RichAds advertising platform, launch your dating campaigns and make profit! 💸

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