Moonstar CPA network complete review: the best Gambling and Finance CPA offers

Moonstar CPA network complete review: the best Gambling and Finance CPA offers

CPA networks are the first thing affiliate marketers come across once they get in the field. Finding suitable offers is not easy, so knowing a CPA network that provides them only is the cornerstone of success!

This Moonstar Network review is specially for those who’ve been seeking for a quality CPA network that provides profitable Finance and Gambling offers along with supportive services for affiliates.

In this article we will share a complete Moonstar review, examine features and conditions it offers!

What is Moonstar Network?

Moonstar is a CPA network that specialises in Finance/Forex and Gambling offers for worldwide GEOs. Its founders have been working in the affiliate marketing field for many years as both affiliates and publishers, so they know what either side requires to get profit.

Initially Moonstar started as a private CPA network a couple of years ago, but as time passed and it gained in attention and offers number, it went public. Now the CPA affiliate network positions itself as both beginner-friendly and pro-oriented ecosystem, yet ready to provide exclusive beneficial conditions!

In short, Moonstar can be defined as a young star that aims to reach the moon.

Moonstar CPA network web site

Moonstar features and services review

As some affiliates might find it hard to excel at every side of promoting offers, Moonstar Network has decided to solve most of the obstacles its clients might come across. The CPA network has introduced several innovations to ensure the success of affiliates, providing ready-made solutions, promotion materials and unique conditions!

Moonstar provides its affiliates with:

  • Ready-made native and PWA applications
    At Moonstar affiliate network you can find white-label native iOS and Android applications, along with PWA’s. Each has been already tested and is safe to start promoting offers on.
  • Cloaking for Google and Facebook
    Such traffic sources as Google and Facebook tend to be really sensitive in terms of Gambling and Finance advertising. To ensure the promotion is legit and doesn’t get interrupted half-way by platform moderation, Moonstar Network provides help on setting up cloaking. 
  • Landing and prelanding pages
    Most Gambling and Finance offers favour promotion with prelanding and landing pages given the higher CR. Moonstar has covered this angle as well with in-house built materials. The CPA network team has years of expertise in the field, so you get only converting landings for offers.
Example of landing page for Finance offer provided by Moonstar Network
An example of landing page for a Finance offer provided by Moonstar Network
  • Assistance on setting up targeting
    This is a service beginners might find especially of great value, since correct targeting might increase CR for any type of offer. Moonstar cares about the profit its affiliates get, so they assist in optimizing the targeting parameters for the best results.
  • Unique payout conditions
    Apart from popular CPA and CPL payout models Moonstar Network offers a unique one for reliable clients — CRG (Conversion Rate Guarantee). This model guarantees payouts to an affiliate as the system compensates shortage of leads.
  • Dashboard with detailed statistics
    At Moonstar platform you can monitor detailed statistics on an offer promotion. The information includes profit, optins, clicks, leads and conversions shown on a scale by period of time. The best way to improve is to evaluate!
Moonstar CPA netowork statistics dashboard

Moonstar affiliate network offers review

Moonstar CPA network puts focus mainly on offers from Gambling, Betting and Finance/Forex verticals, as pointed out by the network — the most profitable ones! The offers are popular brands in the regions, and the payouts are higher by 10-15%, as rates are being closely monitored and evaluated. Also new offers can be added upon request through the managers.

Moonstar CPA network Finance and Gambling offers

GEO coverage for Gambling and Finance offers

Moonstar CPA network provides more than 100+ Gambling and Finance offers for over 40+ GEOs from Tier 3 to Tier 1. Some GEOs Moonstar considers the top itself, and offers the best brands for these regions.

Top GEOs for Gambling offers at Moonstar:

  • Netherlands;
  • Türkiye;
  • Chile;
  • Peru;
  • Poland;
  • United Kingdom;
  • India;
  • Brazil.

Top GEOs for Finance offers at Moonstar:

  • Canada;
  • Poland;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Australia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Portugal;
  • Mexico;
  • Chile.

Additional offers promotion at Moonstar

Apart from popular brands, Moonstar Network might provide additional features for some high rate offers.

For example, you can get native and PWA apps for Gambling offers upon request, and ready-made funnels for Finance offers for such GEOs as Poland, Portugal, Mexico and Chile.

Also, there are non-public Finance offers Moonstar CPA network can offer for affiliates. You can get info on that by contacting the support team.

Gambling CPA offers from Moonstar Network

Moonstar partner collaboration features review

Moonstar Network set course to a mutually profitable collaboration with affiliates and added special conditions very few CPA networks can catch up to.

Payment options

Since Moonstar Network accepts practically any traffic source, affiliates are given to choose among accepted payment methods based on their preference and the volume of traffic they work with. The variety of accepted payment methods is wide — from popular ones to alternative methods with benefits such as payment frequency. Also the commission type can be altered and lowered by using affiliated payment services.

Moonstar offers three payout models — CPA, CPL and CRG:

  • CPA model (Cost per Action)
    CPA is when an advertiser receives a fixed payment for a targeted action such as minimum deposit, and the minimum payment by this model starts from $500-$1000. 
  • CPL model (Cost per Lead)
    CPL works similarly to CPA, but the targeted action is clients’ registration. The minimum payment is lower though, due to relative simplicity of achieving this targeting action.
  • CRG model (Conversion Rate Guaranteed)
    CRG is a unique option network offers for reliable clients after long-term collaboration. If the number of successful deposits is less than the set percentage of total leads, the system compensates the buyer for losses.

Affiliates get their payment every week by Friday, and the minimum payment to withdraw starts from $100. For affiliate marketer agencies who become regular partners of Moonstar’s can be offered exclusive terms, even getting payment everyday!

Client support by Moonstar managers

Once you register at Moonstar Network you can contact managers at the support team. Managers from Moonstar handle practically every step of collaboration.

Contact Moonstar managers at support team for:

  • Providing PWA/native apps, landings/prelanding and other promotional materials;
  • Discussing payment methods and collaboration details;
  • Help on adjusting targeting and cloaking;
  • Getting additional info on offers and offer details.

Moonstar Network affiliate support works every day a week, from 8 AM to 8 PM (EEST) and can be contacted via Telegram or Instagram.

How to contact Moonstar CPA network


If you wonder if it is worth it to start working with Moonstar CPA network — this overview must be the clear answer. Moonstar might be a very young player in the market, but yet capable of offering very good conditions to their partners. All of that leads to a conclusion that one day soon we might witness Moonstar Network among the top CPA networks!

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