RichAds 2.0: Major Updates to Rocket Traffic

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After the recent game-changing ad platform’s updates, RichAds is coming to its full version 2.0. Let’s find out the hottest features we have implemented and tested this summer, why they work in affiliate marketing, and what’s coming soon.


What’s inside?

User Interface 2.0
Premium Sources From The Start
Device Manufacturer and Model Targeting
Best Practices for Targeting (%)
Adscore Traffic Verification
Presets for Automated Rules
Clicks & CPC Predictor
Coming Soon

User Interface 2.0

To be a performance-driven platform, we implemented a more friendly UI with a lot of functions for you to succeed.

  • From the very start, there are all ad formats at your fingertips with the most performing niches for each.
  • Added useful links, tutorials, and explanations for ads set up and optimization (Micro Bidding, Target CPA, RichPush Insights, etc.).
  • Up to 10 creatives for a test: icons, main images, texts, and links, with previews.
  • Smart account navigation to help you launch campaigns in minutes.

Below we have a close look at the new RichAds features and how they boost your performance.


Premium Sources From The Start

We collect and update the groups of sources with the best conversion, and present them to you in your account. In other words, Premium Subscriber lists are the groups of websites on which your ads will perform best. To be exact, 7x better on the average. More info is here.

Premium traffic sources

This is a unique opportunity to test your offer on push notifications ads, pop, or native traffic without extra ad spend and get results. 

To add fresh lists of audiences, click Turn on New lists automatically button.

It’s that simple.

Hack: If you need whitelists exactly for your offer and GEO, contact your account manager and we will share the sources with the most converting traffic with you. One more useful step for a good start is to check RichPush Insights for the GEO, CPC, and CTR statistics.

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Device Manufacturer and Model Targeting

Targeting Options are one of the flagships of RichAds. From now, you can apply certain Device Manufacturers and Device Models to your ad campaign. 

Device targeting for high-quality traffic

Some examples of use

  1. Target only modern phone models to exclude the risk of their low efficiency for your ads (low resolution) or your offer (online games, VPNs, casinos, etc.).
  2. Target cheap mobiles for Sweepstakes, Gambling, or low-cost Nutra and e-commerce offers.
  3. Target the latest expensive phones to promote luxury e-commerce (product or service).
  4. Make sure you don’t target just devices unpopular in your GEO.

Depending on your offer, there can be even more creative ways to use this targeting and outrun competitors for more quality traffic.


Best Practices for Targeting (%)

A variety of targeting options has the other side of the coin. If you haven’t explored your GEO enough, you can choose unfavored Carrier, OS, Browser, etc. and lose traffic.

Percent of targeting in your account will help you. For example, 43% of OS available for targeting in India is Android 9. And iOS is almost not used in Sudan and some other countries. 

Ad network advanced targeting



Adscore Traffic Verification

We focus on the thorough check, analysis, and prevention of fraud traffic with our algorithms and technology based on big data. Recently, we’ve also added Adscore services to ensure third-party verification. 

It means that such kinds of traffic as proxy (from countries out of your targeting), low-quality (from out-of-date devices), and bot are successfully banned.


Presets for Automated Rules

If you haven’t set up Automated Rules before, you may need to check the presets for it. The example of using this feature for optimization is right in your account.

Remember, there are a number of ads setting which performance you can auto control: Creatives, Campaigns, Sites, Devices, etc.

Automated rules for Campaign Optimization

One more key update: instead of blacklisting low-converting Publishers or Sites one by one, now you can apply the rule to the whole Subscriber lists and save your budget for further ads. Read this passage to learn the details.


Clicks & CPC Predictor

When launching Native Ads, you now check the predicted performance: the number of clicks and their cost in your account. The predictions are made automatically according to your GEO, CPM, and Technology targeting.

CPC and Click Predictor Example

🔥Coming Soon

  • New UI for native ad campaigns
  • Convenient payment methods for the cardholders
  • More Regions & Cities available for targeting

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