The 8 Traits of Profitable Push Ads Campaigns

Push notification ads are an excellent way to reach your target audience. These ads appear as notifications on a user’s device, even when they’re not using an app or visiting a website.

Push notification ads are proving to be an effective marketing tool, especially for affiliate marketers.

Studies have shown that these ads have high click-through rates and that users are more likely to engage with them than with other types of ads.

Push notification ads also offer a number of benefits for advertisers, including a low cost per click, the ability to drill down to specific audiences and retarget users who have engaged with the ad.

The key to making push ads profitable is understanding how they work, and what common traits can be found across all profitable push ad campaigns.

This article was written by Joey Babineau.

Joey Babineau has been an online affiliate marketer since 2002.

Get more of his free training and case studies at Powerhouse Affiliate.

8 Top Traits of Profitable Push ads Campaigns

1. High Reaction Rates

Push ads will only work if we can get people to “react” to the notifications their devices send to them.

There are specific tactics we can use to increase those reactions including the use of Emojis, rich formats, planned send times (dayparting), advanced targeting, and personalization.

Many profitable ad campaigns seen on competitive intelligence tools and through our own testing make use of ads that appear to be targeted specifically to a person, a device, or to a location.

For example, a dating ad could show the user’s location or that there is a message waiting for them by someone close by.

Another example is making it appear the device itself is providing the message or that the device itself could benefit from an app or utility.

Many people make the mistake of focusing too much on ad click-through rates and not focussing on the reaction people make after seeing their ad. By making this mistake, advertisers create “clickbaity” ads that don’t convert.

2. Good User Flow

So you got someone to react to your ad, but what’s next? Focus on improving the user flow.

For example, if as soon as someone clicks the ad they get distracted, or feel like they are being tricked they will exit.

Some tips to improve user flow include using the same image (or very similar image) on the next page they visit (landing page).

In the ad example above, if “Sophie” is messaging me, I should see her picture (or the same profile pic) when I click the ad.

Users are expecting to continue “the story”.

So try testing similar images on the landing page, or a similar image with a video button (click to play).

If you are running a single opt-in dating offer make sure you pull images from the advertiser’s creatives or landing pages. This will drastically increase your landing page CTR, and the user will still feel like they will eventually talk to “Sophie”.

3. Rapid Speed Landing Pages and Redirects

Let’s not forget that people reacting to your push notification ads were never expecting to see an ad. For ads targeting mobile, the users don’t want to spend a lot of time going through a funnel.

Web page speed and redirects need to be fast. You should be using ad tracking software that is designed with fast redirects. Most mainstream tools will work.

The landing page itself does not need to have a ton of content and images.

We are using this landing page to achieve two goals.

  1. First, we want to reassure the user that the “story” continues and we nudge them into another micro-step – “the click-through”.
  2. We want to use this additional piece of data to optimize our campaigns further.

By tracking our landing page click-through rate we can determine the effectiveness of placements, ads, and congruency of ads to a landing page.

If there is a split-second delay in your landing page load speed and the click to offer, you risk losing that user in the flow. The landing pages we use for push are simple HTML, most info is above the fold, and we don’t use clunky WordPress pages.

4. High Converting Offers With Easy Conversion Points

There is no secret to what is working on push ad platforms. There is a common trait among all the top verticals that work on Push.

Can you guess what it is?

The main verticals that people are focussing on have “Mass Appeal”.

For example,

  • Crypto tips, platforms, apps.
  • Financial service providers, banks, credit cards, and phone apps.
  • Sweepstakes, Coupons, etc. Preferably SOI offers if you can find a good source.
  • Gambling, casino, betting.
  • Health, Beauty, and Nutra.
  • Ecommerce (excellent with retargeting as well).
  • Mobile Games, Utilities, and Subscriptions.
  • News and Entertainment for ad arbitrage.

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5. Focussed on Trends

All of those top verticles can undergo a positive or negative trend.

One tool most affiliates and marketers don’t use enough is Google Trends. When a trend is happening like “a global pandemic” this affects how users react to certain ads.

If something is trending it is likely going to get a lot more reaction than something on the decline.

For example, during the pandemic, more people played games and online casinos.

Spend some time on google trends and find opportunities.

6. Something No One Else Has Crushed

If you really want to set your push ads up for success you really need to think outside the box. I know how cliché that sounds but unfortunately, it’s a fact.

The highest-earning affiliates are doing something different and unique.

Don’t just rip and run campaigns, but test different styles of ads, different marketing angles, and even exclusive offers that no one can get access to.

This means you need to build solid relationships with networks and advertisers to build out custom offers based on trends. Here is an example of a sweepstakes offer focused on a trend:

7. Separate Campaigns for Major Targets

This should come as obvious to some people but many people make the mistake of targeting too many things in one campaign.

Depending on your campaign goals it is rare that it makes sense to run a fully broad campaign.

At a bare minimum, you should be creating a separate campaign for every country. I would argue this also applies to devices. (iOS vs, Android, vs Desktop.)

So if you are looking to test an offer that accepts US traffic and all devices, this would essentially be 3 campaigns. US – Android, US – iOS, and the US – Desktop.

This will give you better accuracy in your bidding especially since each of those combinations could cost more or less for high-quality traffic.

8. Focus on High-Quality Premium Placements at First

Running on premium placements is necessary if your goal is to reach a specific CPA. If you are running arbitrage campaigns or retargeting and your goal is high pageviews, it might not be as important.

If your goal is to reach a specific cost per action or cost per install you should always start your tests on the premium traffic placements, optimize there first, then start testing new traffic and standard inventory.

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Push notification ads are sent directly to users’ devices and can be customized to target specific audiences. They are often used to promote special offers or discounts or offers with a low conversion point like an app install or single opt-in form.

They can be highly effective in driving sales.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your push notification ads have a better chance of being effective and profitable.

This article was written by Joey Babineau.

Joey Babineau has been an online affiliate marketer since 2002.

Get more of his free training and case studies at Powerhouse Affiliate.

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