Set up S2S postback like a Pro with Tracking Wizard

The RichAds team knows how to get a positive ROI from the first launch. You may be surprised, but our results largely depend on the correct setup of the tracker.

We have developed a tool that will help to set up a S2S postback correctly. The Tracking Wizard option is what you need.

Probably the first question which an affiliate marketer may have is why they should set up a postback.

Firstly, a S2S postback is the easiest and most effective way to track conversions when it comes to push and pop ads.

Secondly, it will improve the results of your campaigns. Who would refuse such a thing?

Tracking Wizard will guide you through the process of a postback setup. No worries, it will be easy!

You can find out what S2S postback is and why you need it here.

Why do you need to set up a postback?

Postback integration combines information from the tracker with data from the advertising network. You no longer have to click through tabs to correlate traffic data in one and information about conversions in another.

Setting up a postback is exactly the case when you spend time setting it up, but it saves you a lot of time later. 

And as a bonus, you get accurate statistics collected in one place and access to automatic features that save your budget.

Which benefits give the postback integration?

  1. Target CPA

Target CPA is a neat feature for beginners and advanced marketers. Don’t want to make mistakes and lose money? Don’t have enough time for optimization? Let the intelligent Target CPA feature do all the work for you. 

You will get a fully automated traffic buying process, including blacklisting and smart Micro Bidding. Target CPA will do it all to get as many conversions as possible within your budget and target CPA.

  1. Access to free auto-optimization features of an ad network

After setting up the postback, the Automated Rules tool becomes available to you. It allows creating white- and blacklists automatically after the specified parameters were set up. Moreover, it’s not you who do it but the system which checks your results every 2 hours.

  1. Set up custom bids in one campaign

Micro Bidding is another feature that allows you to adjust bids for different sources or parameters according to their performance. It also helps to save on campaigns. Just set additional bids for different campaign parameters if needed.

  1. Get help from RichAds experts

If the support team sees the information about conversions, they can help you set up Automated rules or bids and recommend other improvements.

Setting up a postback allows you to save time by automating the main processes and helps to save your budget.

At this time, you can be engaged in setting up other campaigns, not optimization.

Looks tempting? Let’s figure out where the postback setup assistant is located on the platform and where you can get a free tracker if you don’t already have one.

What if I don’t have a tracker?

It’s definitely worth picking and using.

If you are just starting in affiliate marketing or are not ready to spend money on a tracker, we have good news for you. Many trackers have a trial period or a free version up to a certain number of registered events.

You can find the list of trackers for which you do not need to pay in this material. There will also be an overview of their main features and a summary table with the terms of use.

You can assume that you already have a tracker. It remains only to configure an S2S postback to it correctly.

To make it easier for you to choose the tracker, we compiled the main parameters in one table

Where can I find Tracking Wizard on the ad platform?

You no longer have to ask for help from a personal manager and wait for their answer. Instead, you can do everything yourself using step-by-step instructions for all integrated trackers.

Your tracking assistant is located on a separate tab called Tracking, accessible from any page of the platform.

Where can I find Tracking Wizard on the ad platform?

First, you need to select the type of conversion, then your tracker.

For example, this is how a manual for setting up a postback for the Bemob tracker looks like.

Then you can choose what to read: a short setup guide or a step-by-step manual with screenshots.

For example, this is how a manual for setting up a postback for the Bemob tracker looks like. We recommend it for beginners for its intuitive interface and free trial for basic functionality.

how to set up Bemob tracker with tracking wizard

After completing the setup, you can get the first test conversion and check if you have set up everything correctly.

This means that you no longer need to reconfigure the tracker during the campaign, spending money on it.

What happens if you don’t set up conversion tracking?

Along with setting postback, you will have access to many features of the platform which require conversion data. The RichAds team did this to prevent bad cases of cutting all traffic off when the tracker is not integrated or integrated wrong.

But most importantly,  you won’t lose a lot of time that you could spend on other activities and will be able to get help with ROI optimization from the support team.

Our statistics show that campaigns with a postback are much more successful than the others. Sometimes your ROI can depend on these unexpected things too.

Make the most of RichAds!

Set up your postback with the Tracking Wizard!

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