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What is the Finance vertical in affiliate marketing: definition and meaning

The definition of the Finance vertical is an umbrella term that unites different offers within affiliate marketing related to making money. The offers within the Finance vertical include products, platforms and services that aim on increasing the funds. The simple meaning of the Finance vertical niche is accumulating profits.

Among the Finance offers there are many products and services, including investments, trading, loans, banking, insurance, credit cards, mortgage, currency wallets, binary options, etc. For example, both Forex trading and credit cards issuing are of Finance vertical within affiliate marketing.

Overview of Finance vertical within affiliate marketing

Here we compiled all the features of Finance vertical defined by whether they are of advantage or disadvantage for affiliate marketers to work with.

Advantages of the Finance vertical

The Finance niche features many points that are considered very beneficial for any who works with it in affiliate marketing. The main of them are:

  • Huge audience volumes.
    Finance is one of the so-called ‘evergreen’ niches that has an interested audience every time a year. The potential consumer base is quite diverse: from those who seek to order a credit card to those who wish to invest. The transition between products is also possible, so you can target different segments in a single ad campaign.
  • Wide spectrum of products.
    Finance vertical features an array of niches to promote: banking, insurance, trading, investments, microloans, binary options, etc. Each of them is in demand, and the variety of products is constantly increasing along with the needs of the audience.
  • High payouts.
    Apart from the CPA model, when an advertiser gets paid after the redirected lead performs a targeted action, Finance offers also work by hybrid model or CPA + RevenueShare (%) quite often. It means that an advertiser also gets paid a percentage of the total profit from a client they’ve referred after a period of time, most likely a year.

Disadvantages of the Finance vertical

Regardless of the fact that the overall situation in terms of profit and expansion in the Finance vertical is highly positive, there are some negative aspects that affiliates might come across. Some of them are of:

  • Payout hold duration.
    For the Finance vertical in affiliate marketing it takes longer to check traffic, so the holding period might vary from 15 to 90 days. That is unpleasant especially for those who run on a limited budget. The period might be shortened if the advertiser proves stable quality traffic and builds a trust with the CPA network that places the offer.
  • Traffic sources’ restrictions.
    Some traffic sources such as Google ads and Facebook apply limitations on promoting Finance offers due to policies regarding advertising financial related products. It turns into an eternal headache for advertisers forced to constantly create new accounts, adjust cloaking and find new ways to avoid campaigns getting banned by moderation.

    The issue can be solved with advertising via other traffic sources, for example, push and pop ads. The push and pops traffic is distributed by ad networks which apply lenient moderation towards Finance offers, while the volumes might even exceed the popular platforms!

Traffic sources for promoting Finance vertical offers

Among the most popular traffic sources for the Finance niche there are usually mentioned Facebook, Google ads and SEO. While Facebook and Google ads pose challenges due to the inconsistent company policies towards advertising financial products, the campaigns might get banned out of nowhere. SEO promotion is also troublesome for the Finance niche since to compete one would need a big team of specialists to constantly update materials on a resource.

To withstand the competition and get the desired profits from advertising Finance vertical offers, affiliates often turn to other effective ad formats in affiliate marketing. Some of the most performing ones to promote Finance niche are:

  • Push advertising notifications.
    Push are very trustworthy looking ads that resemble the usual push notifications users receive from social media platforms. The audience starts receiving push ads after they’ve subscribed to the mailing on a publisher’s site, and will get them as soon as online no matter the web page. It allows advertisers to target the interested audience that will inevitably see the ad.
  • In-page push ads for iOS.
    At first the push ads couldn’t reach the iOS audience since the Apple devices are prohibited to show ads on subscription basis. In-page ads made that possible: it is no longer required to subscribe since the ads’ mechanism is more of pop-up ads. Thus, the in-page ads are perfect to target the iOS audience with the advantage of trustworthy look by push ads.
  • Pop ads.
    Pops, also known as popunders and clickunders, open in a new tab as soon as a user clicks anywhere on a publisher’s website with a special JS script. The newly opened tab presents a landing page with the offer, the only creative needed for pops. Such advertising flow allows to effectively promote different offers with minimal efforts and optimize budgets, while the popunders show high CR and feature huge traffic volumes all around the globe.
  • Redirect ads.
    Domain redirect traffic, also known as redirect ads, is a relatively young ad format that opens a landing page with the offer if a user misspells a certain URL-address in the search bar. It allows them to target the desired audience, offering products related to the initial URL query. The domain ads perform especially well on the target audience from Tier 1 countries.
  • Native ads.
    The native traffic, simply known as native ads, is an ad format that organically integrates with the surrounding content of the website it’s on. The audience doesn’t suspect they witness an advertising material while going through it, which increases trust to it and conversion rate. Also, native ads are perfect at avoiding AdBlock filters and banner blindness.

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Top geos to advertise Finance vertical offers in affiliate marketing

RichAds advertising networks has been working with Finance traffic for a long time, providing affiliates with the opportunity to launch ad campaigns on quality traffic. Below you will find the lists of the best geos to promote Finance offers on push, in-page, pops, redirect and native traffic, based on data gathered by RichAds platform.

Every month we share a report on the best geos and verticals for our ad formats, drawing information from campaigns on RichAds’ ad platform. You can keep up on the current trends in affiliate marketing following the tag Best geos and verticals on our blog.
By the way, in the May 2024 report the Finance offers were among the top at each ad format!

1. Top geos to promote Finance offers on push ads

The top geos for promoting Finance vertical products and services on push traffic are mostly from Tier 2 regions, while the target audience react well even on Tier 1 and Tier 3 countries.

For Finance offers on push ads the best converting geos are: USA, Japan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Türkiye.

2. Top geos to promote Finance offers on in-page push ads

The most converting geos Finance offers were run on in-page traffic are mostly of Tier 1 regions, while some of the target audience convert from Tier 2 and 3 countries.

For Finance offers on in-page ads the best converting geos are: Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Argentina, Brazil.

3. Top geos to promote Finance offers on pop ads

The best performing geos for Finance vertical on onclick ads are of Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries, while they also target the most solvent part of the target audience from lower Tier regions.

For Finance offers on popunder and clickunder ads the best converting geos are: Poland, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Argentina, Paraguay.

4. Top geos to promote Finance offers on redirect ads

The most effective geos for Finance vertical offers on direct click ads cover all the most profitable countries from Tier 1, while also securing profits from some regions of Tier 2 and Tier 3.

For Finance offers on redirect ads the best converting geos are: USA, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia.

5. Top geos to promote Finance offers on native ads

The top performing geos for Finance niche on native traffic are spread all around the among the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries with the target audience.

For Finance offers on native ads the best converting geos are: USA, France, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines.

Examples of creatives used to advertise Finance vertical

Here you will find creatives used for advertising campaigns for Finance offers. Of course, depending on the specific niche, product features and traffic source type the working approaches may vary.

Examples of creatives for advertising Finance offers on push notifications
An example of a landing page used to promote Finance vertical offer
An example of a landing page used to promote Finance vertical offer
An example of a landing page used to promote Finance vertical offer
An example of a landing page used to promote Finance vertical offer

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