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Monetization meaning

Website monetization is nothing more than a way to make money on your website or blog. As a rule, monetization means placing advertising banners or any other advertising materials, such as paid articles, on the website.  

When we talk about the monetize definition, we also should mention one more term — the traffic or people who visit the site.

Website monetization is impossible without the active participation of users or without traffic that comes to the site.

The more unique users a website has, the more passive income it can bring to its owner.

monetization meaning

What sites are suitable for web monetization?

Sites and blogs of any topic are suitable for monetization. A small personal blog of an amateur beekeeper, a large store, or a source with the news can be monetized.

However, there is one “but.” This source should have visitors. Without traffic, it is impossible to monetize even the most beautiful site with many pages.

However, if you have a small blog with an audience that trusts you, it can also be successfully monetized. The main thing is to choose the right way for web monetization.

website monetization what kind of sites is good for it

What sites can’t be monetized?

The next question is — all websites are good for web monetization or not?

One-page websites or landing pages and sites with several pages (up to 10 or 20) are not suitable for monetization.

As a rule, small sites cannot boast of high traffic or a loyal audience. They won’t be able to attract enough traffic without additional help. For example, advertising that leads to a landing page is no longer earnings but additional expenses.

When to start website monetization?

Website monetization is always a story when you invest in a project first, and then it starts to make a profit.

It makes no sense to launch monetization on an entirely new site because:

  • The site is not yet filled with valuable materials that will attract readers, and they are the basis of monetization;
  • You will not have a loyal audience that listens to recommendations, for example, in native advertising material;
  • The site is not yet SEO-optimized and ranks poorly on Google, affecting new users’ influx.

There are no guidelines on the timing or number of site visits per day when exactly you can start. It is crucial to start with a loyal audience that returns to the website and develop search engines and other methods to attract users to your site.

 when to start web monetization

Main ways of a website monetization

Before you start monetizing your website, it is essential to understand that this is not instant money. The process takes time and largely depends on the correct choice of monetization method.

There are more than 10 ways to monetize a website, and of course, these are not all options available today. Here we are, with a short and long website monetization explainer.

We divided monetization methods into two groups that can be combined without a repulsive effect when too many banners are on the page at once.

Main ways to monetize websites

Ads can be placed in the form of various banners on the page:

Display advertising 
Banner advertising
Teaser advertisement
Selling ad space on a website to a direct advertiser

Main ways of a website monetization

Combining banner advertising with other types will avoid the effect of too many banners on the page at once.

RichAds team

Ads that combine well with all types of banners:

Web push subscriptions
Affiliate programs 
Sponsored blog posts or paid reviews
Email newsletters
Locked sites/blogs with subscription
Selling your digital products such as courses/merchandise/books/ consultations

Which website monetization methods can be used at the same time?

Nothing but common sense prohibits the owner from using several monetization methods at once. The main thing is that the site does not look like a Christmas tree decorated with many banners.

To avoid this effect, you need to combine methods of different designs.

For example, banner ads from Google AdSense or any other type sit well with push notifications subscriptions that do not take up space on the page.

Any banner ads are “friendly” with affiliate programs or paid articles.

Try different combinations and watch the profitability.

RichAds is a unique advertising platform for monetizing your websites with push notifications subscriptions. They do not take up site space and can be easily combined with banner ads and other monetization methods.

Even at the very beginning of cooperation, our tests show an increase in the income of the site owner by up to 30% compared to other push providers.

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