Post-COVID-19: How to advertise and network

How to adapt Affiliate marketing in Post-Covid

Recently we’ve talked about how advertising changed in the world of COVID-19. You saw the tips on how to adjust your marketing strategy, what marketing events you’ll not be able to attend this year, and how to network online.

Now, when we’re slowly heading towards recovery, how to adapt our business? Will affiliate marketing get back to normal or human behavior has changed forever? Let’s check the quick trends and predictions to find the answers.? 

Least Profitable Offers Richt after COVID

No doubt, there are industries that suffered more than others. And even when the times get better, there is a big question if they will be so profitable as in the pre-COVID times.

  • Betting. Despite the fact that countries are slowly opening up, there is still a strong recommendation to stay home any time possible. So, unfortunately, massive sporting events are out of the question in the nearest future.
  • Offline dating. The principle of social distancing speaks for itself and it hasn’t gone away now.
  • Travel. Even now airlines sell tickets for tourists of the countries already opened. But still, the pandemic isn’t over, so your ads are unlikely to become super popular.
  • Real Estate. It’s simple: the fear of losing jobs hasn’t gone completely yet. Anyway, this niche has all chances to retake its positions.
  • Luxury e-commerce. Obviously, people tend to save more than spend and cut some guilty pleasures at least for now.

Top Offers After The Pandemic

Such things as travel, eating out, entertainment, and favorite products will change. Moreover, they’ll lead to the emergence of new products and services. So, make sure you take a proactive approach to tweak your advertising strategy.

  • VR for virtual public events, meetings, gaming, and even traveling.
  • Foods and healthcare (medicine and supplements). The most obvious category will remain in demand.
  • Entertainment. Online movies, games, e-books, live streams & podcasts are the things we love more and more.
  • Gambling is on the rise, too. At RichAds, we’re talking a lot about tips and offers for working with this niche.
  • Robot delivery and telehealth services are likely to gain more attention in the post-COVID-19 world. Isn’t it exciting?
  • Call centers. They experienced a downturn due to switch to remote work. Now we know that these difficulties aren’t forever.
  • Insurance and financial services. The pandemic forced people to take a more responsible approach towards their health, properties, and money.

All in all, the competition on the market has gone down, and you have all means to get more profits by running cheaper advertising.  Once you have a hot offer, how to do it properly?

How to Adapt Advertising to Post-COVID: Quick Tips

  • Update your creatives accordingly. If they were connected with coronavirus (or even if they were not), start showing more value of the product or brand you advertise.
  • Pay attention to your titles and messages. Focus on positive, caring, and catchy ads. On the contrary, coronavirus-oriented messages don’t add anything to your CTR.
  • Device choice. According to the research, consumers spend much more time on their mobile phones than ever before. And for the majority of users (55%), mobiles are the main source of content and alerts.

Thus, don’t forget to set up Device targeting in your ad campaign. And as we see, push notification ads are even a better catch for high user engagement.

  • Targeting and personalization. Adjust your ads depending on the country, city, browser language, and other targeting settings to fit the user’s background. 

Virtual events for affiliates, media buyers & performance marketers

Tough times forced the most famous affiliate marketers and experts to create big events online. We’ve already attended Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit and RevGrowth Virtual Summit online. Once we’ve got a taste of it, what else can we buy popcorn for? (to be updated)

  • Netflix for Advertisers ? by Affiliate World Conferences 
  • App Growth Summit Berlin 202019 May 2020 13:00 CEST
  • Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 20-21 May 2020
  • Virtual Ecom Summit May 27, 2020, 4:00 PM – May 29, 2020, 11:00 PM CEST
  • Affiliate Email Innovation Summit 1-3 Jun 2020
  • eTail Virtual Event 22-23 Jun 2020
  • AGS Virtual Summit Brasil 202023 Jul 2020
  • MozCon 14-15 Jul 2020
  • DigiMarCon Asia Pacific – 15-17 Sep 2020

Find our tips on how to get the most out of online events in our blog post.

Offline affiliate marketing events in 2020

Still, there are some conferences that haven’t completely left our calendars and are planned for the late summer or autumn. Let’s see what happens next and prepare ourselves just in case.

  • MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference – 25-26 Aug 2020
  • SBC Summit Barcelona – 8-11 Sep 2020
  • iGB Affiliate Amsterdam – 22-25 Sep 2020
  • DMEXCO – 23-24 Sep 2020
  • LeadsCon Las Vegas – 30 Sep – 2 Oct 2020
  • iGB Berlin – 20-21 Oct 2020
  • PI Live London – 27-28 Oct 2020
  • TES Affiliate Conference – 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2020 (TBC)
  • DMIEXPO Israel – 8-9 Nov 2020
  • India Affiliate Summit – TBA
  • T&C 2020 – 15-17 Dec 2020

Leave comments below about your ad strategy and reach out to us! Our account managers will help you to find the most up-to-date working offers in terms of the pandemic.

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