How to promote offers for UEFA EURO 2024?

Wondering how to promote UEFA EURO 2024 and increase Betting traffic for your campaigns?

Look for an answer in the article!

The team of RichAds ad network will reveal hacks on online affiliate marketing for European Championship 2024, including the best ways to promote event betting offers, from traffic sources to ad creatives examples, stay tuned!

Why is the UEFA EURO promotion worth trying?

Many events get the attention of affiliate marketers each year, but why should you promote Euro offers in 2024? 

Facts and data speak louder than words, so we’ll share stats that will help you understand why such offers are really lucrative.

  • Enormous amount of viewers. The latest championship in 2020 recorded the greatest users number, it gained a total number of 5.23 billion viewers. All in all, live matches have 100 million of viewers.
  • High digital engagement. People do not only watch sports in pubs or restaurants, 77% of fans use both mobile and desktop to see matches online. Furthermore, the event is so popular online that UEFA’s official site gained 89 million visits!
  • Increased interest in many GEOs. Obviously, the event is all about European countries, and many of the viewers are really engaged. There were 7.8 million ticket applications within the first 24 hours of sales. Even outside Europe the interest is high — people from the USA, Canada, Australia, China and Mexico are going to visit the event.

All the facts prove that promoting Betting offers is really profitable, as many users from various GEOs are gonna bet on Euro 2024 and affiliate marketing will surely win from the competition!

Below we listed the most upcoming matches for you to be updated before launching your Betting ad campaigns, save the date!

EURO 2024 schedule
14 June: Germany v Scotland (20:00) – ITV
15 June: Hungary v Switzerland (14:00) – ITV
15 June: Spain v Croatia (17:00) – ITV
15 June: Italy v Albania (20:00) – BBC
16 June: Poland v Netherlands (14:00) – BBC
16 June: Slovenia v Denmark (17:00) – ITV
16 June: Serbia v England (20:00) – BBC
17 June: Romania v Ukraine (14:00) – BBC
17 June: Belgium v Slovakia (17:00) – ITV
17 June: Austria v France (20:00) – ITV
18 June: Turkey v Georgia (17:00) – BBC
18 June: Portugal v Czech Republic (20:00) – BBC

Best GEOs to promote Euro offers

According to the UEFA tickets stats, there are several GEOs that are most interested in the upcoming event, so they’re the best to drive traffic to.

Top GEOs to test for UEFA 2024 and their daily volumes at RichAds now:

  • Germany — 22 million impressions
  • England — 7.5 million impressions 
  • France — 20 million impressions 
  • Spain — 1.4 million impressions 
  • Austria — 3.7 million impressions 
  • USA  — 39.7 million impressions 
  • Canada — 10 million impressions 
  • Australia  — 5.5 million impressions 
  • China — 1 million impressions 
  • Mexico — 33 million impressions 

If you wish to learn about the exact bid per country, make sure you use Predictor function, it updates data every 2 hours and shows how much volumes you’ll get on this or that GEO at RichAds!

What are the top traffic sources to promote football Betting offers?

Driving traffic to EURO 2024 can be a challenge if you don’t know which traffic sources to choose, as the event is time limited and you need a 100% guarantee. 

Many affiliates stick to social media ads as they know how to work with them though the disadvantages in this case outweigh their pros. Facebook Meta allows Betting ads only with written permission, while many words aren’t allowed in texts and creatives, so it’s worth choosing alternative sources for event campaigns.

At RichAds we see two main sources that do work on event betting from year to year and convert really well: push and pop ads.

  • Pop ads.
    This format is dead easy to work with, a link, basic targeting and a good lander, then you’re ready to go! Furthermore, there are no restrictions at all, you can use anything on your landing or pre-landing page without the fear of getting banned.

    The format is impossible to missed, while for other offers it may seem too aggressive, it’s perfect for event format, as the amount of users you’ll reach is crazy and many of them may seem interested in UEFA!
  • Push ads.
    This source is also all about freedom in texts and pics, you don’t need to carefully phrase your ads, anything will work. Also, push ads look like personal messages which adds individual approach to your advertising and can work really well on the football fans.

    From our experience, we see that such big events as the World Cup and Cricket Championship had the highest CR on push ads.

The sources are really worth trying on any GEO and have proven their efficiency over years, so make sure you test them!

Most converting Euro 2024 ad creatives approaches

If you don’t know what are the best European Championship 2024 ad creatives, we’ve made a list of top creatives and landers approaches to bring you profit during this tremendous event, look for them below!

  • Use famous faces on creatives.
    Check out the upcoming matches and apply the pics of the most famous players. You can even check up the list of the most hyped and loved ones on the Internet if you’re interested in the topic and don’t want to dive too deep.
  • Play on national pride.
    The event is held in Germany, so you can target German users hinting that the region is going to win. Also, according to the experts’ predictions France and England are the teams that are most likely to win, you can use this and other info on your creatives to gather more interest.
  • Time-limited bonuses.
    If there’s anything perfect for Betting offers, it’s certainly fat and exclusive bonuses devoted to a specific event. Make sure you create a sense of urgency and urge potential clients to register right now!
  • Imply that fans are real experts.
    Maybe as old as the world, but everyone has the desire to be the smartest, especially if they’re dedicated fans of this or that sport. Use it your wording like “only you know the winner” and pair it with another approach from the list to make x2 effect!
  • Use memes.
    Surprisingly, this approach can attract a wider audience as humor is the key to most hearts and shows that the provider actually has expertise in the field. You can make them yourself or look up some ideas in thematic chats or groups, just make the ad look more native.
  • Share expert predictions.
    People love statistics, facts and experience from those who actually know something about the industry, sport is no exception. Especially this is important for bettors, they want to know who wins for sure, so they love watching sports prognosis and learn more deep insights.

Now let’s talk landers! For event betting there are three key factors — simplicity, fast speed and localization. It’s so crucial to make sure that your landing page really works like a clock and shall be impeccable. 

In terms of simplicity, there need to be a registration form with just a couple of fields, users won’t stay long on a page with lots of information to fill in. And yes, localize the page, you can use national flag on the lander and enumerate all the payment methods you offer, they need to be the most widespread in the country.

Important: you can ask your RichAds managers for free creatives, they’ll localize and translate promo materials for you.

Insights to promote Euro 2024 Betting offers: campaign tips

There are a few peculiarities when it comes to event betting campaigns. Let’s get to real tips to increase your volumes and profits during the event.

Insights on EURO 2024 campaigns

  1. Start campaigns in advance. You can create separate campaigns right before the most hyped matches, but at least two days prior to the exact event! That’s a must to gain enough traffic.
  2. Get started with Performance Mode. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced affiliate, the algorithm will choose the best sources for you automatically and update them daily.
  3. Apply extended frequency capping. Basically, you need to extend the amount of views per users to 2-3 per day. This applies only to event campaigns, the more users see your ad, the better.
  4. Use higher bids. Event betting campaigns are competitive ones, so increase the bids to win in the action and get enough volumes. You can consult with your manager on the best bid for a specific region.
  5. Add from 5 to 10 creatives. The more approaches you test, the more data you can analyze, until you find a perfect one. Use different pics and images, this way you’ll have a full picture.
  6. Test New Subscriber feature. This way you’ll cover both ordinary user base and the new people who subscribed to push ads less than 7 days ago. This is a great idea for increased volumes and profits!
  7. Automate your optimization routine. During such campaigns you won’t have a lot of time to do manual optimization, so it’s better to stick to algorithms that will do all the work for you, like Target CPA and Automated Rules.


Now that you know all the latest Betting advertising trends, make sure to apply them to your EURO 2024 campaigns!

Take your event Betting offer and launch the most profitable campaign with RichAds now.

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